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Best Xbox 360 Games For Girls

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Best Xbox 360 Games for Girls

Anyone who says girls and women don't like playing video games is just out of touch. In the U.S. in 2015, more women (42%) than men (37%) owned video game consoles.

That's right: more women than men. That's from a 2015 Pew Research Center study.

So what kind of games to girls and women like? All kinds. I have selected a range of games that most people will enjoy, including girls. Titles here range from the zombie to fantasy, battle, and dance genres. There is definitely something here for every girl, regardless of her experience level. The Xbox 360 is no longer just a boy's toy!

A Brief List of Ideas

Role PlayZombieAction AdventureSports, Music & Dance


Left 4 Dead

Lego Harry Potter

Lego Rock Band


Dead Rising

Lego Indiana Jones

Kinect Sports



Lego Batman

Rock Band

Grand Theft Auto


Lego Star Wars


Assasin's Creed


Call of Duty




Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts


  • I strongly recommend Halo to all gamers for the Xbox 360. It is very popular and fantastic fun. I find it is a bit less repetitive than CoD and the incredible forge from Halo 3 onwards lets you play on some fantastic maps. Online multiplayer, custom games, a great community, and a great developer. Highly recommended!
  • Fable games are also very fun and allow you to develop your character as you choose between good and evil. In Fable 3, you actually become kingdom ruler and decide whether to keep the promises you made before you came to power. This game is incredibly funny and allows you to interact, marry, fight, do quests, make money, buy property, become Queen (or King, if you prefer), and see your weapons transform. An excellent game. Fable 2 is fun too, but do not purchase Fable: An Unexpected Journey. It's rubbish.

Brilliant Banjo Kazooie Designs

Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts allows players to create their own vehicles.

Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts allows players to create their own vehicles.

Players unlock parts as they play and can use them to build a vehicle.

Players unlock parts as they play and can use them to build a vehicle.

Vehicles can be land-, air-, or water-based.

Vehicles can be land-, air-, or water-based.

  • Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts is a special game made by the brilliant Rare. It's an Xbox 360 exclusive. Players can build vehicles from the parts they unlock in the game. Vehicles can be land-based, in the air, or on water to complete challenges. The gameis a brilliant mix of different genres. The multiplayer option is amazing. Players can play nearly 30 different mini games online, downloading other's people designs and doing challenges with friends.
  • Girls just seem to love zombies! I highly recommend this game, which is made by the great team at Valve. Left 4 Dead is a first-person-shooter game set in the aftermath of a pandemic apocalypse. Four survivors battle hordes of infected. There are four game modes: single-player, four-player, eight-player, and a four-player survival mode.
  • For serious gamers, Skyrim is a fantastic open-world, role-play game. Players strive to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The game takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Players complete quests and improve their skills, traveling anywhere in the game-world at any time. This is a great fun game that my sister really enjoys.
  • For fans of first-person-shooter games, the Call of Duty series is the most popular series around. The first three CoD games simulate warfare during World War II. The fourth in the series, Modern Warfare, is set in modern time.
  • A brilliant music game which anyone can enjoy, Rock Band 3 allows up to seven players at one time to play. Form a band with a vocalist,( a keyboard for the first time), guitars, and drums! Players play along to over 1,000 songs, downloadable from the Rock Band store. This game is made by the developer of Dance Central. If, you like Guitar Hero you will love Rock Band 3, the best music game that has ever existed!
  • Another really fun music game for children is Lego Rock Band. The game allows players to create their own bands (out of Legos), play along to a family-friendly setlist, and unlock new items using Lego studs. Songs include "Crocodile Rock," "Kung Fu Fighting," "We Will Rock You," "Valerie," "Ghostbusters," " We Are the Champions," "Ruby," and more. You can also download more songs from Xbox Live.
  • Dance Central is one of the best games for the Xbox Kinect. Players follow the moves on the screen to amazing popular tracks. Players can play against or with their friends, as well as see how many calories they've burned. There are 32 excellent tracks on the disc.

