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Bingo Cash: 7 Reasons I Would Not Play the Ios App Game Ever Again

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Bingo cards

Bingo cards

Bingo Cash

Let's face it: Bingo Cash is as fun as classic BINGO itself. Chip in loose change and win a good amount in return. My opinion, though, is the Bingo Cash app is there to grab your money. The game mechanics are not friendly. If anything, this app is comparable to a Casino. You learn to lose from the start and have to build up your skills to start winning. Of course, the power-ups in the game limit how far skill can bring you. Not only that, it's hard to get the money out when you need it.

Here's a breakdown of what we're covering:

0. How to play

1. You learn to lose from the start.

2. Every pool game is random.

3. Power-ups overpower skill.

4. Strategies are unfair to newcomers.

5. The app chooses the winners from the start.

6. Gems boost your confidence to spend more money.

7. Bad liquidity for your money.

How to Play

The Bingo Cash app allows you to play in pools of anywhere between 4 to 8 players. Even more but I only used the app for hours for the sake of this article.

The game is comparable to Bingo but with one minor (but huge) addition: power-ups.

The game is a classic gem and money scandal where the best players beat the rookies all the time. However, best players vs. best players are always a gamble. More about that in a bit.

After a ball appears (e.g., B13), you must click on that slot in your Bingo card if you have it. If you click on it within 2 seconds or so, you receive a power-up fill meter bonus.

The power-up meter takes about two well-timed balls to fill up. Once filled up, you have obtained a random power-up. You can only hold two power-ups at a time.

1. You learn to lose from the start

What's a pool prize? Who knows

The Bingo Cash app starts your journey with a misconception. That is, most people do not know what a prize pool is. If you have competed in tournaments, it is nothing new. However, casuals will increasingly become confused and believe first place wins the whole pot. This happens to not be true.

Profits vs. Losses are hard

Thanks to the previous misconception, problems arise for casual players. Casual players underestimate profits vs. losses. Losses are poorly managed when a player believes the prize pool is what they will win. As a result, they will overestimate returns.

Percentage Gain isn't shown

Aside from overestimations, it is unclear the quantity that you will win. Percentage gains are not known ahead of time.

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First place: ~ 60%

Second place: ~ 30%

Third place: ~ 10%

The above percentages are what you win, give, or take.

Aside from the above, label names such as “rookie” are misleading to casuals. These label names lure in rookie players. You may be playing with professional players and non-rookies alike. This will cause you to lose your “gems,” a digital currency in-game, faster. This means you are more likely to put in your own hard-earned cash to continue playing.

The tutorial does no good in suggesting good strategies. The tutorial teaches you the common game mechanics. However, it avoids showing you the best strategies. For one, you learn to click the BINGO button every single time you fill out a horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or corners up. This is the worst strategy for the game, as you will see in the two times power-up sections below.

2. Every pool game is random

Like Bingo, everything is random. Every Bingo card is unique and different from the last. This is comparable to the classic Bingo game.

As expected, all balls drawn are also random when playing the Bingo game. Nothing new here.

Where the Bingo Cash app excels is the power-ups. The power-ups given to you are random. These power-ups are so game-changing they affect who wins and who loses.

3. Power-ups overpower skill.

"A" power-up

Choose one of four randomly generated balls. Once clicked, you will see four balls appear on your screen. You lose the ability to look at your BINGO card at this point. These balls also happen to be on your bingo card, so if you click a random one, it is one on your BINGO card. This is one of the better power-ups because using it also fills up your meter the way one ball would.

Wild ball power-up

Pick a ball correlating to a slot in your bingo card. This is a great power-up early on because you may artificially fill up rows, columns, diagonals, and corners. Less preferable than “A” power-ups because these wild ball power-ups do not fill up your meter.

Time power-up

Grants you ten extra seconds. Useless vs. game’s randomness. Though it is nice to have extra time, it is best to have power-ups that do more. Note that it takes about two well-timed clicks on your bingo card following a new ball to receive a power-up. Each ball takes about 4 seconds to generate. You do the math. Statistically, this is not the best power-up.

2x power-up

Double your points earned during the next 10 seconds. Casuals are more likely to believe this power-up doubles total points. This misconception causes early loss of games. However, this is the best feature of the game. We will talk more about this below.

4. Strategies are unfair to newcomers

Power-ups are the key

You are more likely to win if you use the power-ups. Power-ups give you more free balls and slots. It is a severe disadvantage to not use them. If you are playing against casual players, you will do well. However, seasoned players quickly catch on and realize that they need to use power-ups to get anywhere in the game.

One power-up at a time

Ensure you always have one power-up at a time, and not two. If you have two, get rid of the lesser-value power-up. Having both power-up slots filled means a wasted power-up meter as it does not fill. This is not efficient.

Shoot for two times power-up. Once you have this power-up, hold onto it until the last 10 seconds of the game. Also, hold your BINGO points until then. Once you are at the last 10 seconds, hit “two times power-up” and press “BINGO” and you will multiply each BINGO (1000 pts each), and double your earnings. This is how players win and get over 10k pts.

5. The app chooses the winners from the start

You are more likely to win with two times power-up. This is since players tend to wait until the last minute to double all BINGO earnings.

Losing is easy. Just get unlucky to not find 2x.

If you do not have two times, there is an extremely high chance of losing. Other players are doubling their BINGO points. However, if you do not get two times power-up, you cannot do the same. In this case, you are usually going to place extremely low.

The more players in your pool, the more likely two times power-up, or a lack thereof, will increase the above statistics of a win or loss.

6. Gems boost your confidence to spend more money

Value of gems aren't known

Players do not comprehend the true value of gems. I was too ignorant to try to figure that out myself. The gems have little value. They are merely to learn how to play the game and to receive discounts on future games.

Learn to win with Gems to promote to money

You learn to win with gems in hopes you will cash in funds to play. The idea is if you are winning against casual players that use gems, you are more than likely to believe you will win with real money. This is a problem because that is not always true. Although you will win occasionally, the odds are against you.

7. Bad liquidity for your money

A month of wait to cash

Cash-out takes anywhere from 2 to 13 business days. This is impractical for adults that happen to accidentally put in money that they need back. With anything in life, moderation is key. Do not put in money that you are going to need in a week for rent. 2 to 13 business days includes weekends. So, you may be waiting up to 1 month for your funds to arrive.


Bingo cash is easy to play. And, there's a reason it's so popular. However, my opinion is here to stay. Again, here are the reasons I wouldn't play it again:

0. It's classic bingo on steroids.

1. But you learn to lose from the start.

2. Everything is random.

3. Power-ups are overpowering skill.

4. Strategies are unfair to newcomers trying to understand the game and win.

5. The app chooses the winners from the start.

6. Gems boost your confidence to spend more money.

7. And, there is bad liquidity for your money.

The above problems are the reason why I wouldn't play the game ever again. However, I know it's fun. I don't completely regret playing. But, I won't be coming back anytime soon.

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