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Nuketown Zombies Easter Egg Guide

Hidden Song Guide!

More Musical Easter Eggs from Black Ops Zombies “Moon”

Everyone loves the secret musical Easter eggs from the Call of Duty Zombies mode. This time around players can find not just one hidden song, but two hidden musical Easter eggs can be found by activating certain items hidden throughout the “Nuketown Zombies” gaming environment. Although the map itself is pretty small in size, "Nuketown Zombies has a lot to offer.

The first song can be activated by simply knifing or shooting the heads off of all the mannequins in the map. Open up all sides and areas of the map and go to town beheading the mannequins and one of the 8-bit songs from the previous map ‘Moon’ will begin playing. This is a little different than what players are used to, but the second hidden song will take players back to the norm of hunting down the famous hidden teddy bears.

The second song, of course, can be activated by finding the three hidden teddy bears. This is also a fairly easy task. The first teddy bear can be found inside the bus, sitting in a seat by the window. The second Teddy Bear can be found in the house with the bunk beds, but you will have to jump and press the action button to get this one. The last Teddy Bear is hidden out side of the fence by where the Pack-A-Punch machine spawns. Activate all three and another song from “Moon” will begin play.

Sorry, no metal by Avenged Sevenfold, or Elena Siegman this time, just some cool 8-bit techno. Many fans of the Call of Duty Zombies mode are disappointed in the Easter egg, but the regular D.L.C maps definitely make up for it!

Voices from "Tranzit" echo from inside this fallout shelter in Nuketown Zombies!

Voices from "Tranzit" echo from inside this fallout shelter in Nuketown Zombies!

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Richtofen's Radio Transmissions and Fallout Shelter

These radio broadcasts can be heard every few rounds by standing next to and/or knifing the television sets in the living room of one of the houses in “Nuketown Zombies”. In the broadcasts you can hear him talking to Sam. Whether it is Dr. Maxis or his daughter Samantha is yet to be discovered, but it sounds like he is arguing with them about some kind of device. Is this a clue about the upcoming story line in “Tranzit” or is “Nuketown Zombies” a continuation of the map “Moon”?

These broadcasts also may signify that there is a story line. After the power is turned you can find the little gray-bricked building labeled “Fallout Shelter” . After knifing the door, you can clearly hear people inside begging for your help! How do you get them out of there or you in? Please comment in the section below if you have any idea!

Nuketown or Puketown?


Morgan Sheridan from Illinois, United States on November 28, 2012:

I will definitely look out for these next time I play nuketown zombies. Nice hub!

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