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Wood Elf Or Bosmer Race And Their Names In Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V

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The Bosmer are also known as wood elves. They are one of the elven or mer races in Skyrim. Bosmer are cousins to Altmer or High Elves and Dunmer, the Dark Elves. The 'Bosmer' and 'Boiche' in the wood elf language means 'Tree Sap People' and that is how they call themselves. They are indeed the veins of the forest. The wild almost barbaric vitality of Bosmer rightly makes them the rulers of forests. Unlike their cousins Altmer and Dunmer, Bosmer are not into the arcane arts. Their wild hearts find such practices too formal and stiff. The wood elves prefer a more simple lifestyle and being in harmony with the savage lands and feral forest creatures. In fact they understand animals so well they can convince even the wildest beast to fight on their side. As the Bosmer adapted to the life in woods, their appearance changed from typical Altmer - they are much shorter and their skin color allows them to visually merge with forested areas. These characteristics make them one of the bests scouts and thieves in all Tamriel. However the area where they excel the most is archery. Some folks even believe that Bosmer have invented the bow. They naturally adapt to this weapon by snatching and firing arrows in one continuous motion.

Bosmer Race In Skyrim. Click to view full size.

Bosmer Race In Skyrim. Click to view full size.

Bosmer Skills And Racial Abilities

Bosmer Starting Skill Bonuses:

+10 Archery
+5 Alchemy
+5 Light Armor
+5 Lockpicking
+5 Pickpocket
+5 Sneak

Bosmer Starting Spells:

Flames (Sets the target on fire, doing some damage over time)
Healing (Heals the caster over time)

Bosmer Racial Abilities:

Bosmers are 50% resistant to poison and diseases.
Command Animal : Make an animal an ally for 60 seconds.


Bosmer Society

When the first elves arrived to Valenwood the forest was so dense and inhabited by so many feral creatures that no man or mer for that matter could change it. So Bosmeri began to change themselves to fit the surroundings. They were so naturally good at it that they become wild themselves. However, they didn't forget Y'ffre, the Forest God and in return for his kind patronage and gave him a permanent promise to never kill, injure, destory or harm the flora of their new home. This agreement is known as the Green Pact. According to a Khajiit legend 'The Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi' the god Nirni made the deserts hot and sandy and the forests wet and filled with poisons. Y'ffre was made to be in charge of Bosmer so he made the wood people to always to be wild in the forests but never really beasts. And this is how Khajiit and Bosmer got separated although they were from the same litter. Then Green Pact was made. This pact makes the Bosmer religiously carnivorous and even a bit cannibalistic. In order not to harm the vegetation they eat only meat. The Bosmer that have participated in the Wild Hunt ritual turn into mindless, raging, blood-thirsty beasts that consume every being made of flesh that stands in their way and then each other. Even the Bosmer that didn't participate in the Wild Hunt are often found eating the corpses of the enemies they have just shot. Bosmer bows, other weapons and tools are made of the bones of their enemies. They have developed methods of fermenting milk and meat in order to make mead. Bosmeri fill their bone pipes with caterpillars. Whenever they have a need for a wooden item, they use crafts of other races. Although there are several Bosmer cities, none of them are built by Bosmers because of the Green Pact. These are old and abandoned cities of other races usually overgrown with vines and other vegetation.

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Bosmer History

It is believed that Valenwood was always inhibited by Bosmer. At the start of the First Era King Eplear united the small and chaotic tribes of Bosmer. He also was the founder of Camoran Dynasty which ruled over Bosmers for a long period of time. They tried to trade with the early Imperials but it didn't last long and their relationship ended with border skirmishes. The Thrassian Plague and the ongoing wars lead Bosmers under the rule of the Second Empire. In order to avoid rebellion, Valenwood was divided into smaller regional powers by raising cities of Falinesti, Archen, Haven, Silvenar, Eldenroot and Woodhearth. They tried to use Bosmer archers for their war needs but the wood elves were incredibly undisciplined and deserted often. Falinesti become the most influencial Bosmer city and even today is considered to be the capital of Valenwood. With the fall of the Empire the Bosmer were culturally scattered around the land and easily become part of the Aldmeri Dominion. The High Elves of the Summerset Isle created an alliance with Bosmer in order to secure their borders. When Tiber Septim conquered Valenwood he chose to leave it independent. This lead the wood elves to create their own local chiefs. During these times significant changes happened in Valenwood - The Wild Hunt was practiced again and the walking city of Falinesti for the first time of history took root. In the beginning Fourth Era Bosmer chose to join the Aldmeri Dominion again in order to expand Aldmeri influence and power across Tamriel.


Bosmer Names

Wood elves speak in a language that is named Bosmeris. Like the wood elves themselves this language is quite chaotic and so is the naming of young Bosmeri. However, Bosmeris is a language of Proto Aldmeris language branch so it has some Elvish influence on it. Other source which has influenced Bosmeris language is Khajiit language.

Bosmer names often start with Ara-, Baur-, Cing-, Foro-, Ung- etc
Bosmer names often end with -in, -ir, -ath, -on, -as, -en, -al.

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