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Best Champions to Carry Low Elo in League of Legends

When attempting to gain elo there are certain champions that carry games better than any other. This is because they have skill sets that separate them from the rest and can really sway the tides of a game. Also, these champions are very easy to play and understand while are still very powerful.


Amumu is the number one way to raise your elo. Amumu is basically a great champion with one of the best skill sets in the game. His crowd control is simply amazing and his ult can basically change a team fight. Also, in low elo, people need a good initiation and Amumu provides that. I have seen players with very little experience or skill gain massive amounts of elo by maining Amumu. If you want to play Amumu learn to jungle and get good at it and you will raise elo all day.


Top Strengths

  • Area of effect ultimate
  • Great damage
  • Tankiness to say alive longer and get in the action
  • Best Crowd Control in the game


Darius is a great champ to carry in low elo because people in this stage of the game have not mastered counters. This means you can pick champions like Darius that can be countered but it really wont matter. I say this because although he can be countered by champions like yorick, he can still win lane and do massive amounts of damage late game. I mean who doesn't like dunking people. You just feel like a man pressing R five times in a team fight and getting a penta kill. The best thing about Darius is he is reliable. You can pick he and be confident that you will bring something good to the table late game. This will not only lead you to play better but have that "win" mentality that is very important to carry.


Top Strengths

  • Dunking capabilities
  • High damage
  • Easy laning phase


One of the reasons I like Yorick so much is he fits into almost all match ups and nearly all team compositions. This makes him very versatile and you can basically strait up pick him without having to worry about counters. Everyone wants to find a champ that you can just spam in solo queue, buy a skin and win a bunch of ranked games. Honestly, Yorick is your man. His sustain is extremely op and he can basically just sit back and farm and harass all day long. Whenever I have to play against a Yorick I can always find myself rolling my face against my keyboard and hating life for the entire laning phase. A trick with him is to go mid. Your team might not like you at first, but once you go legendary it is all water under the bridge. If you ever watch The Rain Man stream you can probably catch him going Yorick mid and it just destroys people. These players are also 2k elo, and trust me if it works on 2k players it will work in low elo.


Top Strengths

  • High substain in lane
  • Very hard to counter
  • Fits in many different team comps
  • Powerful ultimate


I was taking a look through all the mid lane champions thinking about how low elo works. Generally, in low elo people have trouble maintaining a high cs or creep score. I looked at a lot of mids and saw Galio. This guy is just a monster when it comes to farming and not only that he has a area of effect ultimate that can taunt people while your team kills them. He is also tanky. This makes him a lot easier to play and a great option for winning games in elo hell. The key to Galio is to farm like a beast and land your ult. Really not hard to play and great damage and utility.


Top Strengths

  • Easy to Farm with
  • Area of effect taunt


After scolling along the champion list I just had to put Orianna on here. The fact that she is so easy to farm with is just unavoidable when it comes to solo queue. You can basically farm all day never miss last hits and win. It really is a simple as that. These champions are only suggestions on champions to practice and master because there is no use in playing a champ you suck at. I attempted to put champions that were easy to learn and very powerful. Orianna fits this description and is why I added her to this list.


Top Strengths

  • Easy to farm with
  • High damage late game
  • High lane pressure and presence
  • Amazing shield


I am going to start out by admitting my bias and saying that I absolutely love Graves. He is quite possibly my favorite champion of all time and this is for a good reason. He simply does it all. He can do tons of damage, burst, and he has a steroid. Not only this but what most people overlook is his high base damage. You might be thinking "Who cares about 3 ad?" and that is good. The thing about the little extra ad is that it makes it 10x easier to kill minions. Last hitting on graves feels so fluid and natural and it really doesn't get any better when you want to push a lane and give constant pressure. Easy to learn, easy to play. Win/Win.


Top Strengths

  • High base attack damage
  • High Burst
  • High durability
  • Very Safe pick


I put a support on here because there will come times when you will have to support like it or not and it is good to have one that you can carry with if you run into these types of situations. Everyone might think Soraka is the way to go because she is easy, but I fined when I am playing support I cannot stand Soraka. I get bored and when I am bored I play like poop. That being said I put blitz on the list because he is fun and he can carry games. While he might take awhile to master you will have fun doing it and it will pay dividends.