Buy Dance Central

Dance Central E3 trailer

Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports is great fun and takes advantage of the awesome Kinect with soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, track and field, boxing, and table tennis. It is similar to Wii Sports, but Kinect is better. The advantage is that you need no controller, so anyone can play and there is no additional cost for more players. My favourite Kinect game is soccer, but others include:

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  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Bowling
  • Table Tennis
  • Track and Field (events include long jump, discus, hurdles, running, and javelin)

The graphics are brilliant and much better than Wii.

Xbox Live Arcade Games

  • There are many truly brilliant Xbox live arcade games. Most girls will enjoy a game of Uno, Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies, and Geometry Wars. These games offer great value for money, lots of fun, and are often more unique and creative than retail games. To buy these arcade games, you will need Microsoft points (the virtual currency of the Xbox). Games prices vary, but most games are 800 points, some are 400, and some are 1,200.

Girls Like All Types of Games

In the comments section I asked for girls to say what games they liked. Three different girls mentioned shooting games, or games with some fighting, including Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, and also Fable. This shows that women and girls should not be afraid of trying out some of the other excellent games on the Xbox 360. That's the beauty of the console: the variety of games!

Are you a girl gamer? Tell us what games you like!

brooke on July 29, 2015:

i love indianajones 2,nuts and bolts,lego batman,kung fu panda and 2 other games wich none of you have put on here minecraft and brave.

kelly on April 30, 2015:

I actually love playing sims, Lego games, and ultimate alliance. One of my favorites is saints row. I get so into that game lol

John Adams on April 16, 2015:

Do you have the smefs two

Sneha on March 05, 2015:

All are horrible games

sociallyawkward on February 19, 2015:

All Dragon Age games! Gotta love that. I just finished Thief a few days ago, I enjoyed the game, but the ending kinda ticked me off. Red Dead Redemption was a wonderful game and so was L.A. Noir.

anonymus on February 18, 2015:

im a girl and i do think most games are for boys. i worked at a gaming company in customer service and 90% of callers are male! so that does not mean there aren't female players, but its a minority. and i personally never knew a girl that was a hard core gamer. they probably are in usa or uk and north Europe mostly. not in Spain, Italy, Portugal or in other parts of the world. Here we still are real women who prefer talking to real friends and family rather then to spend our time in front of a box playing against some underage kids or some loosers that have no girlfriend. Never get a gamer boyfriend if you are not a gamer. He will love his console more then you always.

Essie on October 30, 2014:

Xcom, Crime and Punishment, Thief, Fable, Dead Island, Assassins Creed, Lego, sims, etc

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on April 07, 2014:

Fable, Assassins Creed, GTA and Borderlands seem pretty popular games for girls!

NightShadeBlade on April 07, 2014:

I love asassins creed brotherhood and revelations! There really good because there something different than just an FPS. Although I love COD Black ops 2! I spend so many hours playing Left for dead 2 online aswell, I love all types of games. I completed Fable 3 atleast 4 times! If you want to play a good game and your a girl... Don't categorise yourself into the 'girl gamer' category and see what the top selling games are. Just find a game that looks fun and you'll probably love it! Im female and I'm 18 years old :)

Tay on February 07, 2014:

I love Tomb Raider & Assassin's Creed games!

T pain on January 20, 2014:

Borderlands 2!! Best game ever

risa on January 13, 2014:

on what i lve this games

Staceebugg on December 08, 2013:

Personally I LOVE Splinter cell. I've played it since xbox and now 360. I actually love most Tom Clancy games. You can be an aggressive shooter or a quiet sniper. Use guns or go hand to hand. They are GREAT.

Ashley on December 07, 2013:

I love the Grand Theft Auto games! Especially the fifth one! They're easier than normal games with shooting and so fun!! (:

C. on November 23, 2013:

I liked the Borderlands series. The Fable series was also awesome. Fallout 3. I enjoy these games because I'm not a fan of shooters, but these have a lot of non-fighting world exploration and customization of gameplay.

Mandy on November 22, 2013:

I love the Zumba Rush game for the Kinect. I also love Lord of the Rings so Lego Lord of the Rings is great.

