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Bioshock 2 Plasmids and Tonics Guide

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Here's to having more fun!


Plasmids got interesting...

As if plasmids were not already a unique enough game mechanic for a shooter, Bioshock 2 makes them more interesting this time around. Bioshock would have you spend 200 of your hard earned Adam for a simple damage increase; Bioshock 2 will have you spending that for interesting new mechanics. How does spewing streams of Fire, Lightning and Ice ala Ghostbusters sound?

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Singleplayer Bioshock 2 Plasmids

Cyclone Trap
Level 1 – Able to set a trap which sends Splicers flying through the air. - 60 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 2 – Trap can be charged with another plasmid to create a Plasmid Trap. - 120 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 3 – Trap can be set on walls and ceilings, allowing for traps to fire into and combo off of one another in succession, dealing massive damage. - 140 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.

Level 1 – Allows the user to spawn a decoy, attracting enemies towards it and thus creating a distraction. - 60 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 2 – Damage dealt to the Decoy is reflected towards the enemy who attacked it. - 100 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 3 – Player is healed proportionately to the amount of damage dealt to the enemies from their reflected attacks. - 120 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.

Electro Bolt
Level 1 – Able to electrocute enemies. - Available to player from start of game.
Level 2 – Electro Bolt can be charged to cause "Chain Lightning." It shocks everything at a radius from the initial target. - 120 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 3 – Electro Bolt can be charged up to fire a continuous electrical arc. Uncharged attacks now have the strength and area of effect of the charged attack of Level 2. - 200 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.

Level 1 – Targeted Splicer or Big Daddy attacks the nearest enemy. If Delta is closest to the target, he will be attacked.
Level 2 – Targeted Splicer becomes temporarily friendly to the player, and will fight by their side for a certain amount of time before reverting to normal.
Level 3 – Hypnotized Big Daddies, Brute Splicers, and Alpha Series are also turned into temporary allies, instead of just attacking the nearest enemy.

Insect Swarm
Level 1 – Allows the user to create a swarm of hornets which home in on the nearest enemy, dealing them continuous damage and distracting them.
Level 2 – Swarm can target multiple enemies at a time.
Level 3 – Corpses killed by this plasmid will spawn a new swarm if an enemy passes over them.

Level 1 – Able to set enemies on fire.
Level 2 – Incinerate! can be charged into a fireball. The direct damage of the fireball actually does about double the damage of normal incinerate and the damage over time lasts about twice as long as well. The charged incinerate will also turn into a fire bomb dealing continuous damage to any nearby enemy who has been hit by a charged incinerate.
Level 3 – Incinerate! can be fired in a continuous jet of flame.

Level 1 – Allows the user to deploy a ghost-like projection of themselves, remaining invisible while being able to use plasmids. Body remains vulnerable during use.
Level 2 – User can hack devices while in Scout form.

Security Command
Level 1 – Allows the user to set every Security Device in the area on a designated enemy.
Level 2 – Charging the plasmid summons a Security Bot, to a maximum of two.
Level 3 – Summoned Security Bots are fully upgraded.

Level 1 – Able to pick up and throw objects. - Gained near beginning of game.
Level 2 – Able to pick up Splicers frozen with Winter Blast 2 and higher. - 100 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 3 – Able to pick up and throw live Splicers as well. - 250 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.

Winter Blast
Level 1 – Able to freeze enemies. - 60 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 2 – Winter Blast can be charged, encasing foes in a block of ice which can be used as a projectile. Shattered enemies leave a lockbox containing loot and upon being shattered will spray ice shards, encasing any foe they touch in another block of ice. - 120 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.
Level 3 – Charging up Winter Blast 3 will result in a heavy stream of frozen shards firing from Delta's hand. Not only do these freeze enemies solid, they also do damage. - 160 ADAM at Gatherer's Garden.

There is also another plasmid you receive late in the game, but revealing it here would be a sploiler: You have no choice in whether you receive it so don't worry, you can't miss it. Let's just say it's rather good!

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Singleplayer Bioshock 2 Tonics

Defense Tonics
Armored Shell – Reduces physical damage taken.
Armored Shell 2 – Further reduces physical damage taken.
Natural Camouflage – Become invisible when standing still for a few seconds.

Elemental Tonics
Elemental Storm – Emit a random burst of fire, ice or electricity when hit with a melee attack.
Fire Storm – Emit a burst of fire when hit with melee attack.
Electrical Storm – Emit a burst of electricity when hit by melee.
Elemental Vampire – Level 3 plasmid streams (like flamethrower or electric beam) siphons enemy health to you.
Electric Flesh – Take no electricity damage and deal more electricity damage to enemies.
Walking Inferno – Take less damage from fire, inflict more fire damage on enemies.
Ice Storm – Emit burst of ice when hit with melee attack.

Little Sister Tonics
Proud Parent – Little Sisters gather more Adam per corpse.
Damanding Father – Little Sisters gather Adam from corpses faster.

Loot Tonics
Scrounger – When searching for loot, you can search again to find more in the same container.
Arms Race – More ammo found on bodies and containers.

Melee Tonics
Drill Vampire – Gain health and eve when attacking with the drill.
Drill Power – Drill does more damage.
Drill Power 2 – Drill does even more damage.
Freezing Drill – Freeze enemies for longer, drill is able to freeze enemies.
Drill Specialist – Significantly decreases eve cost of plasmids, but you're limited to only using the drill, camera and hack tool as weapons.
Drill Lurker – Quiets footsteps and increases damage on unaware enemies, especially when using the drill.

Projectile Tonics
Headhunter – Headshots do more damage to enemies.

Research Tonics
Keen Observer – Bigger research bonus when using the camera.
Keen Observer 2 – Even bigger research bonus when using the camera.
Damage Research – Increased damage for research bonuses.
Extended Reel – Research sessions with the camera last for longer.

Security Tonics
Hardy Machines – Friendly turrets and bots have more health.
Handyman – Repair damaged bots and turrets with a small eve cost. Also gives random names to friendly bots and turrets.
Deadly Machines – Friendly turrets and bots deal more damage.
Machine Buster – Increased damage against turrets and bots.
Short Circuit – Security is disabled for longer when hit with electricity.
Short Circuit 2 – Security is disabled permanently when hit with electricity.
Shorten Alarms – Shorter alarms (natch).
Shorten Alarms 2 – Even shorter alarms.
Security Evasion – Cameras and turrets take longer to see you.

Vending & Hacking Tonics
Vending Expert – Reduced prices in vending machines.
Vending Expert 2 – Further reduced prices in vending machines.
EZ Hack – Hacking success zones become a little larger.
Careful Hacker – Hacking needle moves slower.
Careful Hacker 2 – Hacking needle moves even slower.
Quik Hack – Hacking has fewer stages.
Thrifty Hacker – Hacked vending machines have even lower prices.
Hacker's Delight – Earn some health and eve when you hack something.
Hacker's Delight 2 – Earn more health and eve when you hack something.
Hurried Hacker – Landing in the blue bonus zone ends a hack instantly.

Vitality Tonics
Fountain of Youth – Gain health and eve when standing in puddles of water.
Sports Boost – Move slightly faster.
Booze Hound – Drinking alcohol increases eve instead of decreasing it.
Eve Saver – Plamids use less eve.
Eve Saver 2 – Plasmids use even less eve.
Eve Link – Using a first aid pack also gives you some eve.
Extra Nutrition – Get more health from bandages and snacks.
Medical Expert – Carry 1 more first aid kit.
Cure All – Health stations also refill eve when used.
Eve Expert – Carry one more eve hypo.


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