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Best Pokémon Alternatives for Nintendo Switch


Pokémon is a worldwide phenomenon and has shaped and created an incredible community. The Pokémon franchise is well known both by young and adults.

Many may know more about the Anime side while others may focus more on the many games made for Nintendo Consoles. Others, however, have known the franchise in a much more casual way, for example in the wake of the success of Pokémon Go.

The impact of the first games released in Japan in 1996 was incredible. The Japanese love collectables as a philosophy. It is like the improvement path that leads to mastering an art.

In 1998, the Western world also began to discover Pokémon and it was love at first sight.

It has since gone through all Nintendo consoles not just via the main series but with many Spin-offs. It has become a collectable card game. Has a television series of over 1000 episodes. Over 20 animated films and one Live-action film (Detective Pikachu) have been made.

In one form or another, it is impossible not to get in touch with these fabulous monsters.

Given the incredible success, it was only a matter of time before other companies started creating their video games inspired by Pokémon. We are talking about the Monster Taming genre.


Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition

Born a few years later, Digimon is another famous franchise of Japanese origin. The contrast between the two brands was almost immediate and in the long run, it was the Pokémon brand to prevail.

This is not to say that the Digimon brand has nothing to offer.

Usually, the themes are more mature while others can be very close (friendship between humans and monsters, collaboration, etc.)

On the game side, we will not catch our monsters with the use of pokèballs but we will resort to scanning wild monsters to create our own.

The system is based on a stone-paper-scissors relationship to which the interaction between the types is added. This is very easy to understand but difficult to master properly, especially in the advanced stages.

Another important difference is that of being able to regress the Digimon to previous evolutionary stages. This allows you to choose different paths. This is very useful for replayability as you can choose different playthroughs.

Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth: Complete Edition allows you to enter even more mature themes that you will not find in the Pokèmon games, such as cybersecurity or bullying.


Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Ni No Kuni was born from the collaboration of Studio Ghibli and Level-5 and is a fairy tale. In the sense that the settings and the graphic style make it a wonderful experience. A hidden masterpiece for those who manage to abandon themselves to the fairy tale.

The themes are touched lightly and it is like living in a Studio Ghibli film. The graphic style in cell shading is very reminiscent of that of animated films. This game was made for PS3 and the porting is of good quality.

The Gameplay goes slightly into the background and takes place as an Action-RPG. You can switch between characters and monsters during combat to best suit different situations.

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In this case, the monsters will not be captured but convinced to join our team with tests of strength.

Unlike Pokémon, some characteristics will be shared between the tamer and the monster. For example, the life points will always be those of the tamer while the values of strength, defence and skills will be those of the currently active character.

This adds importance to the player's level and makes it possible to create different mixes between tamers and creatures.


World Of Final Fantasy Maxima

World of Final Fantasy draws heavily on the history of the popular franchise.

In fact, there will be both monsters and characters from the different games of the main series. Thus we can find Moguri and Chocobos among the monsters and Squall and Cloud as Heroes.

The porting is of good quality and being able to play in handheld mode is excellent. Also in this case we will face a slightly more cartoon style with Chibi characters.

The monsters, called Mirages, can be captured with the use of prisms.

The Combat takes place in turns and it is possible to stack the mirages with the characters to add characteristics and resistances.

The character pile will be treated as a unique item unless it collapses or you decide to take it apart (when it wobbles too much for example). Life points will be shared and abilities with the same element will be strengthened, awakening new powers.

This game, while it doesn't take itself too seriously, is of good quality. Recommended for Final Fantasy lovers.

The nine available starters

The nine available starters

Nexomon: Extinction

Both Nexomon and Nexomon: Extinction are available for Nintendo Switch.

The series, born on mobile, performs very well on Nintendo Switch.

This is the most similar game to Pokèmon it is a full-fledged Pokémon clone. But a good one.

The game steals heavily from Pokèmon with not too veiled references. There are also references to Digimon or other games (and Bitcoin too.)

Between breaks in the fourth wall and tragicomic situations bordering on nonsense, we enter a technically very valid game.

We will catch the wild nexomons with the use of the nexotraps exactly as the pokèball allows us to catch the Pokémon.

The fights take place in turns. Unlike Pokémon, moves also have their speed value that adds to the nexomon speed to decide who will attack first. Additionally, nexomons cannot learn moves outside of their type and Normal-type. I find these choices much more strategic. You simply can't get coverage from all possible types.

Among the other points in favour, there are nine starters and all the nexomons are collectable.

The best happens post-game:

Once you have completed the game, you can use advanced settings to customize your nuzlocke experience. You can also get a code that you can share to make nuzlocke challenges with friends.

You will be able to randomize the nexomons, their moveset, the items or increase the challenge level.


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off of a popular Capcom franchise: Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is the sequel to the first game released for the Nintendo DS.

The graphic style is colourful and very lively. Vibrant.

Monsters, settings and the possibility of crafting weapons and armour are inherited from the Monster Hunter series.

The capture of monsters takes place in the most folkloric way, that is, by stealing the eggs from the nests. Often chased by angry mothers!

By bringing the eggs to a stable we will be able to hatch them and get a "Monstie", a new companion.

Also in this case the fight takes place in turns with a stone-paper-scissors logic. Collecting the monsters will allow us to understand their attack patterns.

We can concentrate on gathering resources, crafting weapons and armour, capturing monsters or completing side missions. There are tons of activities to do.

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