Top Strengths

  • Fun to play
  • Carrying potential
  • High base stats and really tanky

Other Strong Champions in Low Elo

  • Akali
  • Cho
  • Jax
  • Karthus
  • Kha Zix
  • Malphite
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Zed

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Frank on December 29, 2014:

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Open on December 27, 2014:

Ingithss like this liven things up around here.

Samuel Franklin on August 25, 2014:

I had a lot of success with Yorick, Akali and Kassadin in my low ELO days.

Ruit7 on April 30, 2014:

Other than Yi being the most banned champ for this flare meta, he is one of the greatest carries. Very easy and over powered, even after nerfs.

Mark Passarelli (author) from Lakewood Colorado on February 18, 2014:

Brand is realitivly strong but he gets out laned by a lot of the strong mid laners at the moment. It is extremely hard to beat a ziggs or a gragas as brand currently.

Ashuvain on February 17, 2014:

Yes, Darius is freelo in lower elo i can confirm. I have to disagree about Orianna being easy to play though. If you have good positioning, I would suggest trying Brand mid. His damage is quite insane to be honest.

TwerkZerker on January 05, 2014:

Wow, you're right! Eve got, like, a zillion times better since the S4 preseason changes! No more League of pink wards! HEZAAR!

writteralice on January 05, 2014:

I would also like to mention Evelynn. Since the pink ward rework, she is just OP right now as a jungler. Oh you put down a pink ward and can only buy 1? Let me destroy it and be back to your lane 10 seconds later. Until they allow you to get more pink wards (or nerf her passive), she will be OP and capable of carrying low ELO games with her amazing ganking abilities.

You can check out my site I have made that helps players get out of low ELO here: www.thedeltasource.com . Hope it helps

TwerkZerker on December 31, 2013:

So glad Orianna made this list. I don't know why I never tried her sooner than I did! She's awesome! I see a lot of people carry hard with her, but whenever I play her I just get a lot of assists for my team--kind of like a secondary "AP-support" role.

Also with Danzai regarding Kayle. Darius used to give me so much trouble when I first started playing. But then I picked up AD Kayle top. Muah-ha-ha, Darius' beware! *shred shred shred*

dickerbell on October 19, 2013:


Danzai on October 09, 2013:

Kayle is super strong in low elo because she can totally bully people out of lane and people don't know how to build against her. She has a slow, heal/speed buff, and her ult can save your life many times.

HaxLegacy on October 08, 2013:


Dragoncrypt on October 04, 2013:

where is riven?

schatten45 on September 09, 2013:

I carry myself as sup i already Die 90%of mg Games as Support and i have mode Ryan 80% win rate as supp, the Neu is just to out Awards and only engage when the enemy did a mistake or if the adc stayed alone on his lane and just to tell you I set my wards in the enemy jungle and one underneath mid lane to see when the mid lane try to roam my bot.

P3acewalkerz on August 28, 2013:

You can use Amumu, Blitz, Graves and Zed even in high Elo Games like Gold and Diamond league. Because some of them (especially Zed) have a high learning curve and also have a high reward if you master them!

For really low Elo (Bronze V, even the Elo "Hell") I recommend strong carries that snowball hard and have abilities that make them unstopable:

Best examples: Tryndamere and Yi.

Both of them have a very strong ultimate, that is hard to counter in such low elo's!

Master yi is the better snowballer (especially since the great rework), he carried me from my 10 provisional games to Silver IV asap! (83% Win chance).

hulo on July 13, 2013:

orianna is easy to learn? gotta be joke right?

King Sarathos on June 28, 2013:

Where's Malzahar? No one can counter him in low elo, he can clear entire waves without losing any mana or stopping to actually attack them. He has the ability to kill any single target he chooses, and he can drop Baron in seconds when he's built properly. He's also very versitile as he can be built AP or AD, depending on how the enemy is playing.

Basically, I think he's the one really OP champion that no one notices.

Michazkilla on June 19, 2013:

talon is a really good champ when played good,he can kill adc very fast without taking any damage and win then win team fights without adc of the enemy

sobstar on March 16, 2013:

You forgot annie.....

Mark Passarelli (author) from Lakewood Colorado on January 19, 2013:

For support I would recommend nunu or taric. Jungling I think xin is really strong atm and skarner is good but underplayer. For Top instead of Darius, Kha Zix is pretty strong and also zed

dope on January 19, 2013:

Hi. Thanks for this post, but there is one problem. Amumu, Darius and Blitz get banned every ranked game. That sucks... So, do you have more champion tips? Maybe one more jungler and one more support?


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