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Best Mid Lane Champions League of Legends


Elise is an extremely powerful champion that can be a great pick if you can use her properly. There is nothing more terrifying than a fed Elise. The key to using her properly is to use her venom to poke and keep harassing the enemy, then collapsing on them to pick up kills. Her strong suit is the fact that she has such a strong kit and is very versatile.


Very strong pick. Can use stealth to get in ideal position and absolutely wreck a team with her ultimate. She is also a very strong ganker, so using this to your advantage will serve you well.

  • Pick her in the ideal match ups as to not get countered.
  • Gank other lanes and set up kills for your team.
  • Make sure you get her ultimate on everyone in a team fight and try to focus out squishies.


Karthus is a great champion in league of legends because he has an insane amount of damage and an area of effect ultimate that completely change the corse of the the game.Not only can he change skirmishes anywhere along the map while just pressing R. The thing that separates good karthus players from great ones is the ability to farm.To be successful with Karthus you must be able to simply farm everything. Your goal should be around 10 cs a minute. Farm is what separates you from your enemenys and really gives you a great lead.

  • Do not ult to steal kills. If you do this you will not have it up when it really matters and will just make you look stupid.
  • Do not ult if you can be interrupted. Make sure you are hidded if ulting while not in your passive.
  • Always farm wraiths if they are available.



Ahri is very powerful champion that can turn the tides of a game by her ability to gank lanes and give constant pressure to the other lanes. The key with Ahri is to push your lane as quickly as possible and gank other lanes. These kills you get from ganking will help your other lane win and basically win the game. While farming is important with Ahri, the key is to farm and gank. Mastering this skill will make you a great Ahri player and carry you to victory.

  • Always gank if lanes are overextended.
  • Care for counters like Leblanc and Kassadin.


Orianna is a great champion for players in lower elo because she is extremely easy to farm with. Her passive makes last hitting very easy and last hitting is the key to outclassing your opponents and winning games. The key with Orianna is to powerfarm and gank other lanes and pay attention to the map. Counter-ganking is important but only gank if you sure you will get a kill because you never want to sacrifice farm for an unsuccessful gank.

  • Constantly farm and only roam when kills are guaranteed.
  • Use your shield to sheild an ally then use your ult for better positioning.


Anivia has great damage and great crowd control. The key about Anivia is the ability to stall out games. It is amlost impossible to push against Anivia which is key to using her properly. Her base damage is extremely high and her wall has the ability to sway the game.

  • Be careful until you hit 6 and care for early aggression.
  • Try to farm as much as possible for late game.


Lux is a great champion and can really carry game is you use her abilities effectively. She has a lot of skill shots which can be tricky to land but if you land them can be very devastating. An Extremely high amount of burst damage and the ability to catch someone off guard and set up a kill.

  • Practice landing skill shots
  • Make sure you can land your poke to gain and advantage in lane.


Like Karthus, Morde is a great farmer and the truth is that champions that farm extremely well win games. When you have a great cs advantage your trades are more effectiveand it is a lot easier to win lane. Morde can clear waves and farm wraith camps to create an extremely large cs advantage.

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  • If you are losing lane badly try and ult to gain back health and even the balance.
  • Try to hit cs and the enemy with your E to win the lane.

Twisted Fate

The thing that Twisted Fate excells at better than other champions in league of legends is the ability to gank other lanes. His ultimate really makes it difficult to play aggressive in the other lanes. You are always in constant fear of getting ganked. TF also has the ability to backdoor and do serious damage if left unchecked.

  • Always gank bot if the lane is pushed.
  • Avoid using your ult to get back to lane or gank lanes with low killing potential.
  • Split push at the end of the game and use your ult to get to team fights if they break out.


Katarina is a great champion that has the ability to carry games if she is able to chain her abilities. She is really powerful at ganking and picking off targets that are low. However, if you go in at the wrong time you can easily get killed. This makes it really important to position properly and go in during the optimal moment.