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Bingo Competitions Keep Grandmas off the Streets


Elderly women love the game of Bingo. They take the game very seriously bringing markers for boards, their favorite tea or drink of choice to events. It is why you see Bingo played in nursing homes, church group gatherings and assisted living facilities all across America. If you have ever been around a group of older women playing Bingo try not to interrupt their game or you will become enemy number one.

Never dare to call out Bingo if you didn't win. You'll catch hell from the other elderly players.

You can observe board players from a distance. They're often seen jumping for joy at the calling out of a winning game board. Its like they're a kid in a candy store. The money and socialization give these individuals a boost in energy and cognitive brain stimulation. Some just play the board game for fun while others engage in gambling competitions.

Social skills

The game of Bingo helps older women enhance their social skills. Their able to interact with others which can help to built lasting friendships with those around them.

The hardships of growing old tend to be less of a burden. Why would someone rather think about the loss of a life partner, becoming forgetful when they can enjoy life by engaging in a fun activity that is cool and fun to do?

Cognitive Development

Bingo is a numbers game. One must pay attention to detail and focus on all the numbers being called out loud in order to win. The board game can greatly improve a individual cognitive skills since it requires the brain to remember and observe what is being said.

Older woman gain their brain power back and enhance their memory which can help them fight off signs of memory loss due to illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

These conditions can lead to homelessness and premature death. It why a awesome game of Bingo is never a thing some elderly woman can pass up.

The Art of Competing

Who doesn't love to compete? We are driven by our goals and dreams as well as our competitive spirit to win. Bingo is a game of luck. Having a winning board is like sky diving. You're just grateful for the experience and opportunity to do something fun and rewarding.

Many elderly women find peace and excitement in playing Bingo. It can serve as a alternative to boredom and lack of enthusiasm.

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Money Prizes

The game of Bingo have become a lucrative opportunity for many individuals who love competing for prizes and rewards. The prizes ranges from hundreds of dollars to paid lavish vacations. It why some seniors love the game so much especially elderly women.


Laughter is good for the heart. Many Bingo game lovers experience high amounts of laughter during Bingo competitions. The laughter leads to better overall health.


Have you ever played the game of Bingo as a social or gambling activity? What are your favorite board games or hobbies? Let me know in comment section below. Your feedback is always welcomed. Also, feel free to vote in my online poll.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 15, 2021:

Around here, Bingo is a game for all ages.

The catholic churches hold them weekly in surrounding towns.

I used to go back in the 80's & it was alot of fun.

I remember ordering pizza on the way or lose.

So it's not just for grandma's.

I was only in my twenties back then.

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