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Black Ops 2 Zombies "Die Rise" : How to Build the Nav Card Table

The NavCard Table

The NavCard Table

Die Rise Zombies and the New Nav-card Table

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies map "Die Rise" has turned fans upside down and left them scratching their heads wondering what is up with the new Nav-card Table?

The day Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies fans discovered the Nav-card Table while searching for the mega Easter egg, theories arose about the future use in new map packs, especially after realizing their card would be useless on the table they had built. Now, in "Die Rise", the table has made another appearance and along with it, a new card!

So what do these Nav-cards have to do with anything in the "High Maintenance" mega Easter egg? Truth is, you do not even use it for the new Easter egg of insanity, but what is interesting is that the "Tranzit" card can be put into the new "Die Rise" table, but the card from "Die Rise" cannot be used in the "Tranzit".


How to Build the Nav Card Table

The instructions for building the new Nav-card Table in "Die Rise" are identical to those of the "Tranzit" Zombies table. There are four parts to the table which you must find and the locations may vary. The parts are usually in the same area, which is on the roofs of the buildings where the dragon billboard and electric pylon are located.

You Will Need These Items:

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  • The Wooden Board
  • The Moon Rock (Meteor)
  • The Nav-Card Reader
  • The Radio Transmitter
  • The TranZit Nav-card (Insert in the completed table on Die Rise)

So what does the new Nav-card do? Well, it is most likely that you will be able to insert the card into the next map's table, presuming that there will be one. Even though many people have completed the new "High Maintenance" achievement for the new mega Easter egg, nobody has discovered the link between the new "Die Rise" map and the first map, Green Run's "Tranzit" zombies story.

(Confirmed: The Nav-card from "Die Rise" can be used in the next map "Buried" and the card from that map can be used on the map "Tranzit". Each map has a 2-sided Easter Egg that needs to be complete. When all 3 cards are inserted in their proper tables, the electric pylons will flash lights reflecting which side of the Easter Egg you have completed!)

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