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What Skates should I buy? - A guide to the best and the rest!


What Skates should I buy? - A guide to the best and the rest! With so many different makes and models of Quad Skates available which ones should you go for? Different skates are generally tailored to different needs. Hopefully this hub will go some way to helping you decide which pair is right for you.

Old School or Brand new?

Some of the skates I'm going to talk about in this hub are not available new anymore so one of the first choices you will need to make is whether you want Brand new Skates or are happy with second hand. When buying a pair of Skates always choose a pair that are a size bigger than your shoe size, this might take a bit of searching and waiting when buying second hand skates but it is well worth taking your time and getting a pair you are happy with. Ideally you want a pair that are in good cosmetic condition with all the decals intact, Don't worry too much about what the wheels are like - you can always replace them with a nice new set. The same goes for the stoppers, laces, hockey socks and even inner socks - All can be purchased new and will transform your second hand Skates into something special! When buying brand new skates there are usually different packages available to suit different needs and budgets - Different Wheels and Bearings, colour coded stoppers and laces, some companies even include Hockey socks in the package but as with second hand skates you can obviously buy all these separately and customise your skates to suit your taste.

Makes and Models:

If you've been searching round the net gathering info then it's almost certain you will have come across BAUER skates. Bauer are widely accepted as the best quad skates but since being bought out by Nike in the mid 90s Bauer Quad skates are no longer available brand new. Nike instead decided to concentrate their efforts on inliners and ice skates. BAUER TURBO are the most popular skates, The sleek boot design and excellent performance set them apart from the rest when they came into production. There are always plenty of pairs available on ebay as so many pairs were sold and people looked after them as they were generally their pride and joy! Expect to pay somewhere in the region of £80 for a decent, large size pair of Turbos including p&p. Other Bauer skates out there include: BAUER TURBO 33: The older version of Bauer Turbo - Similar to the later Turbos but the boot itself is not as smooth and the decals are slightly different. BAUER MALIBU: All white boots with pink Bauer decals - Very rare - expect to pay top money for a nice set if you can find any! BAUER PANTHER: Similar to Turbo 33 but the ancle cuff is Grey - Also quite rare these days. BAUER BRAVO: Like Bauer Panther but the boot is Blue - Not my cup of tea but a lot of people liked them. They are rare and fetch good money.

If you dont want to buy Skates that have been worn before but like the look of Bauer Turbo there is A company called SUPREME that are currently making Skates that look almost Identical to Bauer Turbo but with Supreme decals instead of Bauer ones. They are called SUPREME TURBO 33 . A friend of mine recently bought a pair and they are nice skates, fitted with quality plates and trucks and have comfortable inners. Skating purists will call them copies or even fakes though so it's up to you whether that bothers you or not! A pair of these will set you back around £105 inc. p&p with basic wheels.

Another brand that has ceased production on Quad Skates now is TREZETA. These were another popular brand of skates when I was young. Their Skate styling was unique and they were known for being hard wearing. Their most popular models were TREZETA TITAN and TREZETA VENTRONIC. These are hard to find skates these days - even more so than the Bauer models. I recently sold a NOS pair on ebay and they only made £51 inc. p&p - Quite dissapointing but as always with ebay it depends on whether or not people who know and appreciate them see them at auction!

Next up - ROCES. These skates have been going for years, They are tried and tested and take a lot of abuse. The more popular models are ROCES ATHENS, ROCES PRO and ROCES VENTRONIC. They don't look as Pretty as some of the other skates available (although I guess that's a matter of opinion) but there is no doubt about the quality. They will last forever and are still being sold brand new, however, if you decide to get a second hand pair of these they can be picked up for as little as £30-£40 inc. p&p so they might suit your needs/budget - especially if you are new to skating or dont intend on using them much and just want a cheap, reliable pair of Skates.

Another brand out there at the moment is SFR. Their more popular models are SFR STREET and SFR RAPTOR. I don't have any personal experience with these skates but from what I've heard they are decent. They look similar to Roces and aparently perform well. SFR Also make wheels similar to the legendary SIMS Street Snakes called SFR Slicks - Again, I have no personal experience with them but I hear good things. A brand new set of basic Raptors will cost you about £75 inc. p&p and SFR Street can be bought for £55 inc. p&p - Quite good value I think!

You may have heard of VENTRO PRO? Back in the day this was another manufacturer that basically copied Bauer's Skate designs. (I recently sold an early NOS pair on ebay that were a blatant copy of Bauer Turbo 33.) But these days they have gone their own way and Their skate designs are more unique to their own brand. Their more popular Models are VENTRO PRO VT01 and VENTRO SUPER PRO. In my opinion these are entry level skates. Good for learning on and cheap but if you get serious you'll probably want to upgrade at a later date. Brand new basic VT01's - £56.99 inc. p&p

Finally lets talk about GRAF skates. Graf are a big manufacturer in the Ice skating world and had a dabble in the Quad skate market when they released their GRAF GTX 175 - Sounds more like a motorbike I know! People who own these skates generally love them and claim them to be better than Bauer but I'm not so sure..They certainly don't look as nice as Bauer (Again, in my opinion) and since I've never owned A pair I cant say what they perform like. Graf dont make Brand new Quads anymore so if you fancy giving them a try then second hand is your only option. These seem to fetch a similar amount of money to Bauer Turbo at auction (around £80)


Bauer: Widely regarded as the best Quad skates available. They look nice and Perform well too but can't be bought new.