Molly on November 07, 2013:

I love GTA IV

Megan Parsons on October 19, 2013:

I love L.A. Nore & NCIS!

Some other favorites: Naughty bear, Leisure Suit Larry, Bejeweled, perfect dark zero!

Ashley on September 20, 2013:

I'm a girl and i play gears of war 3

nik on August 08, 2013:

I wish there were more 2+ player games (xbox 360) that didn't have to played online (reception is always a problem for me) I enjoy games that have a plot that I can play alongside or independently of my partner. war in the north was awesome, lost count how many times I have played it through! I love mortal kombat (finally released in Australia this year!) and obsessed with injustice! I do find it hard to find games in the market place that sell female games as easier / simplified / or more like a kindergarten style barbie game! girls love to kick the shit out of stuff too! maybe they could talk to marvel or dc and get a girls kick arse game - purely only chick characters that cover the feminine to the heroic style of woman and not to wimp it down! magic mayhem and mighty! ???

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on May 24, 2013:

Hey just an update to those claiming sexism - I`m going to update the article again with some of your recommendations and change the wording from "simplified." I understand and as I already said there is no such thing as a "girl game" - I am simply recommending good games and yes, they tend to be a little bit `simplier` because most people searching for the best xbox games for girls are going to be relatively new to gaming but I do understand your view.

I will add an amendment to the very top saying there is no such thing e.t.c and many girls love any game.

I will also add in Assassins Creed, Skyrim, Halo e.t.c.

And no I am not advocating rubbish like the Imagine series of games - these are proper games that I enjoy also.

Thanks again and please feel free to comment!

Alexandra on May 11, 2013:

I love playing skyrim and the walking dead. So much fun!! Also Sims 3.

Skylar Lyn on October 15, 2012:

I love playing tropico 4 and borderlands 2. I'll play call of duty mw3 but i have to be in a certain mood.

hh on July 21, 2012:

i love assassins creed!

popo on July 03, 2012:

Lol girl gamers will enjoy Fable 3, now that it has become more simplified? I actually like games which are more challenging and interesting rather than ones which feel dumbed down - and I'm sure that there are other girl gamers who'd agree.

Gaby on July 01, 2012:

I love Mortal Kombat (Kompleat Edition), all Guitar Hero games, and all Street Fighters. Just got Gears of War and its okie. I am looking for more girly games tho..

Jazzy Quicksilver from New Jersey, USA on June 21, 2012:

This...really bothers me. This seems like you're initially saying that girls can only play simplified, childish games, when even your commenters say otherwise. Your article implies that female gamers aren't part of the core gaming demographic, and that's simply not true. And your only example of a NOT childish game is Fable 3. Because it's simplied. You neglect to mention the first and second Fable entries, which have both been acclaimed as some of the greatest RPGs in the past decade; two games with deeper plot and more balanced combat than the third iteration.

Not all girls or women are gaming inept. Many, in fact, probably most in first world countries, have grown up around and with video games. It's mindsets like this that prompt game makers to create things like "IMAGINE: Fashion Designers," "IMAGINE: Babysitter," "IMAGINE: Pleasing Your Man." That last one doesn't exist, but you get my point.

By not actually making any distinction between FEMALE gamers and INEXPERIENCED gamers, you're thus implying that all female gamers need "easy" or "not-challenging" games.; that we are not part of the core demographic soley by being women.

I'm not trying to rip into these games; quite the contrary in fact. With the exception of my personal vendetta against Fable 3 and the newest entries (Fable: Heroes, and Fable: The Journey/ ie: Fable 4), I have no problems with most of these games. I've even played most of them. But the fact that you're saying, whether or not it was intended, that women and girls don't want to play "boy" games really gets under my skin.

Ashley on May 30, 2012:

There is a similar game to little big plant for Xbox 360 it is called RAYMAN ORIGINS I am playing it as we speak and fricken love it

Georgia on May 12, 2012:

Alice madness returns is a good game, if you're more tomboyish. Its just like Alice in wonderland but with a twist where her wonderland has gone to pot. It is a 16+. Also, Mirror's edge is a rather good game, its a girl that does free running and has to escape from a certain city. 16+ Again.

