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Xbox and Bethesda Showcase Part 2: Bethesda Had Little to show...

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The Title speaks for itself, and I gotta say I'm disappointed. I expected more, but I see why they put Xbox and Bethesda's conference together. Because Bethesda had so little to show this year. They had four titles, Fallout 76 Steel Reign, Fallout 76:The Pitt," Elder Scrolls, and Red Fall. And the Bethesda portion started 36 minutes into the conference. But hey at least they had something, unlike GearBox. But enough with that, let's get into the assessment...

Looks like there's gonna be a war coming soon.

Looks like there's gonna be a war coming soon.

Awe, they look so cute.

Awe, they look so cute.

I sure do hope gamers like this. I think some of the robots look creepy.

I sure do hope gamers like this. I think some of the robots look creepy.

The Assessment...

First up was Fallout 76:Steel Reign, and to be honest, I haven’t kept up with 76 since it’s abysmal launch. So I had to look up how far into the line of updates Steel Reign was in. Steel Reign is the eighth update, and while it looks fun, I’m still apprehensive. Given Bethesda’s history of bug riddled games, I’m worried Steel Reign might have an imperfect launch. It will be available July 7th 2021(meaning it's out as of writing this), and I hope it’s not a massive bomb.

Following that was a trailer for the ninth update for Fallout 76:Expeditions, "The Pitt.” It’s obvious this is still in development as all we got was a zoom out shot from a guy communicating on a walkie-talkie to a welcoming sign that read:”Welcome To The Pitt.” It’ll be available in 2022, and hopefully we’ll get more info as the specific release date draws near.

Next was Elder Scrolls Online. Nothing but panning shots of various environments. Don’t know why this was shown since all that’s needed to get more players is word of mouth at this point. There was also “Blackwood,” for Elder Scrolls Online, but they showed nothing for that, which is a shame.

Next was Party Animals, where you fight have a stuffed animal against other stuffed animals. It looks like a cross between Worms and Smash Bros. And it looks cute, funny, and fun, which generally Xbox has had a stereotype in recent years of excluding such games, despite how they started out 20 years ago. I guess they never really left those diverse roots, despite many outside the Xbox market thinking otherwise. But yeah Party Animals looks great, and I might wanna check it out when it’s released in 2022.

After that was Hades. I’ve been seeing videos on this in my Youtube feed, and didn’t feel up to looking into it. However, after this trailer I’m sold. A top down hack-n-slash with anime style cut-scenes? Sign me up. It’ll be coming to Xbox One S August 13th 2021, but I can get it now for PS4 and Mac OS. And I am so totally there after seeing that trailer.

Following that was Somerville. And based on the gameplay, you play as a family, braving and surviving a post apocalyptic world. You’ll brave several harsh environments based on this trailer, and I’mma be frank, I can’t believe I wanna check this out. Mostly games that lack a fantastical element don’t intrigue, yet this one does. I guess will see where this goes when it comes out in 2022.

And following that was Halo Infinite at long last. It feels weird to be excited for this given that I’m a casual Halo fan. I haven’t played the Halo games after Halo 2, and yet I’m excited for this. The multiplayer oddly enough carried a lot of familiar weapons and vehicles to use, and it looked fast paced. I hope that’s not false advertising in regarding to the pacing.
But what I’m hoping you can do too is multi-player Co-op like in Halo 2, which was not shown. Regardless it comes out in the 2021 Holiday season, and hopefully there will be no more delays.

Following that was the trailer for Diablo II:Resurrection, which I thought was a Blizzard title. What’s it doing at the Bethesda showcase? Regardless can’t talk about this without the elephant in the room. Back in 2019, Blizzard stripped one of their sponsored players, Blitzchung of his prize because he supported Hong Kong’s crusade for independence. They did this so as to not piss off China.
As a result, while I’ve been wanting to play Diablo II for years now, I’m a bit apprehensive.

Next was a cinematic trailer for Plague Tales Requiem. It follows Amicia as she and her brother Hugo survive an unforgiving world. No gameplay was shown, just narration from Amicia, what looked to be rushing black water, and a boy on an island. It’ll be available in 2022, and with no specific date announced, I’m guessing it’s still in development. Hopefully we’ll see more as the release date nears.

Next up was FarCry 6, a gameplay trailer. Not sure why this is in the Bethesda portion of the conference, nor am I sure why Ubisoft didn’t show this. It's selling you the gameplay and variety of weapons and locations in the game. Oh well, it is what it is. Doesn’t change the fact that this looks fun. Ferry 6 is slated for October 7th 2021.

Following that was Slime Rancher 2. A first person shooter based game where you collect and care for various slime based creatures and fend of monstrous slime. I had no idea this existed and much like Party Animal it looks like cute, light hearted fun. I guess Xbox never left it’s variety based roots in gaming after all. It’s slated to be released in 2022, and I’mma keep my eye out for specifics, because I like how this looks.

Next was Shredders, a third person snowboarding game. Can’t believe people are still into this stuff though that shouldn’t surprise me much. It’s slated for December 2021

Following that was Atomic Heart, which I had heard of prior to E3, but never saw any gameplay for it. It feels like Fallout and for some reason Portal. Don’t why though, but I’mma look into it in due time. And it looks t play a little like Bioshock, though had I played Bioshock Infinite like I wanted, I would’ve seen that before watching GorTheMovieGod’s live stream. There’s no slated release date which implies it’s still in development, meaning I’mma have to keep an eye out for Atomic Heart when the release date nears.