Supreme: They basically are Bauer Turbo with different stickers. No one likes a copy cat though!

Trezeta: Nice old school skates with individual styling. Not as popular as Bauer but even more rare. Not available new.

Roces: Quality manufacturer that has stood the test of time. Still available brand new and good value.

SFR: A bit of a newbie in the Quad Skate world but are building a good reputation. Available new at a reasonable price.

Ventro Pro: Still churning out skates after many a year. Available cheap and a good 1st pair of skates.

Graf: The Jury's still out on these after more than a decade! The Marmite of Quad skates - You either love them or hate them!

So, If you were to ask me out right, "Which skates should I buy?" It has to be Bauer Turbo every time. I've owned a lot of pairs of skates - 3 pairs of Bauer Turbo, a pair of Bauer Panther, a pair of Trezeta Titans, 2 pairs of Trezeta Ventronics, a pair of Roces Ventronics, a pair of Ventro Pros and a couple of other brands that aren't even worth mentioning! and at the end of the day none of the others compare to Turbos when it comes to looks AND performance BUT they are expensive and bearing that in mind, you might only want to spend the extra money on them if you are going to get the use out of them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this hub, I hope it has been in some way helpful to you. Please feel free to add any questions or comments. All the best and happy skating! Terry.

My Bauer Turbo

My Bauer Turbo

My Ventro Pro

My Ventro Pro

My Trezeta Ventronic

My Trezeta Ventronic

Early Roces Ventronic

Early Roces Ventronic


jyu-dragon on January 18, 2016:

my old skates from when i played skate hockey for the basildon allstars back in 1984; Blue Trezeta Boots, variflex carbon baseplates, custom alloy tube jump bar, ASC430 trucks, 3 tone street snakes(red/green/white), skf bearings, inverted stainless steel king pins, blue/white cloud rubbers, black krypto toe stops, jelly truck riser pad heel blocks. still have them, but had to stop using them after 20 years, plastic boot had got brittle with age.

Looking for replacement blue trezeta boot and set of 3 tone street snakes, any ideas where to start?

Paul on October 18, 2015:

Great article. I used to skate on Bauers and Graf in the 90s and Grafs just had the edge for me. I treasured my brand new Grafs with 3-tone Sims wheels and regret selling them now I'm taking the kids to the roller disco. Got a pair Bauers off eBay but they kill my feet, maybe some new in liners are needed. Or another pair of Graf...

Danielle on July 19, 2015:

Hi Terry,

I used to skate as a teenager on the streets and shopping malls, no idea what my boots were but I know they were quads and leather white ice skating looking boots. I now want to reclaim my youth (and exercise) outdoors mainly and dont want a plastic boot or high ankle-sort of mid anlke -am i looking at getting a roller derby style? have been told my bearings need to be 5-is this correct?

paulhoolihan71 on February 20, 2015:

Hi terry im doing a fun run in my panthers and would like your opinion on the type of wheel compound and axle wide would be best, its mainly run on the roads so the surfaces will differ. Any ideas would be gratfull cheers, some of us still check this hub regular for new posts and just for the record original bauer skates are for true 80's skaters and the supremes out there are always going to be second place, sorry. Bauer are an iconic skate in the history of skating, its good to hold history.

Emma Regan on June 27, 2014:

Hi Andrew, visit Not only do we convert Bauers into quads, but have nearly all the brands mentioned in this hub. We specialise in converting the Bauers as we too are skaters from the 70's & 80's and love this brand. However we sell many brands suitable from complete beginners through to experience skaters. Lots of custom options as well. We can give you advice over the phone if you're not sure what you are looking for. Hope this helps.

Andrew on June 24, 2014:

Hi guys. Quick question. Want to buy some good skates for whole family. We live in oxford in the uk. Any tips on where we could find the nearest shop where they do serious skates? Quads btw. Cheers. Andrew

paulhoolihan71 on May 08, 2014:

Hi terry just an update on my skates, I did the repairs on my panthers as you suggested and the results are spot on. The plastic strip on the inside of the boot is solid and after a good few hrs of hard skating it's done it's job, the only change I did was to use a flexible glue after speaking to a friend who knows his chemistry. Any how thanks again for your input and keep skating.

Mike on May 08, 2014:

I did a lot of roller booting as a kid and a teenager. I pretty munch had my boots on from the time I left the house in the morning to the time I got home. I did a lot of trick skating so my boot got battered. I was always at out local skate park, on the half pipes, so they really did get used. Graf GTX 175's were by far the best boots to have. Me and everyone I skated with wouldn't have considered any other boot. The only time I got new ones was when I out grew the old ones....

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on April 04, 2014:

Hi Ash,

You may well fit into a pair that are the same size as your trainer size, I have in the past. Usually it is recommended that you go a size or two bigger but this can be due to the fact that people buying them for younger skaters may want to consider that the child's feet are still growing - obviously yours aren't. Contact the company you are thinking of buying from and see what they say? If you can't go to a shop and physically try a pair on then you could possibly order a set and send them back if they don't fit?

