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Biomutant Review - Kung Fu Fighting Animals Has to Be a Good Thing Right?

How does Biomutant do?


Biomutant is out now and fresh in people's hands, but is it any good and worth a pick up or maybe just wait for the bargain bin? Let's go down this apocalyptic rabbit hole and find out shall we?

A colorful gorgeous Kung Fu fighting world


Colorful eye candy. That is the first thing that came to mind while seeing the previews for the game and it certainly holds true for the game I got and trust me it's one of the beauties of the game indeed, but there is also alot of not so great things about this game as well. It really is one of those games I really want to love and I really try to, but do I?

Like I said, the graphics are gorgeous and it really wants to draw me into the game with lots of environments showing off a vast range of colors and lots of hillsides and imaginative settings, but that only can get it so far. The graphics are nice but the framerate has some issues. It tried to chug along and even on my PS4 pro, there were times when the screen was populated that the frame rate just couldn't stay stable. So graphics are pretty much not great when the game can't keep up with the gorgeousness.

Gameplay has its moments of fun but also moments of meh


I realize this is a smaller team, but they spent a long time on it. Enough time to really make the game something special but it kind of just fizzles out honestly. It had an intriguing concept that really caught my attention because it was attempting an apocalyptic game with a very different approach. However they approach just isn't everything it could have been.

The potential feels squandered for sure. Despite how many things are in motion and how much there is going on mechanic wise, it feels like it was way too ambitious and maybe the team was overwhelmed by it because it doesn't feel like it met it's full fruition. Everything felt very borderline average which is okay, but I kept waiting for it to go over that average bar line. It just never really did and that was unfortunate.

Character creation is surprisingly deep and fun


Yes, there is progression happening and and a combat system in place with a story that ever flows forward, but it all doesn't feel as special as it could have. The character creation however felt really different and I actually really loved it. It felt really thought out and well done.

You have your breeds and classes for your mutant and everything makes a difference in how you look which is all very nice. It had some depth and innovation to it you don't really see in other games and it felt deep to the point where it had me excited the game would take the same approach.

Combat is fun and engaging, but just not enough


Combat can be very fun at times. There is a satisfaction within managing the chaos and killing all the baddies around you whether it be with guns or your king Fu abilities and the game does throw new abilities at you enough to keep it fresh, but that only gets you so far. Most of your moves don't look like they do much to the enemy. Sure, they take damage but there is no animation on their end to make it look like it hurt them all that much and there is also something funky about combat that just leaves a bad taste for me.

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It feels just a tad bit incomplete and I can't out my finger on why aside from the animations of the enemies. The amount of weaponry and ways you can lay waste to your foes is great fun, but it takes a little bit away when it doesn't even look like it is hurting them. I like to see that I am causing destruction and chaos my enemies. Maybe some damage and some flinching would be nice.

The game gets boring and loses focus along the way


With any good RPG comes and abundance of questing that really adds that layer of progression to the game and well, that leads to really the biggest problem the game has going for it. Early on in the game, the quests become just boring and repetitive. All the quests and very much in the same kind of fashion. It boils down to talk to NPC, get the thing you need, fight some dude and that's really it. There is no variety here. It's almost as if they made a template for quests and stuck to that one and only template and forgot to add any variety to it.

It gets old real fast and that for me really kills it for me. If I am doing the same thing throughout the game time after time, my brain is at some point going to just check out and at that point it's going to just be mindless and lose the fun that the combat tried to provide. It's one of those games that really feels like you have seen it all very early on in the game.

The unfortunate thing here is the potential this game truly had


The game on paper, sounds amazing. It has everything I want within a game. The exploration, apocalyptic, the weird factor in this case being that it's a world full of Kung Fu mutant animals, RPG mechanics, loot, deep character creation and so on. It was all there to work with but they went with a dull formula and it truly killed it for me personally. Others may be able to look past the boring quests and see the beauty within the game because it does indeed have charm and beauty everywhere you look.

Crafting added a bit to the exploration side of things because crafting felt extensive and had enough to it that it felt like exploring to find that next bit of craftable loot was fun and was is what made me push further into the game. There is a done of depth and deepness in the game, but even with all the layers of everything else, it couldn't save it for me as the main part of it was just too one note.

Nothing was all that memorable


You have lots of interesting dialogue and characters you come across during the game but the issue being that the characters are not interesting enough to be memorable and in some instances just felt like it slowed the game down. I would have loved to see more character development and maybe a few key characters that stood out among the backdrop of others.

This just wasn't the case. The only thing that really stood out to me is the colorful world. It gave the game a glob of charm to it, but that charm only feels like a small breath of fresh air in between all the issues it has. I respect what they tried to accomplish and all the creative choices that they went with. I just wish it did a better job of all coming together in a more memorable complete package.

If you keep an open mind, buy the game when it goes on sale


Like I said in the beginning, I wanted to love this game and some parts I do love. The exploration can be great when you are on the hunt for new areas or that one item you have been wanting. You have to really be willing on looking last it's faults which is possible. If you do, you'll find a very quirky and charming experience with dull quests and forgettable story.

Again, if you can look past that, it is still worth adding to the collection with just how weird and charming it is. I wouldn't throw the full amount it wants now for it, but if you wait for a nice sale, I say pick it up. It is entirely flawed but there is some enjoyability and charm with it. If you played it, what did you think? Did it live up to what you wanted? Let me know below and let's discuss it.

Thanks for reading guys and as always, check out the other articles and look to the future for more gaming stuff!

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