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Airsoft For Beginners

US Army Training With Airsoft Guns

US Army Training With Airsoft Guns

Pro's And Con's Of The Different Types Of Airsoft Guns

Owning an Aeg(electric):

Pro: Magazine capacity is very large, there's mid caps and high caps

Pro: More Affordable

Cons: Stuck with a dead battery, must carry more than one battery in battle

Cons: Guns can be often clunky

Cons: Gun may overheat breaking battery over long use

Owning a GBB(gas blow back):

Pro: First off realistic

Pro: Realistic recoil and weight

Pro: Better accuracy because of the pressure the gas produces

Pro: Built tougher, most made of metal or high quality plastic

Cons: Can be very expensive

Cons: Smaller magazines

Cons: Very heavy

Owning a spring:

Pros: Great for backyard airsoft but not competitive

Pros: The most affordable

Pros: Lightweight

Cons: Small magazines

Cons: Many springs are fragile because of the price you pay

Cons: Only Semi or Bolt action

Best Brands To Look For When Buying A Gun

Here's 8 Top Brands To Look For:

  • KWA
  • G&G
  • JG
  • Elite Force
  • H&K
  • Tokyo Marui
  • VFC
  • Cybergun

All these brands have a great variety of Aegs(electric), Spring, and Gbbs(gas blow back).

Different Types Of Gun Replicas Airsoft Offers

Different Types Of Gun Replicas Airsoft Offers

Airsoft War Simulator

Airsoft Brands

Airsoft Brands

Best Websites To Check Out

Here's a few websites that will give you a glimpse of the best airsoft guns around:


Philip Dressel (author) from Syracuse, NY on January 21, 2015:

The guns are not real, they are for target practice, war simulation, and some training for the military and police force. The ammo used are small 6mm plastic bbs that go at high speeds but won't actually kill anyone but having a face mask to at least protect your eyes is necessary. These guns are also not really toys. Most states you have to be 18 years old to buy one. A child can use it though under adult supervision.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 20, 2015:

is that a game play guns , no real?

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