BigAshW on April 03, 2014:

Hey guys looking for some advice. I really like the look of the ST33s and when I was a kid I always wanted a pair of Turbos but could never afford them. Anyways I am now a size UK13 !! And the largest size of the ST33s is 13. Do you have to buy a size larger in skates or will the 13s be ok??

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 20, 2014:

Can't argue with you there Martin. Everything you have said is true. The main reason I use Bauer Turbo over Supreme Turbo is that as well as being into my skating I'm also a massive retro nut! I love 80's/90's music, cars, skates, clothing and so on but on a practical level Supreme probably are just as good as Bauer and as you say, the inner sock is more comfortable.

Martin Halliday from Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom on March 19, 2014:

I clicked BAUER as being the best skates...(which they are) ..But have to say I now ride SUPREME TURBO 33's since I'am a UK 14 and Bauer sizes dont go up that high..fortunately Supreme's do!

And in my honest opinion the build design is very VERY similar, they use the same play-maker tucks/plates.. there is very slight change to the design on the side of the skates including the 'SUPREME' logo instead of the 'BAUER' logo..but the boot shape is identical..

The skate sock/inners are in my honest opinion better made than the original Bauer ones and being so : are much more comfortable and supportive.

So bottom line is SUPREME'S are BAUERS! and BAUERS are the best...

You do the math :D

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 02, 2014:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your kind comments. I had a pair of Panther that suffered a similar problem. The ankle support split where the hole is that the fixing goes through to attach it to the boot. I repaired it using araldite and a thin piece of plastic stuck in behind - It did the job but the crack was still visible on close inspection. I suppose if you wanted a perfect fix you could salvage another boot? Panther ice skates come up on eBay occasionally but even the ice skates fetch good money as people buy them to convert to quads. Sorry I cannot offer a concrete solution to your problem, I understand your sentimental attachment to your boots! Good luck repairing them.

paulhoolihan71 on February 23, 2014:

Hi terry this is a superb hub on skates especially bauer . i am 42 and hae loved skating since i was 11. I have a pair of bauer panthers. original and must be 25yrs old, the problem i have is there's a crack about 75mm long on the top grey section, i don't want too lose these boots as they have been all over the world on every holiday I've had. any help please. thank you all

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 13, 2014:

Hi Mr C! Sorry about the delay in replying but there hadn't been much activity on this hub for a while so I stopped checking it! Firstly YES I have heard of FX3's! Check out the 1st picture above labled "my bauer turbo" - The ones with the yellow belair wheels - They're actually early FX3's! See the Purple plastic circles that cover the mounting points for the ankle cuffs and the white plastic covered trucks. The original inners were Purple too but I got the Black ones out of a pair of later Bauer inliners. You are right in thinking that the width of the trucks themselves is less than those fitted to Turbos - Turbos are 5cm between wheels. The boots themselves are basically exactly the same - My size 10 Turbo's (Not the FX3's pictured above) also measure 30cm x 10cm aprox. The space between your axles is obviously determined by the size of your plates - Yours are close together for size 10's as mine are 19cm between axles. I don't have the FX3's anymore so I can't measure them but I believe that my Fx3's were about the same as my Turbo's and I'll explain this a little now (Kind of!) Now I have no idea why but for some reason some Bauer skates were sold new with plates that were clearly too small for the boot. I can only think that when they were being assembled in the factory either there was some occasional misunderstanding as to which plates should be fitted to which boot, there was a difference of opinion or a blatant lack of shits given! Other than that it's possible that some factories may have experienced shortages of certain plate sizes so they just went with the nearest one's they had. It's a nasty quality issue. Obviously there are various sizes of plate available: 9 7/8" - usually fitted to uk size 5,6 & 7 boots. 10.5" - usually fitted to 7,8 0r 9's. 11" - usually fitted to 9,10 & 11's and 11.5" - usually fitted to 11, 12 & 13's are some examples. You will notice that there is an overlap on some sizes when it comes to which is the recommended plate size (e.g size 7's can take a 10.5 or 11" plate) but size 10 boots aren't affected by this so I can only think that unfortunately your FX3's were fitted with a plate that is too small for them. These could be changed but then your boots may require re-drilling to line up the new holes. To be honest it's probably not worth doing this in my opinion - I'd stick them back on eBay and get another set if you are bothered by it and feel that it affects the way you skate. I found the width of the FX3 trucks too narrow also and although I've never skated on a set of Bauer's with plates that are too small I can imagine that they wouldn't feel right. I hope this has answered your questions!! Good luck and happy skating!

Mr C on November 25, 2013:

Great post Terry. Mine's a bit of a long post but bear with as this it may help others and I'd like yours and other's comments and skate measurements of size 10's...

