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Best Pre-Built Gaming PC in India

Kshitiz has been a PC gamer since he was less than 10 years old. His favorite game is CS:GO. He has played it for more than 2,300 hours.


A gaming PC is not something that you buy on a regular basis, so it is important to ensure that you buy the best pre-built gaming PC within your budget. I know that most people prefer to buy a pre-built PC but hesitate because they think that they won't get a fair deal. However, the truth is that you can buy a pre-built PC at a price that is lower than the combined price of the components if you know what you are doing.

I am not saying that all of the PCs that will be mentioned in this article will have a lower price than the combined price of the components, but some of them surely will.

ASUS ROG Strix GT15 Intel Core i7 10700 10th Gen Gaming Dekstop (32GB RAM/1TB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD/Windows 10/8GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super)

This is the best pre-built gaming PC that you buy when you want to be future proof and get the maximum FPS possible. I don't think that you need to know much as just the specs of this PC are enough to convince anyone that this is the gaming PC that you dreamed about. I know it was a little blurry in your dreams, but this is what it looks like in real life.

They have the option to buy a monitor with this PC, but I recommend getting a 240hz monitor to compliment this beast and get the most out of your setup.I am not going to spend a lot of time in praising the i7 10700, but it is a processor capable of gaming and streaming at the highest quality. If you want to be a gaming YouTuber, then i7 10700 is what you need to get.

The GPU is the phenomenal NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super. Even if it was just a RTX 2070, I would have been excited, but Super is better in terms of performance. This is the PC that will run demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077 at high settings at more than 60 fps.

I have to confess that the case of this PC looks better than any other PC in this article. They will give you a RGB keyboard and mouse with this PC, but I don't anything about the quality of these peripherals.

I don't like the mouse and keyboard idea because I would have liked them to include a 2 TB hard drive instead of a 1 TB one. However, they have included a 1 TB SDD in this unit, which is totally nuts. The SDD will surely improve the agility of this PC and satisfy the impatient gamers.

In case you are wondering, they have provided Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity. There are a lot of specs that I can discuss here, but I am not going to go into details. I am just going to recommend that you get this PC if you can afford it.

No Doubt Gaming PC Computer AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Processor 8 Cores up to 4.1GHz (32 GB RAM DDR4/ 2TB Hard Disk / 480GB SSD) (Radeon RX 580 Armor OC 8GB)

This is a pre-built PC from No Doubt, and I don't think that there should be any doubt while buying this PC. It is a beast that is capable of handling any game that you throw at it. This is the PC that you buy when you want to play games on ultra settings.

I know that the parts aren't the most up-to-date, but it is hard to beat this gaming PC at this price. Anyway, it is not wise to go for the most up-to-date parts always because they are sold at a lower price if you wait for some time.

Let me take a moment to appreciate the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 processor that has 8 cores, and it will run on more than 4 GHz without any issues. The best part is that it runs at a relatively lower voltage.

They had to pair this capable CPU with an equally capable graphic card and they did. The GPU in this PC is Radeon RX 580 Armor OC 8GB, which is again not the latest GPU in the market but a capable performer nonetheless. With the CPU that it is paired with, you can get more than 60 FPS on ultra settings on almost any game that you want to play. I don't think that includes CyberPunk though.

I really appreciate the fact that they provided enough RAM, hard disk size, and SSD size to save you money that you would have to spend in upgrading these parts. The sizes are perfect, so you won't need to upgrade these parts except in extreme circumstances.

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Electrobot Gaming Tower PC-Intel i5 9400F, Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD

Electrobot Gaming Tower PC is a great choice if your budget is within ₹80,000. They have chosen the right processor (Intel i5 9400F) and paired it with a powerful and new GPU (Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB) at the price of just ₹72,000. The ram is sufficient for gaming and video editing even though 32GB ram is what I usually recommend.

There are two more variants of this PC that come with Ryzen 5 3500X for ₹2,000 extra and Ryzen 5 3600 for ₹5,000 extra. I strongly recommend getting the one with Ryzen 5 3600 because it gives you the most bang for your buck.

You must get a 144hz monitor with this one because this PC will deliver consistent fps and make your gaming experience very smooth. It is great for FPS gamers, who want the extra fps to have an edge over the competition. As far as the build quality is concerned, Electrobot team is great and know what they are doing.

You need to make sure that you can get a replacement in case of any issues because nobody wants to waste that kind of money. In rare cases, when there is an issue with the delivered PC, Electrobot team will help you.

The 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon is testament to the fact that this is a great PC. The only thing that you should remember is that the version of Windows in this PC is not activated. At the price that they are offering this PC, this is not completely unexpected. It is a small drawback that can be overlooked considering the value for money that this PC provides.

CHIST Game Pc Intel Core i5 9400F B365 H Motherboard 240GB M.2 SSD+1TB 1660 6GB Graphic Card 3 RGB Fan (16GB RAM)

This CHIST pre-built gaming PC comes in two variants depending on your budget. I have included a lot of higher budget PCs here, so this one is for those who have a lower budget. Both of the pre-built PCs are great and provide you good performance at the price that they are being offered. The higher one is priced around ₹70,000 and the lower one is around ₹47,000.

Let us first focus on the higher priced PC, which has 16 GB ram and a 6 GB graphics card. Unfortunately, the graphic card is a GTX 1660 instead of a GTX 2060. I don't think it is wise to go for GTX 1660 if you can get GTX 2060 at a little higher price. So, if you can extend your budget just a little bit, then you can get the Electrobot Gaming Tower that I have mentioned in this article.

I am not saying that this is a bad PC at all. You can get this one and have a fantastic experience, but you should consider increasing your budget and getting the Electrobot one.

Now it is time to explore the budget pre-built PC. It has the same processor as the higher priced one, which will allow you to make future upgrades. It has 8 GB RAM, which is acceptable considering the budget. The graphic card is GTX 1050Ti 4GB, which is a little old but still one of the best graphic cards for budget gamers. The best part is that a lot of components are similar to the higher priced PC like the motherboard and the SSD.

I strongly recommend the budget PC because it has great specs for its budget. You will have to upgrade it at some point in the future, and they have made it easy to upgrade by using some high-end components. You can get the PC that is priced ₹70,000, but there are better options if you can increase your budget a little bit.

Electrobot Gaming Tower PC I7-9700F with 16GB Ram, 256GB NVME, 1TB HDD, Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB Graphics

This is yet another Electrobot gaming pre-built PC, but this one is for those want to have the option to easily upgrade in the future. The specs are very similar to the Electrobot PC that I mentioned above, but the difference is the i7-9700F. With such a power processor, you will have the option to upgrade your RAM and graphics card in a few years if you want to.

You should be good for a few years with this PC without any need to upgrade. It has the ability to give more than 100 FPS on almost all modern games at high settings. You can check their description on Amazon to see how much FPS it gives on different popular games.

Final Words

In the end, it is you who has to decide which is the best pre-built gaming PC according to your needs and budget. I always recommend people to go for the most expensive PC that they can afford because you save yourself the trouble of upgrading later.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Kshitiz Gaur

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