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Bike Baron Walkthrough | Extreme Levels

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Possible Mission

Start of by tapping the right button, and then immediately holding left. You should slide down the vertical tunnel. Once you get to level ground, either hold left to balance out the bike or hold stop to not run into the loop. For the next jump, don’t press any directional buttons. Then you get to a tricky part. Usually, just holding right and doing a front flip works to get past all the TNT.

For the vertical section, gain your speed (while staying grounded holding right) and hit left a few times once you get onto the ramp. Your back wheel should cling onto the wood, so hold reverse (stop).

The next part looks harder than it is. Just tap “go” 3ish times and you should land harmlessly at the bottom.

Stay on your back wheel for the following section, and keep yourself at an upward angle. Just try not to flip over. Getting to the next checkpoints should be easy. Once you have to fly through the air again with the boost, try to angle yourself downwards and then upwards quickly, landing on the wall facing up. You should slide down and finish the course!

King’s Castle

For the beginning, hold right to stay grounded and then tap left for a bit more air. Hold stop for the next part, so your front wheel bounces off the wall, and you fall straight down.

The rest of this is just a balancing act… the way I did it was I basically mostly stayed on my back wheel, and leveled myself in the air. This gives more airtime and a better angle for a lot of the jumps.

Dragon’s Teeth

As you drop, hold “go”. Press left before the explosives, and then right to balance over them. After dropping down, wait until you bounce off the left wall, and hold the gas down. Furiously tap “left”; after a few tires you should land next to the checkpoint.

After that lie the pillars of doom.... traverse these by getting an constant upward angle (lean back) and a good grip with your back wheel onto each of the pillars. Keep tapping “go” while balancing your back wheel and you should be able to pass this part.

The next part is similar. Just don’t go too fast, and hold down the “go” as you land. You shouldn’t hit any of the explosives if you’re going at the right speed.

For the final part, back up as far left as you can. Then, go full speed, tapping right and then repeatedly tapping left. You should make it.

Motherland (Shortcut)

This level was crazy hard until I accidentally stumbled upon a glitch/shortcut. Use Baron because it's easier to do the shortcut with more checkpoints.

First, you pass the initial two loops, which should be pretty easy.

Basically, you want to get to where the green arrow in the picture below is pointing. You can do this either by going backwards on the 4th loop, or gaining some backwards momentum on the platform below. Once you get down onto the ground, you can just go straight until you get to the checkpoint!

The other picture is proof that the shortcut indeed does work! Motherland finished in a minuscule 1 minute 50 seconds.

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Joker Baron

Uh. Yeah. I hate this level. I don’t have the patience necessary for it……….. If you do, props and congratulations, you deserve more satisfaction than this little iOS game can give you.


Manu on November 01, 2012:

Randy I love you ! You are a god among men.

Blur on June 28, 2012:

And how can I finish the level MOON RIDES ???

Slal on June 24, 2012:

How do we pass the icy level

Randy on April 18, 2012:

Hard Level 1 Don't Stop - You have to ride a wheelie through it. The ice will keep you from flipping backwards.

Richard on April 07, 2012:

How do you complete the hard level 'don't stop' because there's a point where there's ice on top and below too small to fit through with bombs beneath and I'm stuck

Enraged Biker on February 15, 2012:

hmmm...yeah, it seems they fixed that little glitch with EXPLOSIVE BARRELS! damn you mountain sheeep!

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