I'm now in my 2nd Sunday of skating after a 20 year break (used to skate bauer turbos), absolutely loving it and it really is like riding a bike! I picked up some 2nd hand bauers off ebay a couple of weeks ago for a bargain price (£39+£15p&p). After a thorough clean and new bearings they're in great condition but it turns out that they are the FX3 model - any never knew of such a beast(!), have you or anyone else come across these before? There's not much info out there on them and they look the same to the untrained eye, but there are distinct differences - the tongues on the inner socks are black combined with white insides (seen some combined with purple, green, yellow), they have different plates, the trucks have a white plastic casing which are different to all others and cant be replaced (apparently) and the length and width of the wheels are closer together than bauer turbos. (Pics here, not my boots but same model )

I like my inner socks as they are a bit different, not so bothered about the plastic cased trucks as they're in good condition and I'm only skating indoors but I'm a little concerned with closeness of the wheels - on my size 10's the centre of the axles are only 17cm apart and the wheels are just under 4cm apart. Comparing this to a mate's size 8 bauer turbo 33s mine were noticeably closer and I've just compared with wife's size 6 Rios, hers are longer at 18.5cms and wider at 5cms apart!

Logic tells me this is why I feel a little unsteady going forward, more so than I do backwards. Hoping you agree that this is bound to be true due to a shorter and thinner wheel base. Can someone with size 10 turbos post the same measurements of their wheels for a comparison (btw my boot from heel to toe is about 30cm and about 10cms wide across the second lace holes from the toe, is this the same and what do other types of skate measure at??). When I measured the width, noticed my 3cm wide wheels dont even stick out!

1st Sunday saw a couple of falls and although there weren't any falls on 2nd Sunday, there was still a bit of unsteadiness.

Before writing this i was thinking that I might just get some wider wheels but now think I'm going to have to sell these and get some proper turbos. Thoughts and comments please...

Chris ram on November 20, 2013:

I had graff and Bauer in the 1980 90 graff were the best with sims i would love to have so more even that I am in my 30

Verbal on June 06, 2013:

30 years since i skated and doing it weekly now ...

I am not the oldest person there either .

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on June 03, 2013:

swc227 - Thanks for your kind comments :) Good luck with your new skates which ever ones you choose!

verbal- Glad you're enjoying your new skates :) I like the Athens boots and as you say - Cruise wheels make for a nice smooth ride!

verbal on May 29, 2013:

Just got a new pair of Roces Athens with cruise 62,,...Smooth as silk

swc227 on May 28, 2013:

brilliant article and read. currently in the process of choosing some new boots as me and the girlfriend are reliving our youth, she was a roces girl and i was bauer turbos man. this article has helped an awful lot. i've been looking at the supreme turbo 33's, now bauer turbos are no longer but also looked at the new bauer supreme one. dying to order some asap! im 32 going on 16.

Lacey on April 19, 2013:

Touché my friend, really enjoyed the banter, to be fair your probably right about the bauers being more popular, but I still live my grafs, grafs all the way!!!!

Tee on April 16, 2013:

Thanks for your advise.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on April 15, 2013:


Going 2 sizes bigger would be a good idea, as you say your son will still have plenty of growing to do and you'll want them to last him as they're not cheap! It may be worth taking him into a shop if possible to try some on?

j224 on April 15, 2013:

Hi Tee,

I've got a pair of those Supreme Turbos. I'm a size 9 in shoes (sometimes 10 in trainers). I bought a size 9 in the skates and they felt very snug at first but are now the perfect size after a couple of times skating on them. I think you'd be ok getting your son a size 5 considering he is still growing like you say. He can always wear thick socks and pull the laces a bit tighter.

Tee on April 13, 2013:

Hi, I am about to buy my 9 year old his first pair of skates as he his recently enjoyed going roller disco. I loved my Bauers when I was younger but have decided to by him a part of Supreme turbo 33. Can anyone tell me how they fit? He is a size 3 should I buy him 1 or 2 sizes bigger. Was thinking to buy him a size 5 as he is still growing, but I don't want them to be rediculously big. Can anyone help?

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on April 12, 2013:

Hi, I have been to the Agora a few times but I've been too busy with work etc to go regularly, I used to go to Rollers a lot too. The Trezeta Ventronics in the pic above aren't replicas - They are made by Trezeta, they're just a less popular, less expensive model than the Titans and Champions. Maybe see you up the Agora some time soon!

luca on April 10, 2013:

hey terry tibbs, have you been going to the agora in wolverton? come this Friday and your see me there,i'll be the guy the blue trezeta champions belting it around! iv been going most weeks,i just noticed your from mk! i'm Aylesbury and I basicly lived in rollers! and about the reps,i was on about trezeta ventronic,there not the real thing!! champs all the way!!

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 31, 2013:

Thanks for your comment, Maybe I worded it a bit wrong with regards to the Graf skates - They definitely are a quality boot no doubt about that, the xbox vs ps3 analogy sums up what I really meant nicely, which one you prefer is a matter of personal preference and it seems it has to be one or the other for most skaters - Rivalry! :)

Lacey on March 25, 2013:

Really enjoyed the trip down memory lane, brilliant article, I do have to just make one comment, for the younger readers, the battle between Bauer and Graf quads is a bit like Xbox vs PS3 it really depends on which you owned as to which you thought we're better, I myself had Graf boots and still do, going strong after 23 years, the jury is very much decided quality boots that have stood the test of time,I have had these boots man and boy and I still use them to teach my kids to skate.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 14, 2013:

Glad you're enjoying your new skates pal. Trust me, it won't take as long as you may think to get up to a decent level if you go on a regular basis, usually it just clicks.

j224 on March 14, 2013:

Meant to say 'skated' at the start, not skates.

j224 on March 14, 2013:

Skates for a few hours the other night on my new Supremes. The sims snakes & ABEC 5 bearings felt really smooth but really quick compared to the loan skates. Took me a while to adjust to them!

