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Beginner’s Guide for Mlbb

Welcome to my “Beginner’s Guide for MLBB”. In this guide I will go over the basics of MLBB and what every beginner should know about the game.

What is a MOBA?

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. There are 3 lanes in a MOBA: Top lane, Mid Lane, Bottom Lane. Each lane has 3 turrets. Between the lanes, there are jungle monsters. Defeat these creeps to get extra gold and experience. There are also 4 buff monsters in between the lanes, defeat them to get a buff. Your team only has to destroy 1 lane of turrets and the enemy base to win.

Red Buff: After you hit a target with a skill you will get a 15% movement speed buff for 2s. While you have Red Buff your Physical and Magic attack will be increased by 10%.

Blue Buff: For the whole duration of the buff you get 20% cooldown reduction and your skills' cost will be reduced by 50%, 20% if it's an energy based hero.


Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you win in MLBB.

1. Corporate with your teammates!

This is the most important tip. If everyone in your team works alone, it is hard to accomplish goals like taking down a tower, or killing the lord.

2. Farm first then fight

By farm I mean to kill the minions and the jungle monsters. Get up to at least lv. 4 before getting into a fight. Getting up to lv. 4 unlocks all your skills.

3. Accomplish goals

Don’t keep chasing the enemies just to kill them, the game isn’t just about getting kills. Accomplish goals with your team, such as taking down towers and killing the lord.

4. Always check the mini-map

The mini-map is on the top left of the screen. Use the the mini-map to check enemy location, see if your teammate needs help, and see when there is a team fight.

5. Recall when you have low hp

The recall button is at the bottom of the screen. When you recall to your base you heal.

6. Don’t go into the enemy turret

Don’t go into the enemy turret without the minions taking the damage because you will die to the turret.

7. Stick with a teammate when pushing a lane

When pushing a lane (destroying turrets from a lane) you should stick with a teammate because you could get ganked (ambushed).

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Which Heroes Should I Pick?

There are 6 roles in MLBB. The six roles are Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support.


Tanks are very durable heroes that tank up the damage for other heroes. Most tank heroes have crowd control skills that stuns enemies. Tanks are the shield in a team composition, this means they don’t do much damage.

Beginner heroes for the Tank role: Balmond, Tigreal, Minotaur


Fighters have a balanced amount of damage and durability. Fighters are the jack of all trade. They are multipurpose heroes that can be like a Semi Tank or a Semi Assassin.

Beginner heroes for the Fighter role: Zilong, Alucard, Balmond


Marksman heroes are ranged attackers. They rely on critical damage and distance. Marksman aren’t very durable heroes so they mostly rely on tanks as their shield. They can destroy towers very quickly.

Beginner heroes for the Marksman role: Miya, Bruno, Layla


Mage heroes are the magic damage dealers in the game. Mage heroes rely on their skills because their basic attacks don’t do much damage. Most mages can deal a lot of burst damage and has some stun skills.

Beginner heroes for the Mage role: Eudora, Nana, Cyclops, Alice


Most assassin are very mobile and does a lot of damage. They are the heroes that jungle and goes around to kill squishy heroes. Assassins are very squishy heroes but they can deal a lot of burst damage. Assassins specializes in positioning and kill the back lines in a team fight.

Beginner heroes for the Assassin role: Saber, Zilong, Alucard


Support heroes aid and helps other heroes. They can shield and heal other heroes. They sacrifice themselves to save other heroes, and they usually roam around from lane to lane to help other heroes.

Beginner heroes for the Support role: Nana, Minotaur


Emblems & Builds Configuration


Emblems gives you additional stats and effects. To see your emblems go to preparation (bottom left corner). There are 9 different emblem sets, and you get two emblem sets for free, magic and physical emblem sets. The 9 different emblem sets are physical, magic, tank, jungle, assassin, mage, fighter, marksman and support emblem. You need to collect emblem fragments to upgrade your emblem sets. Each upgrade levels up your emblem set by 1 level. There are 60 levels in total for each emblem set. For a beginner, I recommend you to prioritize 3 emblems sets. This is because you don’t have many heroes for each role, and because you will probably only use heroes from your favorite role. You can configure your emblem talents however you like depending on the hero your using.


To see your builds go to preparation and press builds. A build is an organized selection of the items that you should buy during a match. For beginners I recommend you to just use the pro builds because they are pretty decent. If you want to create your own build you need to do a lot of testing to see which items are the best. You could switch an item from a build for another item, such as switching a damage item for a defense item.


Which Heroes should I buy?

Think about which hero role that you like the most. MLBB has 96 heroes as of right now, (July 10, 2020) each of them unique. As a beginner, you should buy some low cost heroes that can help you rank up. Here are some of my suggestion.

15,000 BP and less

  • MM- Clint, Bruno
  • Tank- Tigreal, Minotaur
  • Fighter- Bane
  • Mage- Cyclops, Alice, Nana

24,000 BP heroes

  • Fighter- Chou, Roger
  • Support- Estes, Angela
  • Assassin- Fanny (difficult)
  • MM- Karrie

If you want to buy a 32,000 BP hero, it is your choice. I would choose Hanzo.


I hope you enjoyed my “Beginner’s Guide for MLBB”. Please leave a comment below, and thanks for reading!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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