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Be an interior designer in The Sims 3

Measure things to be sure they fit into a room

Measure things to be sure they fit into a room

How to become an interior designer

The professionof interior designer gives you the opportunity to see and where needed also decorate the houses of other Sims. The Sims have special requirements to what they want for the room (e.g. kids room, study room, washing room, etc.) Apart from the instructions it is up to you to decorate to fill the wishes of your Sims which can be difficult at times. There are two ways to choose this profession:

  1. Via the newspaper or computer. It could be that the option of interior designer does not appear the first time so you might have to wait a day or even two before you are able to obtain it.
  2. Via the city overview, click on the municipality symbol and the option “ become an interior designer” will appear. Your Sim will then travel to the municipality to sign the paperwork needed to sign up for this job.
Designing increases the skill and provides decoration for any wall

Designing increases the skill and provides decoration for any wall

Needed traits and skills

An interior decorator does not only need to have lots of creative skills but you also need good communication skills to build up a relationship with your clients to get more jobs. To accomplish this the following traits for your Sim will come in handy:

  • Charismatic
  • Artistic
  • Friendly
  • Sculptor

The traits “friendly” and “charismatic” cause friendship levels to increase in a faster rate. In order to receive a promotion you need to increase your painting skills for which the artistic trait can help you to build the skill faster. The paintings can be either sold for money or they can be used for decorations in the homes you are decorating. The same goes for the sculpting skill, this skill is not needed for a promotion but the sculptures can be sold or used to decorate the homes of your Sims with. The paintings and sculptures can come in handy when you have to decorate a Sims home and the budget they provide is too low.

Promotion levels

LevelSalary p/dayDetails


272 Simoleons


336 Simoleons

You can now approach Sims and ask them for an assignment


400 Simoleons



560 Simoleons



584 Simoleons

You can now measure the room before you begin your assignment


800 Simoleons



1120 Simoleons

When you make objects yourself (paintings/sculptures) they will increase the score for an assignment


1440 Simoleons

Discuss the assignment/renovation with a Sim


1520 Simoleons



2480 Simoleons


Choosing a lifetime wish

The profession of the interior designer comes with a lifetime wish that you can choose along with it. Unfortunately this happens to be a lifetime wish that is quite hard to accomplish. You will have to receive 100 good scores for a job. Per working day you can do a maximum of 2 jobs. Whether you will get a good score for this job is not certain though, you might get to your 5th promotion level before even receiving one good score. In case you do not want to wait too long to accomplish your lifetime wish, you could choose another lifetime wish instead. An example would be to choose the “renaissance Sim” lifetime wish as you need to max both the painting and sculpting skill, but as both of these skills will help you during your interior designing jobs, they will fit with this profession well.

He probably wanted the walls painted red instead..

He probably wanted the walls painted red instead..

Job assignments

When its time to start work, you will receive a message that there is work to do. You can click on the link in the message to go to your first job assignment but you could also go to the city overview and click on the yellow/orange icons. Because you have more than one job available, you can choose which one you want to start, unless you click on the message in the above screen, which sends you to either one of the two job assignments. When clicking on the icons you get the option whether to visit the house first or to start renovation right away. When just visiting the lot you could speak to the client/owners first (if they are home). When you are on the lot you can always choose the option to start /continue renovation by left clicking the lot/house (within your working hours).

Starting renovation
Once you start the renovation/job you will receive a message saying what type of room they want you to decorate/design (kids room, study room, living room, etc.), the objects they want you to place (the minimum needed to fulfil the wish of the client) and what the budget is that you can spend. Choose the room/space you will be decorating/designing (sometimes it is about redesigning an existing room and sometimes you have to design a new room), and start choosing at least the furniture/objects on the list. Without these objects you will not be able to turn the room in. Once you have done this and there is budget left, you can place decorative objects that mostly contribute to a better score for the assignment. Think about lighting, paintings, plants, etc. If you go over the budget, the money will come from your own money, so be careful. This is why it is handy to have sculptures or paintings that you have made yourself as you can add them as decoration without having to buy it from buy mode.

Finishing renovation
Once you are happy with the renovation you can click on the “turn in renovation” button. The client will then come to the house (if they are at work, your Sim will call them and they will arrive to the lot) and check out the room that you decorated. They will then speak to your Sim and tell them how bad or well you did your job. If the review is positive you will get the option to take a picture of your work. You will get a fixed amount paid per job/per level and an additional bonus depending on your score. Don’t expect that the picture you will take will get you a good picture of the room you just decorated, as the camera will only show what is in your Sim’s vision at that particular moment, which could be just the face of the client. If you want to take a before and after picture of your renovation it is better to use the camera option in the screen below. The picture you take after the renovation will end up in your portfolio.

How to get good to excellent scores

Getting an excellent score is quite difficult! Sometimes you try very hard to make it look beautiful, but your Sim will not like it . This is also the reason why achieving the architects lifetime wish is so difficult to accomplish. You could reach job level 5 without getting even a good score. Here are some tips that could help you towards achieving that excellent score and cashing the bonus:

  • Sims love decorations, even the smallest objects can be decorations, and they don’t have to be the most expensive ones. Place a few decorations with every job to increase the score level
  • Make sure that when placing objects there is still enough space to walk around, Sims do not like cramped spaces. Also remember that Sims like windows, so placing an extra window or two will also be good.
  • In the beginning levels, Sims will hate it if you remove objects without replacing them by better (more expensive) versions of the object. Make sure that all objects that you delete are also replaced again.
  • As from level 5 Sims will like it if you place objects that you have made yourself. This is because by the time you reach the higher levels you will become more “famous” for your renovations.
  • It is also very important to take into account the clients traits. For example: if a Sim is frugal, he/she will not like it when you spend their entire budget. If a Sim is a snob they will not like it when you do not spend the entire budget. Therefore it is wise to talk to your clients to get to know their traits and that way you can renovate the house to match their traits and get a good score.