Leaning side to side definitely offers a lot more manoeuvrability too. Finding it a little bit frustrating when 3 or 4 amazing skaters turn up each week and make it look effortless, going backwards, spinning, jumping. I guess it's just a case of practise, practise and more practise.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 13, 2013:

Luca. Champions are indeed nice skates, basically identical to Titans. Not sure they are the best quads ever made but I guess that's down to personal preference! Not sure what you mean by "reps" when you refer to the Trezeta Ventronics?

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 13, 2013:

J224, Glad you tracked down your new skates! They will feel a bit snug at first but the inners will mould to the shape of your feet and after a while you won't want to skate on any other skates. Good luck with them :)

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 13, 2013:

Nice Gaz, £86 sounds a good price for a pair in nice condition. Welcome back to the world of skating :)

j224 on March 07, 2013:

My Supreme skates have finally arrived! Parcelforce managed to deliver to number 6 instead of 8 somehow! I had to phone them to find out where my delivery was. Useless.

Anyway, tried the skates on. They felt tight at first but loosened up after a few mins wearing them. Will get to have a proper skate at the roller disco tomorrow night! Will report back how I get on :-)

Gaz33 on March 07, 2013:

Just bought some Bauer Turbo 33's on EBay for £86 they are in amazing condition for the age. Had to buy some NMB bearings and two-tone sims for the nostalgia....been 17 years since I skated and can't wait to see what I can still do!

luca on March 05, 2013:

go for the bauers only because you will find it hard to find trezetas also those ventronics are reps! trezeta champions are the ones you want,i have two pairs,they are the best quads every made!

j224 on March 05, 2013:

Still no skates :-( I sent them an email earlier and they phoned me a few hours ago to say they had made a mistake with my order and haven't actually dispatched them!

Gotta wait till Thursday to get them now...

j224 on March 01, 2013:

No, unfortunately not. It's not nice waiting and now the weekend has got in the way so it'll probably be Monday. Favourite colour is blue, so I went for those.

Got a blister from last week's roller disco so I'm looking forward to having something more comfortable! I've been watching a few YouTube vids to get some tips. Can't wait to get to the spinning stage!

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 01, 2013:

Did they arrive today? :) What colour Sims did you go for?

j224 on February 28, 2013:

Ooooh, just received an email saying they've been dispatched! What's the chances Parcelforce delivering tomorrow? Very unlikely seeing as they've got to get down to Cornwall from London. Roller disco is tomorrow night so I guess I'll be using the loan pair for one more week :-(

Ashley on February 27, 2013:

J224: good package choice. Let us know when u have your first skate on them. Feedback wise on the skates, wheels & bearings. Look forward to your update. Until then. Yes, waiting game. It's like the night before Xmas. It seems to last forever. Ahhh! Ha, ha

j224 on February 26, 2013:

Hi guys,

Thanks for your thoughts. I decided to go for the Supreme Turbo 33 with Sims Snakes! Says they should be dispatched within 5 days, so now it's just a waiting game :-(

Ashley on February 25, 2013:

Hi Oska75, your more than welcome for my feedback regarding the cheese blocks & back stopper. Glad you are going to put then both on. Old Skool. As for your advice to me regarding Supreme Turbo 33's or Bauer Supreme (ice skate conversion to quads). Yea, I think the Supreme might be a better bet, if their isn't to much difference in bulk & weight between the two. Also, I have a feeling the Supreme Turbo 33 might beat the more comfortable out of the two, due to the up to date innersole. The reviews say they are much improved on the old Bauer Turbo, and to be honest I thought my old Bauer Turbo's were great back in the day. So all good there. As for J224. I would have to say the ABEC 5 bearings & sims would def be worth the extra wee bit of cash over the ABEC 3 bearings & Krypto's. I say that as ABEC 5 bearings are a faster bearing than the 3 bearings & sims are pure quality through and through. Don't get me wrong. Kryto's are great wheels. Sims however just have that iconic feel, and are quality. They are raved about by most prople in the UK. Outside the UK know one seems to know about Sims. So Krypto's have more world wide appeal, and hold on the market. I just think Sims streetsnakes are the best. Personal view though. You can't go wrong with either set of wheels. Bearings though, def go for ABEC 5. As you will appreciate them later on. So might as well get the double pack. Your call though, and as you can see we all have different views on this topic. All just based on personal experience & word of mouth hear say. I personally used to have Bauer Turbo's with Sims Streeksnakes back in thr day. Awesome combo, but just my view.

oska75 on February 24, 2013:

Cheers Ashley, I always had a backstop on the right so think I'll get one and the cheeseblocks. I really don't think the Supremes feel any heavier than the Bauer. I am older though. To me it feels like stepping into a comfy pair of trainers you've had for ages. Very familiar. Personal choice my friend but personally I prefer the look of the Supremes over the Bauer ice conversions.

