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Best Strategy Games

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Top Strategy Games

I have been playing strategy games on the PC for over thirty years. My first experiences included the original Command and Conquer games and the original civilization game. As the years have passed these games have got better and better with some of the highlights being:

Civilization 5 – the ultimate civilization game that incorporates all of the best elements of the prior games and provides the toughest challenge yet.

Command & Conquer – it’s actually difficult to nail down which game in the C&C series is best. In fact I’d suggest that everyone buys the C&C Ultimate collection that includes 17 fantastic games.

Stronghold: an excellent series of games that involve simulation and strategy – this is the original and the best castle sim game of all.

Age of Empires: a great series of real time strategy, resource management games. Well done – not flashy but great game play.

The games listed below are some of the best strategy games:

The Last Guardian

Release Date: December 2013; Systems: PS3

This is the third game in the series of iconic games that meld action with unique strategy. In this game you help a boy and a gigantic creature maneuver through a strange and hazardous world. The game features dynamic graphics that are atmospheric and stunning but also play a huge part in the game. You must use the two characters together, the terrain and many other objects to solve logical puzzles and move on through the game. It’s a mix of action game, puzzling solving game and strategy.

End of Nations

Release Date: December 2013; Systems: PC, Mac

This game is a real time strategy game on a huge scale. Ally yourself with players all around the world to conquer the Order of Nations or fight opposing factions in this online game. The game mechanics are similar to many RTS games with the ability to unlock technologies as you gain experience in battles. Get ready to join in battles that are huge in scope with dozens of players joining in at the same time.

Victoria II: Heart of Darkness

**Note this is an expansion that requires you have the original Victoria II game**

Release Date: April 16, 2013; Systems: PC

This is the second expansion for the excellent Victoria II game. This expansion focuses on the fight for Africa and provides excellent strategic and political aspects to the game. Naval combat and expansion is very important in this game but it is important to maintain the balance and try to avoid costly wars at all cost with the use of diplomacy and politics. The game expands on the original by adding a new colonization system; the game is very immersive and detailed and is perfect for the player who loves to delve deeply into the game mechanics and find ways to improve almost every aspect of your colonies.

Anno 2070 Complete Edition

Release Date: March 28, 2013; Systems: PC

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This is an intriguing strategy game based in the year 2070 in a world where the rising sea levels have changed the world making much of it inhospitable. You are tasked to create colonies and cities and decide what the future world will look like. Choosing between Industrial Power or Renewable energy you have a direct impact on the way the world of the future will change. This game allows you to explore, research new techs, build new vehicles and setup trade agreements with other colonies.

The set comes with the full Anno 2070 game, a whole host of DLC and the Ocean expansion pack giving you far more tech and items to discover. This game is the ultimate world building game that incorporates exploration, development, politics and combat. It’ll keep you occupied for many days!

Total War: Shogun 2

Release Date: March 2013; Systems: PC

Shogun 2 is one of the most complete war games of them all. With the ability to play online or offline as one of 9 clans, you’ll find that you will always be challenged. The game is designed to be both a single player game, a multi-player co-operative game or a multi-player competitive game.

The game is a turn-based strategy game where you are the leader of a clan in Medieval Japan. The game is a resource management game that requires you to develop your resources, technologies and units and fight other clans for dominance of Japan. You have to balance strategy, city building and diplomacy while ensuring you have the forces to win the toughest battles. With real time strategy elements and a turn based combat system you’ll be thoroughly immersed in the battles.

Overall this is a very satisfying game – the AI is good but will not challenge the best strategy gamers however with the online elements the best players will be able to find tougher opponents. With very good graphics, decent mechanics and detailed game play this is well worth the money.

March of the Eagles

Release Date: February 2013; Systems: PC

This is an extremely well done war games focusing on the European battles between 1805 and 1820. The Napoleonic Wars were among the most brutal of all time. You are tasked with defending your nation, expanding into enemy territories and using diplomacy to ensure your nation stays together.

This game is not for the faint of heart – you control every aspect of running a war from organizing the armies, managing logistics, disrupting enemy supplies and ensuring your own supplies are safe. The game is essentially a deeply complex board war game on the PC. Those who love to delve into statistics, use strategy elements and have a hands on experience in the nitty gritty of war will love this game. It’s not for everyone, but is a very good game for lovers of traditional war games.

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Samuel Franklin on September 06, 2014:

I'd say Shogun 2 and Anno 2070 ended up being the best of the 2013 strategy game releases.

EJ Lambert from Chicago, IL on May 26, 2013:

Strategy games have been a favorite of mine forever. Unfortunately I think companies have placed them on the back burner the past decade or so. It's nowhere near as strong as it was during the days of C&C and Starcraft. That's a shame too because it's obviously a genre that is unique and still viable today. I just think there is so much focus on the consoles these days that it gets overlooked.

John Paolo Magdaluyo from Philippine on April 08, 2013:

Very useful for game players. I will share it to my friends! it'll be very useful to them. thanks for sharing.Voted up

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