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Best Facebook Games: Word Games

Three Best Facebook Games -- Word Games

These days, it's getting harder and harder to find someone to sit down, and play a game of Scrabble with you. Everyone's either on Facebook, or playing a video game. So, as the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Check out this list of the three best word games on Facebook:

  1. Lexulous
  2. Scramble
  3. Word Tornado.

Facebook has many games in this category, but from my experience, these are the best word games on Facebook.

NOTE: If you are looking for something specifically Scrabble-like, pay special attention to Lexulous and Word Tornado.


1. Lexulous

Lexulous is a game almost identical in its look to the famous Scrabble. What makes Lexulous particularly fabulous is the software that allows you to play several games simultaneously, something you certainly could NOT do while playing the board game variety.

The way it works is that you can set up as many games as you like, with different players. You then play a turn, and button that says, "next game" is located on the right hand of the screen. This button takes you to the next available game. The beauty of it is, you can always have a game to play, and you don't have to wait for just one player, who is not taking his or her turn.

Game opponents can be found in several ways. First of all, you can play with any friends that you have on Facebook. The game displays your contacts that currently play, and just by a simple click of a button, you can set up a game.

You can also host a table, setting up variables, such as the dictionary you want to use (UK or US English) and how fast you would like play. You can also add comments for anything specific you would like in your games. If you do not feel like hosting your own game, you can always join a table hosted by someone else.

Lexulous is a lot of fun. It loads fast, and there always new and eager opponents available. One more advantage: if you ever do get to play "Scrabble," you will find your word skills have definitely sharpened!


2. Scramble

Another game made by Zynga is called "Scramble." This particular game combines the puzzle-solving requirements of word searches with the competitiveness of online gaming, and the result is dynamite!

Scramble can be played either alone, with a leaderboard, where you compete against other players' scores, the same as in Word Twist. Or, it can be enjoyed with live, real-time competition, where you compete against other players to see who can find the most words.

This game is easy to use, and can be highly addictive. The game length is only from 1-3 minutes, so it doesn't feel like you're wasting time, but it can go by quickly!

One of the strengths of this game are that it is easy to get a rhythm going. You have the option of either typing the word in, or pressing the mouse to select the letters. After the word is completed, you press enter. It is a very easy game to learn. The other great thing about this game is the competitive aspect. Whether it's using the leaderboard to compete against your friends, or competing against strangers in real time, you always have someone that you are trying to beat, and that is fun!


3. Word Tornado

LIke Lexulous, Word Tornado is a Scrabble-like game, based on the old standby. The similarities, however end there. Word Tornado is a very different game, and it has a charm all of its own.

First of all, Word Tornado really is a multi-player game, played in real time. You can either host a table, or join one hosted by someone else. Games range from two to four players, and each player is timed. If you run out of time, the turn is given to the next player. The interactivity of the game, and direct competition is what makes Word Tornado so much fun to play.

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Another great feature is the crazy triple word scores found together in a big bunch, at the corner of the game. Players scoring here can find their score suddenly jumping 200 or 300 points at a time. This gives the game some extra zip, and keeps everyone on their toes.

If you are craving a real word game, in real time, check out the Word Tornado application. Just one downfall for this game: it does seem to have a bit of problem loading sometimes, and tends to be slow right at the start. As well, the interface does seem a bit awkward and old-fashioned. In spite of these drawbacks, the satisfaction of real time play makes up for it.

Facebook A Good Place to Play Games

If you love your word games, be prepared to try this next version of word games. Facebook is a such a good place to play games, because someone is always on there. Just watch the clock: it's easy to lose track of time!

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Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on September 18, 2011:

Nicole, I did not know that! Thanks for letting me know and I'm sorry to hear that. Take care.

Nicole on September 13, 2011:

Wordtwist is being closed down at the end of the month :-(

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on September 10, 2011:

Haunty, I'm thrilled! I think you will like them. They are great for us wordies. Not exciting for some but for me, just right! Thanks for the great comment.

Haunty from Hungary on September 10, 2011:

Thanks for this great hub, Sharilee. I can't wait to try out these word games on Facebook. In fact, I'm bookmarking this hub for later reference.

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on August 25, 2011:

Nemo, thanks for the comment. Facebook is such a good place for games isn't it? Take care!

NemoPDF on August 15, 2011:

This hub is useful. And I also play games on facebook a lot.

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on July 21, 2011:

Katrina, some of these are very similar to Scrabble and a lot of fun. I found it actually improved my Scrabble skills, too, because you have the opportunity to play against players that are sometimes of a higher skill level. Take care!

katrinasui on July 21, 2011:

I have never played this game but it looks good and as it is similar to scrabble so i will definitely play this.

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on July 14, 2011:

Wheel, thank you for sharing those memories! That's cute that you felt lost playing games with her, but it was still time together. And yes, games are a way to spend time with a special someone. It sounds like you weren't so interested in the game, as the girl!

Thanks for the great comment.

Dennis Thorgesen from Beatrice, Nebraska U.S. on July 11, 2011:

I remember board games from my youth. We did have television in both houses but they didn't spend much time on. My paternal grandmother and I would play board games when she felt like it. I always lost. We also would sit and talk when she felt like it. She had cancer which they would do surgery on only to have it return someplace else within a short period of time. It's good to know some of them are now available online.

We had board games at my mothers too. They were rarely used as no one, other than mother, had a good grasp of the English language.

It was a card game which will remain nameless which finally peaked my interest in games. I was 17 at the time. Love has a way of opening a person's eyes if it real. Games were a way to spend time with this person so I learned quite a few quickly.

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on July 11, 2011:

Kashmir, I appreciate your support so much. They are pretty fun. Take care!

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on July 11, 2011:

Hi prairieprincess, great hub,yes some of the games on Facebook can be useful and fun .

Sharilee Swaity (author) from Canada on July 10, 2011:

@Manthy, thank you so much! These games are quite fun!

@Moncrieff, yes, that would be great. I think you might find something you enjoy. Take care!

moncrieff on July 10, 2011:

Awesome subject! Lately I've been thinking of playing brief relaxing games on FB and this seems perfect. Thanks.

Mark from Alabama,USA on July 09, 2011:

I love this hub & I love face book you can add me from my profile page.


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