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How to Bind the Hobbyzone Champ Radio Controlled Plane to the Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

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I absolutely love the Champ from Hobbyzone. Without a doubt, it is the best entry level airplane for new radio controlled pilots. It is a three channel plane, meaning it only has throttle, elevator and rudder controls. In addition, this plane is SUPER light. It is hard to build enough momentum to actually cause damage. I have flown mine straight into fences, trees and even a car without causing damage.

Best of all, this little guy has a built in safety mechanism. If you lose control of the plane or can't see it in the sky, simply throttle all the way down and it will glide in, landing on its wheels. You can't beat that kind of safety!

Controlling the Champ with a 6-channel transmitter will make your flying experience much more enjoyable. Follow these very easy steps to bind the model.

A fabulous RC plane for both beginners and intermediate pilots - the Hobbyzone Champ.

A fabulous RC plane for both beginners and intermediate pilots - the Hobbyzone Champ.

It won't take long before you outgrow the stock controller that came with the RTF version. That controller works acceptably well, but it doesn't offer all of the capabilities of a more powerful transmitter like the Spektrum DX6i.

The beauty of the DX6i is that you can store multiple model profiles. That means that you can buy more planes and control them all (at different times of course!).


Create a New Model

One of the biggest benefits of a higher end transmitter is that it will store the specific profiles for each of your models. That means you can load the profile at any time and not have to worry about reprogramming it.

On the transmitter, choose ADJUST LIST - MODEL SELECT and scroll to an empty slot.

From SETUP LIST choose MODEL NAME and create a name. I recommend keeping it simple and name the model CHAMP.

Lift up the Trainer Switch While Turning on the Transmitter

Lift up the Trainer Switch While Turning on the Transmitter

Binding the Model

It is very easy to link the DSM2 receiver to your transmitter.

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Step One: Plug the battery into the receiver on the plane. The light will blink rapidly, signifying it is in "Bind Mode."

Step Two: While lifting up on the Trainer Lever, turn the Spektrum DX6i transmitter on.

Step Three: Release the Trainer Lever.

That's it! If you listened closely, you might have heard the servos move slightly signifying that the connection between the receiver and the transmitter was properly set.


Test the Controls

Make sure that all of your control surfaces are working properly before taking it out to the flying field.

While securely holding the plane, test the elevator and rudder controls on the right stick and make certain that the servos are operating properly. The most common issue that may be encountered is that the servos were somehow reversed.

Test the throttle now. While securely holding the model, gently move the throttle stick forward. You should check two things: 1) That the motor engages when directed; and 2) That the propellors are turning in the right direction. I upgraded the motor in my Champ and accidentally installed the leads backwards. When I went to fly it, the prop turned the wrong way! Needless to say, it wasn't one of my most graceful maneuvers!


D/R and Expo Settings

For the Champ, I do not recommend changing either the Dual Rate or the Expo. This plane is very docile as it is and is so light, it is hard to gain enough momentum to cause damage.

However, if you upgrade the Hobbyzone Champ's Motor, you may find that setting the Dual Rate to about 80% may help new pilots learn to fly a more powerful aircraft. For most fliers, this won't be necessary, but if you have never used D/R or Expos before, then by all means, test it out using this plane.


Did this help?

I hope this tutorial helped you bind the aircraft to the transmitter. If it did, please leave a comment below!


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