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How to Bind the Blade mCX2 RC Helicopter to the Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

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This article discusses the four simple steps to bind the Blade mCX2 (or other RC helicopter) to the Spektrum DX6i controller. I am a huge fan of the mCX2. It is great for beginners and teaches new pilots how to control a dual rotor helo! There are other options. Read about the best indoor RC helicopters to make your own decision on which one to start with.

Every radio controlled aircraft must be bound to a controller in order for it to work. Almost everyone starts off with the stock controller that comes with the RTF helicopter, but there is a lot more you can do with the more advanced radios.

The binding process is exceedingly easy with these helos. There are four easy steps and I guarantee you will never have a problem doing it again!


Sure, you COULD use the stock transmitter. It works great and it sure is a ton of fun! Unfortunately, it feels like a toy and it doesn't have the ability to customize the mixes.

No need to worry about that with Spektrum's advanced DSM2 transmitters like the DX6i, DX7 and DX8. These allow you to customize the controls and will greatly improve the flying characteristics of the helos.


Step 1

Turn on the transmitter and choose a new model memory slot. You will be programming the new RC helicopter to this location.

Turn the transmitter off.

Note: I have both the DX5e and the DX6i transmitters. They both do the job of controlling the radio controlled aircraft just fine. The DX6i has a lot more programming options and allows you to store the customized settings for up to 10 of your RC aircraft. It will store all the settings including the trim adjustments!


Step 2

So far, so good, right?

Plug in the battery to your mCX or other BNF model. The larger, outdoor helicopters and planes may have a binding plug that needs to be inserted to activate the binding process. Fortunately, these smaller ones don't need it!

I have my finger on the Trainer Lever that will put the transmitter in Bind Mode.

I have my finger on the Trainer Lever that will put the transmitter in Bind Mode.

How to Enter Bind Mode

Every transmitter is different. For the DX6i, hold the Trainer lever UP on the side of the transmitter as you turn it on. See the picture.

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Step 3

You will see the LED on the helicopter start to flash rapidly. That means it is looking for a transmitter to bind to.

If you can't see the flashing light, take the fuselage off and you will see it blinking away on the board.

When it starts to flash, turn on the transmitter in Bind Mode. See the inset to the right on how to do this.


A Great Video Tutorial on Binding

Step 4

Now wait.

Ten to fifteen seconds later, the LED will stop flashing. That signifies that the binding is complete.

If you listened closely, you may have heard the servos move slightly as well.

BEFORE you take off on your flight, test all of the controls to ensure they are working as expected.

If everything looks good, then enjoy your flight!


Did You Know . . .

When setting up the transmitter with these indoor RC Helicopters, you can assign them as a model type of "Plane."

These little helos do not have Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing (CCPM).

However, you will not have access to Throttle Hold and Throttle Curve unless you assign it as a helo. As you become more advanced, you may want to explore these programmable functions.



OJD on January 02, 2015:

I recently revieved the CMX2 Heli with the Dx6i transmitter. I am brand new to all of this. I was able to bind the Heli but could not get it to come of the floor even at full throttle. The rotors are turning, but not enough to get it flying. What am I doing wrong?

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