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Releasing Bubloons Instead of Balloons


Bubloons are floating shapes and letters that will someday replace balloons, lanterns, and other unsafe items that are released into the air for a variety of reasons. The tradition of releasing balloons, etc., are seemingly harmless on the outside, but when you learn how these practices harm birds, mammals, sea life, and our environment, you see another, harmful, side to doing so.

Since releasing balloons and such into the air is a dangerous practice many cities have banned the practice. But don't worry, there's a way to continue the tradition without causing negative effects to our world and the creatures that live in it along with us.

Bubloons were created to be more environmentally friendly to release into the sky than latex or mylar balloons. Bubloons are made with helium, water, and soap foam. Both of these ingredients are safe to release into the air. Nitrogen is the most abundant element in our universe, and Helium is the second most abundant element found in the universe.

This Is A Bubloon

Bubloons Last About One Hour

These bubloon shapes last about 1 hour. That's far longer than you can watch a balloon float away up into the sky.

How Are Bubloons Made?

SmileCloudUSA makes a machine that can turn soap and helium into bubloons of different sizes and shapes. Right now there are 6 different machines that can be purchased from the company.

The smallest machine makes smaller shapes like stars, hearts, and music notes at the rate of about 15 shapes per minute. This small machine is ideal for birthday parties! This one is called the Lite 16 Inch.

The next size machine is called the Plus 36 Inch. The "36" makes shapes such as dolphins, snowflakes, and dollar signs. I think, because of the dolphin shape, this would be the one I would want.

Next is the Pro 48 Inch. This machine is more for business needs since it makes logos, emojis or some cute animal shapes. The "48" can also make names. There's a video that shows an example with the name, Jake Owens. In the picture at the top of this page you can see small shapes and the word, Jake.

Learn More About Bubloons By Smile Clouds USA

There is the Pro 60 Inch bubloon machine. This big one is perfect to for business openings, sport events, even weddings...but I am sure there are many other reasons business owners and just everyday people could think of to use this machine. It can make bubloons that are up to 5 feet. Imagine seeing a 5 foot floating logo, advertisement, or even a wedding announcement floating way up in the clouds. You can even arrange to add some special effects like lighting, fog, music, or color to make them stand out even more.

Two more, even larger, machines are also available. They are the 80 Inch Banner and the 100 Inch Custom. These make huge banners that are perfect for street fairs, pro-sports games, big venues that call for a huge effect to thrill a crowd.

How To Make A Cloud With SmileCloudsUSA

Right now these machines start at about 900.00 and the price tag gets larger as you go up to the next model. If you are interested in using something like this instead of releasing balloons, or as entertainment at a birthday party, a wedding, or any time, give SmileCloudUSA a call and see where you can find a vendor in your area to come and set up a show for you. The same goes for the bigger bubloons that are available for logos, store openings, weddings...whatever you have going on, I am sure there is a bubloon for you.

Now, if you are looking to make some money, entertain people, and protect wildlife and the environment, you might be interested in buying a bubloon machine of your very own. Then you should absolutely call SmileCloudUSA to find out more about this amazing process.

I am sure they will be glad to hear from you and be very helpful in educating you about which size bubloon machine will best fit your needs. They are, after all, the experts where these innovative and fun shapes are concerned.

Don't Release Balloons Into The Air, They Are Dangerous

Reasons To Use Bubloons And Not Balloons

  1. The balloon eventually breaks and falls back to earth leaving ugly pollution
  2. The fallen balloons are a danger to animals
  3. Birds, domestic animals, whales, and other animals have been killed by something as seemingly innocent as a balloon
  4. Sea turtles and marine life confuse these deflated, floating balloons as jellyfish, which is a source of food for them. These animals eat the balloons
  5. The strings and ribbons tied onto the balloons can tangle and trap animals and cause them to die
  6. Balloons are not bio-degradable and if some say they are, the process doesn't happen over night...it takes years and those balloons are dangerous all that time
  7. Mylar balloons have been known to cause spark fires and even power outages
  8. New laws banning the practice of launching or releasing balloons are coming into effect all over the world as people realize the dangers involved in this trend

Balloons, Don't Let Them Go! Check Out The Flying Pigs

So, if you think the idea of a balloon launch is harmless and sweet, think again. Find other ways to celebrate or honor your cause, or your loved ones, without causing harm to the planet and the animals that live on Earth along side us.

I've shown you Bubloons on this page, a much more environmentally friendly way to release something into the air. Find the best way to celebrate and help the Earth at the same time by researching the best methods to commemorate your event. Or if the entrepreneur in you is thrilled by the idea of making this flying foam available to the masses, you now know where to find the information you need.

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