J224, yes they have abec3 bearings. To be honest they roll very well especially with the Krypto wheels. I had abec5 and Sims years ago and these feel just as good. You will find them perfect for a flat rink and even outdoors. The Krypto wheels are pretty sticky but firm enough for speed. I'd go with that set up really. The great thing about skates is you can just change the wheels and bearings if you feel the need once you improve and to suit your style.

j224 on February 24, 2013:

A lot posts recently! And some interesting reading. Terry, thanks for the advice in response to my previous post.

I do have one more question before I part with my hard earned cash, aimed at any of you here, but particularly oska75. I'm pretty much sold on the Supreme Turbo 33 boots, especially after hearing oska loves his new ones. You mention above that you've got the Krypto wheels (I'm assuming with the ABEC 3 bearings?). Is it worth paying an extra £15 to get those boots but with Sims Snakes and ABEC 5 bearings? I'm no expert but a quick google search tells me that 5's are meant to be smoother. Are the Sims a bit softer with more grip than the Kryptos?

I am a beginner (total of 6 hours on quad skates so far) but I did do roller blading and some ice skating when I was younger. I'm pretty happy with my progress. I can skate quite fast forwards, do forward crossovers, turn and skate backwards (in a circle at the rink), although not quite able to do the backward crossover yet and a standard toe stop but I tend to use a T stop most, which probably isn't great for wheel wear. So my ability is probably more intermediate level.

Thanks in advance!

Ashley on February 23, 2013:

Terry & Oscar (& anyone else). Please let me know your thoughts on the stuff I wrote on my previous post???... Cheers. Ashley

Ashley on February 23, 2013:

Hi Oscar (oska75), in regards to your question about a back stop. They are def helpful in a situation where you might not of skated for a while. As they will give you confidence to skate like you used to do. As for being uncool. It is of mixed opinion as some people I used to skate felt they were uncool as they gave the impression that one can't skate well. Like stabilizers on a bike. However, other skater friends of mine said backstops were cool. So like many things in life, backstops are of mixed opinion. As on a previous post you said that you don't care what people think. Well, in that case get them. As nothing to lose. All I would say is try not to rely on them as they will reduce to skating ability. Look up things like hockey stops, how to stop on roller skates etc on YouTube. As there are many great video's on there to learn from, or will remind you of perhaps how you used to stop back in the day. I personally used to hockey stop. Although when I jumped on these Derby skates I acquired the other week. Well, let's just say I am def not as good or comfortable on skates as I used to be. I tried to hockey stop and fell over! Ha, ha. Backskating I seemed to be ok on though. This for me is frustrating as I used to be a good skater. Surfing, backskating, 360's in the air, tricks tricks tricks. Oh well. We have to remember you & I that we have not skated for a while. So we will fall over, as when we were younger we had more confidence, or should I say no fear is more correct. Now I have fear. You know, skating used to feel as natural to me as walking. I would love to feel that again. Lastly. As for your cheese blocks question. Wow. That brings back memories. I used to have cheese blocks, and jump bars back in the day. I never really knew if cheese blocks served an actual purpose?. I just got them for show as all the skaters had them. I don't see anything wrong in you getting them now. You may even re-start a trend if other skaters see you with them. Who knows?, just like hockey socks. As used to have these back in the day as well. Just like key ring holders on the tongues of my inner socks do they would fold over. Once they did, I took the key ring holders off. Everyone did the same from memory. Anyway, all these things are nostalgic. So if you want cheese blocks go for it!!!!. I personally will leave all the items I just listed in the past. Unless they come back into fashion. This is only as I care what people think. Hence why I don't want to skate outside in these great roller derby skates I have, and they are great. Just look silly in my eyes. Hence why I am going to buy some Supreme Turbo 33's like yours, or Bauer quad conversions. This is just me though. Oh, for you Terry. Cheers for the info again. Yes a happy medium the new Bauer quad skates

oska75 on February 23, 2013:

I went out on mine today and they feel great. Only around the block and the surface wasn't great but the Krypto wheels coped very well. However after realizing I was going down a hill particularly fast I had no real way of slowing down except with a full on spin stop I ended up executing the manoeuvre and going a bit forward! Whacked my thumb on the pavement. It's a bit blue. I carried on though on a more level surface feeling a bit embarrassed.

