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Breeding Dinosaurs Has Never Been Easier in ARK: Genesis Part 2

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Egg Incubators

The difficulty of dinosaur breeding has been dramatically reduced as Ark: Genesis Part 2 introduces egg incubators. Experienced players of ARK: Survival Evolved, will know that raising a dinosaur can be a headache, as it is a very long and tedious process. Where you also have to keep breeding and hatching eggs until a particular desired specimen appears. But this kind of process has improved significantly, as they have introduced a new accessory in the upcoming expansion of ARK: Genesis Part 2, it is called Egg Incubator and as the name suggests, it will give players an awesome utility when it comes to hatching eggs in the future.


Temperature is the Key

Being a high-tech piece of equipment in ARK: Genesis Part 2, the first function of the Egg Incubator is to give dinosaur eggs the right temperature according to their type and then help players hatch them, it can be said that this function saves players a lot of effort and resources. In previous expansions of ARK: Survival Evolved players hatching eggs needed to build many bonfires and then put the eggs in the center, and survivors who came across this scenario without knowing what they are doing, may think that these players are celebrating some kind of dark ritual. But this is all in the past.


A rather useful piece of information, which can save us a lot of frustration, is to know that the egg incubator does not automatically adjust the temperatures for the eggs that are placed inside. In other words, it is impossible to incubate two eggs with contrasting temperatures (e.g., Wyvern eggs and Rock Drake eggs together) without manually adjusting the temperature range for either egg. Therefore, the device is best applied for batch incubation of eggs with temperature ranges that are the same or similar to each other.

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Know Your Dinos in Advance

The second function of the egg incubator of ARK: Genesis Part 2 is a bit more complex, as it can see directly through the egg shell, watch the development of the embryo inside, and see the characteristics of the future dinosaur directly in advance. So it will help to save a lot of time to grow specific dinosaurs, although the construction of the incubator will not be a simple task.

The Egg Incubator in ARK: Genesis Part 2 is a very useful item, with it, players can quickly have an army of dinosaurs, players will be able to assert themselves and dominate the environment around them and of course, if you want to challenge other players in PvP mode, then be prepared to invest quite some time in raising the best army of dinosaurs.

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