After that was Replaced, which is an side scroller action games set in a dystopian future. Looks fun and gritty. Feels similar to Deus Ex and Cyberpunk, and I’m not sure if such a vibe is accurate. It’ll come out in 2022, with not specific date. Guess we'll get future details nearing the game’s release like every other game in these conferences with no specific dates.

Next was Grounded:Shroom of Doom update. Yet another Xbox title I was not aware of until this conference, and I’m officially feeling like an idiot. When the original Xbox came out it had a variety of games for a variety of gamers. Light hearted games like Toejam and Earl and Jet Set Radio Future, and gritty titles like Mortal Kombat, Ninja Gaiden, and Tao Fang, and a middle ground with Halo and Dead or Alive 3.
And with titles like Party Animals, Slime Rancher 2 and this, it feels like I’m being told:”Well newsflash bub, we never stopped catering to a variety of gamers. You just weren’t paying attention.”
That being said what is Grounded and The Shroom of Doom update? Grounded is a multi player online survival game where you play a human no bigger than a bug, and you try to survive a bug infested wilderness. And Shroom Of Doom update will include pets, and Spider Brood Queen that legitimately looks so scary they HOPEFULLY included an arachnophobia mode for fighting it for arachnophobes like me. It’s slated for June 30 2021, which is next week, as of me writing this.

After that was the announcement that Among Us was coming to XboxOne Series S. Oh that’s gonna be a boat load of fun to any Xbox owners who haven’t played Among Us. That was an update that is on all platforms on June 15th.

Following that was Elyuden Chronicles:Hundred Heroes. A sprite animated JRPG with a turn based battle system. And you can bet your bottom dollar I’m gonna wanna play this. This might even be as close as I get to playing something akin to the original six Final Fantasy games. For now. And I sadly have to wait until 2023.
Meanwhile Eiyuden Chronicles Rising, which precedes Hundred Heroes drops next year. Fine, one way or another I’m giving this series a shot.

Then there was The Ascent, an action RPG that looks like a top down shoot’em up. Well the gameplay footage had me thinking it was a shoot’em up. Though I’mma look into this, because since it’s an RPG, it better have all the goods. I’m talking customizable weapons and armor, and a lotta loot. It’s drops July 29th, and I’mma look further into it until then.

Next was Age of Empire IV, and I could’ve sworn there were more than four of these. But regardless, I dig the updated graphics, and have been meaning to play this since my brother downloaded a demo for our iMac back around 2003 or so. Age of Empires IV drops October 28th 2021. Might look into playing it eventually.

Next was The Outer Worlds 2, and man the self-awareness in this trailer. The level of self-awareness on how gaming trailers are executed was hilarious. I was tempted to think this will be a satirical action game of sorts. Because they poked fun as the tropes like showing the cool monster, the soldiers running in slow motion while firing as their enemies, and a panning shot of the main character. All before concluding that the only thing the developers finished was the title.
And upon doing a quick Google search, I had learned the this was yet ANOTHER game series that I wasn’t aware of. And with the first Outer Worlds on PS4, I’mma definitely look into playing it. Same with Outer Worlds 2 when it comes out. And with no release date attached to the trailer that means it’s still in development.

After that was Flight Simulator, which is self-explanatory. The trailer showed off various types of planes and locations, which all looked gorgeous. Flight Simulator will be landing on Xbox One Series S on July 27th 2021. They’ll also include a free expansion in Fall 2021 called “Top Gun:Maverick.”

After that Forza Horizon 5, which showed off some interesting racing locations, which honestly made me want to check it out. Because thing is, I’ve been more into Gran Truismo myself. But honestly I might as well see what sets Forza apart from Truismo. Like what kind of car customization do they have and the racing venues? So yeah when Forza Horizon 5 drops November 9th 2021, I’ll give it a look.

And lastly was a trailer for RedFall. Which based on the trailer looks to be a fantasy/sci-fi shooter where a team of soldiers or just every men(it’s not clear) who fight vampires. Looks nice, but is this an FPS, third-person shooter like Gears of War, an Action RPG, or a Strategy game? They don’t give details on that. And hopefully we get more details when we get closer to the Summer 2022 date when this drops.

A JRPG on Xbox? What maddness is this?

A JRPG on Xbox? What maddness is this?

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We now return to THE SHROOM OF DOOM!!!

We now return to THE SHROOM OF DOOM!!!

Yeah fighting vampires in a dystopian future totally isn't terrifying atall.

Yeah fighting vampires in a dystopian future totally isn't terrifying atall.

The Conclusion...

In conclusion, I thought this was a banging show case, as I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by the variety of games on display like Party Animals, Farcry 6, and Eiyuden Chronicles to name a few. My only gripe is that Bethesda didn’t bring a lot to the table this year, as a lot of the games showcased during their portion of the conference weren’t by them. All they had was two Fallout 76 expansions, Elder Scrolls Online, and Red Fall. The rest were first and third party Xbox titles, which is sad.

Not saying what Bethesda had to was bad, it was good. I just wish they had more than four titles, or technically two DLC packs for Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls online, and a 1 new title in Red Fall.
It just means I split these blogs up for no reason. And I’m aware that while I enjoyed this conference, some expected more like seeing specific announcements of games they wanted to hear about. But for me, I think this was the second best conference so far just for the variety of games announced.

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