Question, are backstops uncool? I used to have one. Fancy some cheeseblocks too.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 23, 2013:

The only real difference between Bauer turbo and Supreme Turbo 33 is the inner sock and the decals - If truth be told the inner sock on the ST33s is more comfortable than the original Bauer item. Some claim that the Supreme Turbos are slightly heavier than Bauer turbo as they are made of slightly thicker plastic but I'm not so sure. My friend has ST33 and when I have skated them I've noticed no difference in weight at all. The plates and trucks used on the ST33s are the same as were used on a lot of the Bauer Turbo models (Playmaker) so in that sense they are identical. Going back to the Bauer Supreme converted quads: As I say I've never skated on them but it would be sensible to presume that due to the proven reduced weight, yes, they would be more agile and faster than hockey boots although I assume they would be slightly less comfortable ( I can only base this asumption on the fact that Ice skates of a similar design that I have skated on in the past were slightly uncomfortable, mind you, these were of an older era and probably inferior to the Bauer Supremes) I think also it would be fair to say that rather than getting the best of both worlds with this type of skate, you would be getting a happy medium :)

Ashley on February 23, 2013:

Hi Oscar, thank you for that info. I fully agree with you regarding buying original Bauer Turbo skates for top money. As all the kit would be technically inferior to a modern day version like Supreme Turbo 33. As much as I have a sentimental yearning to buy second hand Bauer Turbo's. I like you would prefer Supreme Turbo 33 as I know they are better made, as done from today's standards. Rather than 20 year old technology. I just think the new Bauer Quads being not as tough, heavy and robust as Supreme Turbo 33 means they will be lighter, faster & more agile. So better for tricks, backskating etc. especially seeing as these derby skates I have acquired offer those qualities as they are light & agile. So my thinking is the new Bauer quads will offer me the best of both worlds. Looks of a hockey skate & lighter & agility of a derby skate. Mmmmm. What do you all think?. I also however think the Supreme Turbo 33 would be nice though, very comfortable. Just how much heavier and less agile would they feel compared to new Bauer quads. Bloody hell. I am more confused than ever in what to get now! Ha, ha. Cheers. Ashley.

oska75 on February 23, 2013:

Hi Ashley, purely aesthetics. I had the Bauer Turbos before and always thought they looked the best. I know these are copies but I didn't want to pay the same for a 15 year old set that maybe knackered. I'm too old too worry about what people think about them not being original. As for the ice boot conversions? I don't really like them although I'm sure they are excellent. Cheers Oscar

Ashley on February 22, 2013:

Hi Terry, thank you for all that information. Wow. You are a book of knowledge when it comes to hockey & new Bauer skates. I did not know the new Bauer Supremes did not have a separate inner sock like hockey skates. I like you, don't mind how they look. Agree, def better than derby looking trainer skates. As they will be lighter than traditional hockey skates like Bauer Turbo & the new Supreme Turbo 33, I assume therefore that they will be better to skate it speed/agility wise. Certainly easier to lug around, but how they skate is vital. So if they are lighter then surely speed and agility would be better than traditional hockey skates which are heavier as made more robust. What do you think?. As for the person who had the Supreme Turbo 33's turn up. Glad you like them. They are supposed to be better than old skool Bauer Turbo's. As new so thus more up to date regarding being better put together technology wise. Can I ask, did you consider the new Bauer quad range? (ice hockey conversions). If you did, what put you off?. Anyway. As always, look forward to your replies. Cheers. Ashley.

oska75 on February 22, 2013:

My Supreme Turbos turned up today. By god they feel good! Only managed a skate round the lounge so far but they are comfy as hell and feel as well made as the Bauer's, if not better. The Kryptonic 62 wheels feel well up to the job. I'll try them out properly over the weekend.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 22, 2013:

lol a fair bit to contemplate here. I am aware of the "new" Bauer quad skate range, Bauer Supreme being one of them. These are converted Ice skates. The boots themselves are brand new, as are all the parts used to convert them so in essence they are a brand new skate but the design of the boot itself isn't that recent. As mentioned in this hub, when Nike took over Bauer they concentrated their efforts on Ice skates and Inliners as Quads were seen to be becoming obsolete. Some of the skates they released bore the Bauer name, some the Nike name, some even had the Bauer name and the Nike "Tick" symbol! - A smart marketing move really as this way die hard Bauer fans were still happy (Some even oblivious to the takeover!) and fans of the Nike brand who were into skating were happy as they could now buy skates with the prestigious Nike branding. Bauer Supreme are simply one of the later Nike released Bauer branded boots. This type of skate isn't that popular at my local rink, most of the people who skate there are old skool skaters and as such skate on the type of skates they grew up on so I haven't ever skated on a pair - Hence I cant tell you what they skate like! As you will have gathered the boot itself is made up of leather/leatherette and a woven mesh material which gives them their reduced weight when compared to the hard plastic hockey boot. They don't have a separate inner sock like the hockey boots had, the tongue is part of the boot and the inside of the boot has non-removable padding, they also have the large cuff piece at the back that you mentioned. The design of these boots is such that they can be tied up tightly around the ankle as they were designed to be inliners/ice skates. Personally I don't mind the look of this type of boot - I much prefur them to the Trainer type Derby/Speed skating boot but don't like them as much as Hockey boots. This is my personal preference only, I'm sure they skate nicely and that people who have them and are used to skating on them love them! As for the Supreme name, I think that the Quad skate company "Supreme" copied the name from Bauer/Nike, not the other way round :)

Ashley on February 21, 2013:

Oh, sorry to confuse people as I should of mentioned before, but the new Bauer quads are called Supreme. Not to be confused with Supreme Turbo 33. As they are the not the same. So One thing I meant to ask was. Does anyone know why the new Bauer Supreme quad skates are called Bauer Supreme?... Did they want to copy the Supreme rival name (Supreme Turbo 33) like Supreme copied Turbo 33 name from

Bauer. So in effect Bauer playing the same game now?.