JustSundae on May 05, 2012:

=] I have to say, Oblivion and Skyrim are probly the most fun and free games, What girl doesn't love to play dress up, marry (or kill.) =] a guy, poison food, play with kids, have pets, and kill some dudes? haha. =]

ellie on May 01, 2012:

wat do u thick a good game for girls on xbox is without konect

KC on March 24, 2012:

Have to agree with the girl who said Assassin's Creed. Especially Brotherhood.

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on December 27, 2011:

@Mermarmax If you liked Dead Island you would probably like the Left 4 Dead games which are quite similar and zombie games as well. Also, you may want to look at Dead Rising 2.

Mermarmax on December 26, 2011:

I loved dead island!! I need more games that have similar gameplay...any suggestions?

Ginny on October 18, 2011:

James Cameron's Avatar for xbox 360...pure love

Jane on September 24, 2011:

Halo Reach (anything Halo). COD. Portal 2. Mass Effect 2. Fable 2 but not 3.

Liz on September 22, 2011:

I just played Alice the Madness Returns and it was so much fun. I am 21 and a woman.

Jen on August 30, 2011:

I think some of my favourites are L4D 1 and 2, Fable, Bioshock, Team fortress 2 and halo ;) I'll have a go at most games but I don't like COD because people get SO competitive! Friendly competition is good but some people get so stressed about it. Personally I hate the lego series though, I find them awkward to play!

Undead14 on August 17, 2011:

I Love Modern Warfare2!!!!!!!!!!!:)

tuketele on August 07, 2011:

For the 360 I enjoyed the halo series, Cameo, and viva pinata (so true it's not just for kids). I have about every video game system that has ever come out, and yes I am a girl. There are games for girls on every system, but it is harder to ind ones hat aren't first person shooter. I tend to go more for RPGs myself. I love the FF series and recommend that to girls because it has a story line where you care about the characters.

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on July 30, 2011:

Yes, that is a good game and there are no that are very similar on Xbox sadly. You could try Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts which I wrote about in detail further up the page which lets you build and play with your creations.

Thanks for your comment!

Cheyenne on July 30, 2011:

I love Xbox! My friend has a PS3 and she has this game Little big planet. I've been looking for a similar game. Any ideas?

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on July 17, 2011:

@gandalf - fair enough but I did mention those other games like Halo and Left 4 Dead and that there were not necessarily girl games and not girl games.

Also, I said simplified because many are not as familiar with gaming - it is no insult!

Thanks for all your comments though and keep them coming!

gandalfthegrape on July 08, 2011:

Wow, this article is so sexist. You keep naming kiddie games and saying girls will enjoy Fable III because it is "simplified?"

Screw that. I'm a female gamer and my favorite games are the Bioshock and Assassin's Creed Series. But I also adore Halo 3 and Left 4 Dead.

Arou on June 13, 2011:

I love the fables. It's funny because I played all the games listed on this page and i'm actually searching for other games.

eva on April 02, 2011:

this game is lush :)

pandaporkchop on March 09, 2011:

i absolutely love black ops. (:

Torrrzilla on March 03, 2011:

L4D2 is so good! (much better than the first) I love playing it and I also liking on Black Ops.

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on February 20, 2011:

Krysta: I love Halo. It's really the only game I play. :)

Courtney L. on February 19, 2011:

I absolutely love all the Assassin's Creed games. I also like the Fable games. Dance central and the Sims are also great games. One of my favourites is Jade Empire for the original X-Box.

ian on January 29, 2011:

i have kinet

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on January 15, 2011:

So there are girls that also love Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead and Fable which proves the point that everyone can love every game!

marisharhart from Indonesia, Jakarta on January 07, 2011:

i love fable!!!

Letty on January 06, 2011:

I love playing left for dead. I prefer part 1 instead of part 2

Dendy on January 03, 2011:

I love COD

ns1209 (author) from UK - England on January 02, 2011:

What games do you like, are you a girl gamer? I welcome comments!

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