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Black Ops II Zombies "Die Rise" Easter Eggs Guide!

Screenshot from the opening scene to "Die Rise" on Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Screenshot from the opening scene to "Die Rise" on Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

New Hidden Song on "Die Rise"

As with every Call of Duty Zombies maps, the new Black Ops 2 Zombies "Die Rise" map plays host to many easter eggs, and of course, one of them is a new hidden song. Kevin Sherwood's song, "We All Fall Down" graces the map of "Die Rise" Zombies mode and stays true to the grim metal heard in most of the prior Call of Duty Zombies maps.

In order to activate the new hidden song, players must first locate, then activate the hidden teddy bears throughout the "Die Rise" environment. The new map "Die Rise" is dangerous and very confusing, so explaining in mere words would probably just add to the consusion, so I have linked you to a good video explanation on how and where to find the three teddy bears.

I recommend to save a zombie while doing this if you want to hear the song completely. Sometimes, the screaming of the living dead drown out the music, and Kevin Sherwood's "We All Fall Down" is one not to be missed!

Kevin Sherwood "We All Fall Down" Official Video

Even More "Die Rise" Zombies Easter Eggs!

If you are searching the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies maps for more secrets, you will not be disappointed. Let's just say, there are hidden secrets everywhere in this map, including the Main Easter Egg and the cross-map weapon fridge & point bank.

The "Die Rise" Easter Egg of Insanity

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The main quest presents itself as the "High Maintenance" achievement and trophy quest in "Die Rise" and requires four players to complete. You will also need the new sniper rifle, certain buildables like the Tramplesteam and Sliquifier. Most importantly, you will have to choose which side of the Easter Egg you want to follow. Similar to the map "Tranzit", players must decide to follow directions from either, Dr. Maxis, or the evil Edward Richtoffen!

Secret Weapon Locker & Points Bank!

Placing your Pack-a-punched weapon in the weapon locker (refrigerator) will allow you to retrieve that weapon from future games in "Die Rise" as well as in the maps "Tranzit" and "Buried"! This comes in handy for the "High Maintenance" quest, as well as getting to those higher rounds. Right around the corner from the weapons fridge is the shower stalls, which double as the cross map points bank. Here you can deposit and withdraw points you have racked up in the three maps listed previously. Beware! If you withdraw those points and die, they are gone forever, as well as any weapon you have retrieved from the weapons locker!

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