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Best Dollhouse Kits to Buy, Build, or Bash

What are the best dollhouses to buy, to build, or to bash? This page will tell you which dollhouses to buy as gifts, which ones to buy to build, and which ones are most bash-ready!

What are the best dollhouses to buy, to build, or to bash? This page will tell you which dollhouses to buy as gifts, which ones to buy to build, and which ones are most bash-ready!

Do remember that hand-built doll houses often aren't the best choices for young children, as they are somewhat fragile. They are appropriate from buy through build and beyond for children over 12, or mature children eight and above.

Doll Houses are Tons of Fun to Build, to Bash, and to Own!

Dollhouse building and miniatures is an incredible hobby for anyone who enjoys working with their hands. The hobby (and the houses) can typically grow with you as you add to the house. Whether you're already involved in the hobby, are new to the hobby, or are looking for a great gift for someone you love, you'll find something on this page.

What little girl doesn't remember her first doll house? Usually these houses are made of plastic and are meant to be toys, but how many of us grew up with beautiful and elaborate hand-built dollhouses that we cherished into adulthood?

If you are buying a dollhouse for a child, be prepared to build it yourself, as his or her skills may not be sufficient to the task.

Hands Down the BEST Dollhouse for Little Girls: The Loving Family Dollhouse

If you're looking for a durable doll house for a little girl (or boy), the Loving Family Grand Dollhouse is hands down the best value for money that you'll find available in toy stores or on the Internet.

Unless you hit a sale, you won't beat the Amazon price, so this is an exceptional opportunity to purchase a great doll house for a little girl in your life. Toy stores generally sell this product for up to $40 more than the price on Amazon.

My family owns the Loving Family Grand Dollhouse and it has provided hours of joy to my daughter. Its best features include:

  • Durable - The Loving Family Grand Dollhouse is durable. It is configured of strong plastic which can be washed with a damp cloth and stands up to being kicked and stepped on when left in pathways.
  • Self-Contained - The dollhouse folds into itself so that it be put away without taking up a great deal of space. For the most part, the doll house accessories fit into the main body of the house for easy storage.
  • Expandable - With so many accessories to choose from, you should be able to find some that meet your needs. Plenty of room kits are available, as well as dolls to accompany this dollhouse. Hours of fun!

If you want to purchase a doll house for a little girl, The Loving Family Grand Dollhouse is the one to buy! It's what my family owns and we love it: You're sure to enjoy it too!

If you're looking for a dollhouse to purchase for any child under the age of eight, the dollhouse above is the recommended model, as it will withstand the wear and tear that a toy will get from its owner. Doll houses built from kits or custom don't have the same durability as this toy does.

Small children may be too rough on a built doll house, so you should wait until your child is a bit older before giving her a built kit.

By the age of twelve, a child should be able to handle building a doll house. Children as young as eight (if they are mature) may be able to help with the decorations, but you should wait until your child is older to give her the primary responsibility of building a doll house.

Building a dollhouse isn't always easy and it's surely not for (most) children under the age of 12. Adults should be prepared to build dollhouses for their children.

Building a dollhouse isn't always easy and it's surely not for (most) children under the age of 12. Adults should be prepared to build dollhouses for their children.

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Buy the Orchid Dollhouse by Corona Concepts on Amazon

Best Dollhouse Kits to Buy for Beginners

In general, the best doll house kits for beginners are going to be smaller kits without intricate details as part of the build. For example, the Pierce doll house kit can be difficult because of the angled staircase. Many inexperienced builders have trouble with this kit and therefore it's best to be avoided.

Among dollhouse enthusiasts. the Orchid by Corona Concepts is often suggested as a good first dollhouse kit. It's small (like the Glencroft by Greenleaf, which is more intricate). You may purchase the Orchid kit on Amazon using the link to the upper right. This is an excellent price for a first doll house!

Buy the Harrison Dollhouse on Amazon

Best Medium-Sized Dollhouses to Buy

If you're looking for something in a medium size and price range, that's a bit trickier. The best doll house brands seem to go from easy and inexpensive to tricky and moderately expensive very quickly.

These houses are a bit larger then those previously mentioned and include more rooms for you to toy with. In the larger doll houses you will have the option to wire your house for lighting the way that you'd wire your own home. Imagine lighting up your doll house at night!

Once again, Greenleaf is the recommended brand because of their outstanding customer support.

The Garfield Dollhouse, an enormous dollhouse from Greenleaf.

The Garfield Dollhouse, an enormous dollhouse from Greenleaf.

Best Large Dollhouses to Buy

The two doll houses listed here are personal favorites, but it should be noted that the Garfield dollhouse is enormous. If you plan on moving after building this house, it must be built in two pieces, or the door frame will need to be removed to get it out of your house. It's huge, but the interior is worth its size.

The Pierce doll house is built similarly to the Garfield (particularly in terms of the interior), but is much smaller. Still, this is a remarkably complex build and not recommended for beginner dollhouse builders.

Like the Beaon Hill, the Pierce is also often bashed.

Are You Brand-Loyal?

  • Greenleaf Dollhouses
    Wooden dollhouse kits, dollhouse furniture and miniatures forum. We've been making dollhouses for 60 years!
  • Real Good Toys
    Looking for the best quality dollhouse kits on the market? You've found the right place. Check out Real Good Toys dollhouses Official Site and dream in mini.

Why Greenleaf Instead of Other Doll House Brands?

There are two main doll house brands that you'll find available online and in hobby stores such as Hobby Lobby: Greenleaf and Real Good Toys. Both of these brands produce amazing results, and it must be said that the Victorian Farmhouse by Real Good Toys is a personal favorite. So why choose one brand over the other?

Greenleaf doll house brand has amazing support forums. These are community forums where you can share the details (pictures) of your build process, get support to help you through a difficult build, or to just chat about doll houses and miniatures.

Additionally, Greenleaf is usually somewhat more affordable than RGT. The good news, of course, is that if you do purchase an RGT kit, you can get help with your build on the Greenleaf forums. Just be aware that these kits won't be supported by Greenleaf specifically and that at the present time, RGT doesn't appear to have their own forum.

The Victorian Farmhouse, by Real Good Toys

What Does it Mean to "Bash" a Doll House?

The term "bashing" a doll house (kit) refers to using the kit to produce something other than the intended doll house. It could be that you want to expand the kit to make the house larger or that you wish to place the walls differently than the kit instructs. Experienced doll house builders may choose to "bash" a kit if they aren't ready to create their own house from scratch wood.

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