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"Black Ops: Cold War Zombies – Firebase Z": Ultimate High Round Strategy


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Only one zombie level was available when Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War released. Fortunately, Firebase Z is completely free. Make sure your game console is updated to play the new map. Firebase Z is a map that is divided into two sections. The first area is a small courtyard area. The teleporter will transport you to the primary section of the map.

I managed to reach round 55 on my first try because I found an amazing strategy that worked well with the RAI K-84, the new Wonder Weapon. The RAI K-84 is a powerful and indispensable weapon that will make you the ultimate zombie slayer! I am not exaggerating at all! I've been playing Black Ops Zombies for a decade. The RAI K-84 is one of the most useful weapons I've ever used! It's like a Ray Gun that fires rapidly.

This article will provide tips & tricks for reaching a high round on Firebase Z. Just like Die Maschine, it is possible to exfil from Firebase Z. If you exfil, you'll get more Aetherium Crystals.


The Pack-A-Punch and Power

Your first objective is to turn on the power on Firebase Z. Doing so opens up doors and activates the Pack-A-Punch. The Pack-A-Punch machine is inside the Atrium, the building next to the courtyard. You'll need to speak to Ravenov who is standing next to a counter beside the Pack-A-Punch.

While it's easy to eliminate zombies with the knife in the courtyard, it's best not to linger in the area too long. Make enough points to open up the door nearby until you reach the teleporter that takes you to the base itself.

Aether Reactors

You'll need to turn on three Aether Reactors. They can be done in any order, but it's best to open the gate on the right first, as that path will take you to the Juggernog perk. Purple arrows on the walls will serve as a guide.

After activating an Aether Reactor, zombies will attack the generators nearby. You must protect the generators and destroy the attacking zombies. You'll succeed once the charge meter is full. Make sure the generators do not sustain too much damage.

Once you've activated all the Aether Reactors, the Pack-A-Punch in the Atrium will be powered up. Take the teleporter back at the Helipad to return to the spawn area.


The Ultimate High Round Strategy for Firebase Z

The Helipad is, unequivocally, the best area to run around in if you desire to reach a high round in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Not only is the Helipad a relatively easy way to create zombie trains on Firebase Z, but it also has an ammo cache to replenish your ammo with a Crafting Table nearby. Additionally, an armor station is inside a building in the Barracks that's not far from the Helipad area. Keep running around the crashed helicopter and other objects to create distance between you and the enemies.

As you progress through the rounds, you'll need to Pack-A-Punch a shotgun or other strong weapon. Make sure that you have armor and juggernog at all times! It is much more difficult to survive without those. If your armor breaks, then buy more with resources that the zombies and other enemies drop on the ground.

When you possess a lot of rare salvage resources, craft a Chopper Gunner and call it in. The Chopper Gunner can eliminate entire hordes in a matter of seconds on Firebase Z.

Aether Shroud Skill

While the Helipad is a large area, it's still possible to occasionally get stuck against an object or overrun by enemies. The Aether Shroud can help you in dire situations when you're either low on health, armor, or ammo. It has literally saved me dozens of times when I was creating zombie trains in the higher rounds. Aether Shroud works best when you upgrade it with Aetherium Crystals. When activated, zombies won't attack you for a short time. When fully upgraded, you'll teleport forward, giving you a chance to escape your predicament.

RAI-K84 Wonder Weapon

The RAI K-84 can be found inside of a Mystery Box on Firebase Z. However, the RAI K-84 can also be created by finding all of the parts. More than one player can possess the Wonder Weapon.

The RAI K-84 is already powerful against the zombies, but it can be upgraded multiple times at the Pack-A-Punch. Also, the secondary fire shoots a projectile that will slow a horde of zombies down. To make the weapon more effective, purchase the Deadshot Daiquiri perk to get headshots easier.

Obtaining ammo for the RAI K-84 is ridiculously easy in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The Mimic and armored Mangers continuously drop ammo after you defeat them. The ammo cache will replenish your KAI-K84 ammo, but it costs 10,000 points, so don't use it until you are rich with points or are destitute. If you run around the Helipad strategically, you should not have any trouble gathering ammo and making points.


How to Defeat Mimics and Mangers

The Mimics and Mangers are a new type of enemy in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. They are stronger than the zombies and dogs. Fortunately, both of the enemies have major weaknesses.

The Mimics are fast and have an attack that pulls you in toward them. To defeat them easier, Pack-A-Punch a weapon and add the Brain Rot Mod. Brain Rot acts like a poison to the Mimics, draining them of health. When shooting a Mimic, aim at their head to deal more damage.

Mangers are slower and deal less damage than Mimics, but they have more defense because their armored. The Mangers will fire a canon at you. Shoot a Manger's cannon when they aim at you to dispatch them quickly. The Napalm Burst Mod works well against them.

Semtex and frag grenades may also be useful for defeating mini-boss enemies. They require resources to be utilized, though.


The Boss in Firebase Z

After about every 10 rounds, a gigantic boss called the Orda will appear in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. It will attack one of the Aether Reactors in Firebase Z. Zombies will attack with the monumental boss, but most of their attention will be focused on the generators.

Defeating the Orda boss is easier with the RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon or a fully automatic gun that is Pack-A-Punched. While the Orda boss appears imposing and intimidating, it has a weak spot. Focus fire on the hole on its head to deal extra damage.

The Orda will throw fiery projectiles at you. Make sure that you have Juggernog and armor to mitigate damage or take cover to avoid them entirely. When the boss gets close, it will fire a laser beam at you.

Throwing Monkey Cymbals or using Decoy Grenades make it easier to attack the boss, as the zombies will not interfere. The Aether Shroud works great as well. After the boss is defeated in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, a Max Ammo and a Carpenter will drop.