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Borderlands Tips and Tricks



For those of you that already have Borderlands just skip to the part entitled - Tips & Tricks!

Borderlands is a first person shooter with a twist, the game has many features that you would most likely see in an rpg (role-playing game). Despite what may seem as two outdated ideas that just wouldn't work well together (mainly because of their target audiences), the overall result is actually brilliant and fresh. What tops it off is the fact that the entire game can be played with friends, family or just complete strangers. The idea of being able to complete the game with up to 4 other players is absolutely outstanding.

However, that doesn't mean that the game has flaws. Due to the fact that game has been developed for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC means that it can be hacked very easily. I wont actually go into the details of what certain players are doing, but just understand that it may spoil your fun if you decide to hack. But that doesn't mean the game isn't playable, in fact this game is one of the most brilliant ideas ever thought up of in a long time.

Rust Commons West Secret Chest

Nearest warp point = The Underpass

Nearest warp point = The Underpass

Tips & Tricks!

As I have already mentioned , the game is possible to hack and due to this being a Tips & Tricks segment, you would probably expect me to explain how to hack the game, but I will not as this will purely lead to you being dissatisfied with the game.

Other tips and tricks guides may be solely based on hacking the game and have a lot of information, others may include how to hack the game alongside similar points to mine but can only really write a lot about the hacking of the game. I am going to break away from other guides and try to write as much as I can about the other tips and tricks in the game, so here goes!

Player 2 Power Leveling

Requirements - Completed at least playthrough 1, second player (has to be a lower level or else pointless)

Guide - Load up your save file, then warp to eridian promontory, player 2 stays behind out of harms way while player 1 kills guardians. Player 2 should level up quite frequently from guardian experience. Continue until satisfied.

Easy EXP

Requirements - Must be in a vehicle, something to hold down the fire button

Guide - Just drive to a safe place where you wont be killed by anything and attach something to hold down the fire button (e.g. tape), and then leave the game for a couple of hours. When you come back you should have fired 100,000 bullets resulting in 20,000 exp.

Gun Run

Requirements - None

Guide - Find a location where there are lots of red chests (e.g. New Haven) and open all of the chests. Quit and save the game then reload the save file. You will still have all of the items you found from the chests however the chests will be closed and will have new items in. Repeat until satisfied.

Secret Chests

Requirements - None

Guide - In certain locations in the game there are secret chests which usually contain rarer items than what the normal chests are yielding. Two of these of locations are Rust Commons West, in the top left hands corner after climbing over rocks, and Eridian Promontory, after you journey from the vault hug the right hands side of the map until you come to an invisible wall which you will need to jump around, after jumping the chest is in front of you. I will try to find out where more of these secret chests are located.

Easter Egg Chest

I have already mentioned secret chests in certain parts of the game, however there is another secret chest in the game that always has the same weapon* inside of it, The Rider. The Rider gun is reference to the Red Ryder BB Gun from the film 'A Christmas Story'. The weapon has unusual characteristics such as the fact that instead of an in-game weapons manufacturer (e.g. Dahl, jakobs etc.), it is made by Gearbox (the game developers).

To get this weapon you must have the mission 'Another Piece Of The Puzzle', however you must NOT have completed the mission. The location of the gun is in a basement in New Haven. The house is behind Helen Pierce's building. When you find it, the door will open and you will take a lift down into the basement. There will be a few psychos and midgets to take out but, after that, the gun will be all yours.

*The gun will always be called the same however it will have different stats each time.

*NOTE* This can be combined with the 'Gun Run' tip to make a bit more money if you decide to sell.



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