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Best Full Art Trainer Pokémon Cards to Collect from Recent Sets!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

Do you love Pokémon? More importantly, are you a collector of Pokémon cards? Since its first introduction in 1996, thousands of Pokémon cards have been released over the years. With the growing popularity of the Pokémon franchise around the world, Pokémon cards are becoming increasingly popular. This article focuses on the recent full art Pokémon trainer cards. Which one should you collect? Which ones are going to be more popular with fans in the future? This article lists the best full art Pokémon cards to buy for your collection.

Lillie (Full Art) - SM - Ultra Prism

Lillie is a Pokémon trainer from the Sun and Moon era which is based in the Alola region, an area extremely similar to the state of Hawaii. Due to Lillie's cute looks and the Pokémon card game's popularity with boys, this full art card is really sought after and expensive. Nowadays, Sun and Moon cards are getting more rare. A Lillie full art trainer card in mint condition is now harder to come by. Collect this beautiful card while you still can. It will for sure increase in value in the future as the Pokémon franchise is not showing any signs of waning in popularity.


Red & Blue (Full Art) - SM - Cosmic Eclipse

What's better than one character on a full art trainer card? How about two iconic characters from the first generation? Red is a legendary trainer and the game counterpart of Ash Ketchum. Whenever he is featured on a card, the collectability of that card is drastically increased. Red's rival, Blue, is also an iconic character and the game counterpart of Gary Oak. The tag team of Red and Blue is a very collectable card for Pokémon fans. This card is beautifully illustrated with each character taking exactly half of the card. This tag team full art card is one of the few male character full art cards that are actually worth collecting.


Cynthia (Full Art) - SM - Ultra Prism

Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh, is a very popular female character in Pokémon. Even in the Galar region, she is featured as Ash's opponent during the semi-finals of the Pokémon World Championships Masters Tournament. Leon is the only trainer that ranks above Cynthia in the Masters Tournament. Cynthia is a very beautiful champion that is also extremely skilled in Pokémon battles. Her signature Pokémon, Garchomp, is a powerful dragon and can take down many opponents during a single battle. Cynthia is also able to mega evolve Garchomp and increase its power even more. It is no surprise that lots of full art trainer cards featuring Cynthia is going to be sought after by fans. The Cynthia full art in Sun and Moon Ultra Prism is the most iconic Cynthia full art card that fans love to collect!


Irida (Full Art) - SWSH10: Astral Radiance

Full art trainer cards became very popular during the Sun and Moon era. During Sword and Shield, their popularity seems to be waning. However, full art trainer cards featuring female trainers are still sought after by Pokémon card collectors. Currently, Irida support card is widely used in water decks to provide support for water type Pokémon. Since water decks are in the meta right now, Irida card is both popular with Pokémon card collectors and those that play the card game. Collect this beautiful card right now at a reasonable price!

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Klara (Full Art) - SWSH06: Chilling Reign

It's not a secret to any Pokémon full art trainer cards collector that female trainer cards are worth more than male trainer cards. When the female trainer is good looking and the card illustration is thoughtfully designed, the collectability of the card is exponentially increased. Out of the recent Sword and Shield cards, Klara's full art card has beautiful colors along with her gorgeous outfit. This full art card is definitely worth collecting for all Pokémon fans. Currently, the price of this card is reasonable. As time passes by, this full art card will increase in value even more.


Friends in Galar (Full Art)

The Sword and Shield era is coming to an end. In general, each Pokémon generation lasts two years in terms of cards. With the end of Sword and Shield, a new generation of Pokémon cards will be released in the near future. Do you want a single trainer full art card to remember the Sword and Shield era? The Friends in Galar full art trainer card is the perfect card for that. This card is only available in Japanese and that makes it even more special. Victor, Bede, Hop, Marnie and Gloria are all featured on this card. This full art trainer card will for sure rise in value in the future.


Misty's Favor (Full Art) - SM - Unified Minds

Misty is one of the most popular female supporting characters in all of Pokémon. She was first introduced in first generation as the travel companion of Ash Ketchum. Full of personality, Misty is a feisty girl who is not afraid to speak her mind or express her feelings. That colorful personality makes Misty very likable for all Pokémon fans. She has a gentler and sensitive side as well, remember how tender she was when she first captured Togepi? In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Misty was featured in a full art card with gorgeous colors. This card is definitely a collector's card that will rise in value. Whenever Misty makes an appearance in the cartoon, lots of Pokémon fans are super excited and happy to see her.


Marnie (Full Art) - SWSH01: Sword & Shield Base Set

Who is the most popular female character in the Galar region? The beautiful and cool Marnie is definitely one of them. The full art card featuring Marnie is very sought after in the Pokémon cards community. Aside from being a good looking and rare, the Marnie card is actually a widely used supporter in the game. Are you stuck and your opponent has a full hand of useful cards? You can use Marnie to instantly turn the tide of battle. She shuffles both opponents cards in their hands to the bottom of their decks! You get five new cards and your opponent only gets four. The proper use of Marnie can for sure win you the battle. With the Sword and Shield era almost over, Marnie is not going to be used in competitive battling. For this reason, you should pick up this card soon because it's going to get even harder to buy this card in mint condition in the future.


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