Ashley on February 21, 2013:

Terry: I meant to write I wish I could remember how heavy my old skates were. Anyway. Just want to say on a personal note thanks for this hub, and also your great feedback to me and everyone else. Also everyone else's feedback to everyone else. All great kind informative comments. Cheers Terry & everyone!!!!.... Regards , Ashley.

Ashley on February 21, 2013:

Terry, Terry, Terry. How we do think the same. Skates wise that is. Yes, the Derby skates just don't look right outside. Glad you agree. They just remind me to much of 50's America. Nothing wrong with that I suppose if it is your cup of tea. They are agile though through being light, and that is one thing I like about them. So this in particular has now got me thinking. As I do Remember my old school Bauer Turbo's being rather heavy. Yes I was younger then, and yes it certainly did not effect my skating. Perhaps however, if I get another pair I will be dissapointed for this reason. You, I just wish I could remember exactly how heavy they were. As I think would my skating be improved with a lighter skate, but def one that looks like a Hockey skate. So on that note, I called up Skate Attack UK. The guy there said the Bauer Supremes atelier a great bet, as they are a boot (looks like a hockey skate) but is much lighter, and more agile. As quad hockey skates like Supremes are heavier due to being sturdy for taking hockey hits. Where are the Bauer Supremes (are as said, lighter and more agile). Mmmmm. I looked them up, and they look similar to hockey skates. Although the rear of the skate has a slightly higher type tail heel thing. Sorry. Don't know the exact name of it?. Anyway. They also look softer as are designed for ice-skating and recreational skating, and not hockey. So I think I might get these over the Supreme Turbo 33's. As best of everything it seems. Look good, not silly like derby skates, but skate well due to being light & agile. Also they have the iconic name of Bauer. So all boxes ticks then it seems, as I def will not be playing street hockey. I only used to do it in car parks back in the day as we all did. Anyway. What do you guys all think?... anyone else enquirer into these new Bauer quad skates (converts from ice) and what into do you have on them????. As for Sims wheels. Yes Terry, I heard the same. As for your feedback Terry on the skater who wants to now buy there own skates, due to this Marshall and your own thoughts. I agree. Once you get your own skates, your soon get used to them and grow with them improvement wise. You will learn to skate to their weaknessees & strengths. Yiu will improve quickly through this. You will feel strange using anyone else's boots from they point on. This happened to me back in the day. Especially trying my friends Roches out. No good, as felt heavy but to my friend they were perfect. Visa versa. Anyway. Enough babble from me. Look forward to your replies...

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 21, 2013:

J224. Hi, Thanks for visiting my hub and for your comments/questions. Firstly I'd say that the marshall at your local rink is right, you can only go so far on hired skates. Once you get your own pair, you get a feel for them, you get used to skating a certain way and the inner socks will mould to the shape of your feet. You will get used to the speed of your own bearings and the compound of the wheels that you choose. With regards to wheels, generally beginers get on better with soft wheels (some experienced skaters still prefur them too) as they are smooth to skate on and grip the floor well so Sims, Hyper rollo, kryptonics etc would be a good first choice. Let us know what you decide and how you get on. All the best :)

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 21, 2013:

Hi again Ashley, You are definitely in the same mindset as me regarding skates mate! No matter how well the derby type skates perform I still don't really like being seen on them! lol. If I was in your position I would definitely be looking into doing what you're doing (Getting a friend to get a set of "Proper" skates and then send them onto me) I reckon the postage has to be about £50? ouch. But at least you'll have something fairly unique over there? With regards to the converted Ice hockey skates, There are two types available: The earlier boots - Which are hard plastic (You can get Bauer Turbo, Panther and Turbo 33) which are exactly the same as the quads we know and love (The only difference being that once the new plates have been bolted on you'll be left with a few extra holes in the bottom where the blade plates were!) And the later material type boots which I'm not keen on really but I suppose that's a matter of taste. If the conversion is done well on either type of boot then there will be no noticable difference in performance from original quads. Re: The new sims wheels, I haven't skated on them as I'm not into soft wheels but yes, people I know who have - and people I know who sell them, say that the compound is not quite the same so they skate slightly differently, also, there seems to be a difference in the way that the wheels are coloured. If you look closely at some new sets they look a bit shabby :s almost asif they have been dipped halfway into dye. They're probably still one of the smoothest riding outdoor wheels available though. Good luck with your search for a set of hockey boots if you do decide to go down that route :)

Ashley on February 20, 2013:

Hi guys, first of all. Thanks for the feedback Terry on my issue regarding only being able to get hold of Derby skates here in Oz. Your feedback and empathy was great. Speaking of this Derby skate thing. I actually bought a pair of second hand Sure Grip GT-50 skates, and Krypto route 65 wheels 78a. I agree with you that the skates are actually surprisingly good. Very agile, and def comfortable. I also agree that they do feel strange regarding the ankle being exposed. Unlike my hockey skates back in the day. Nether the less. The quality of these skates is also rather good. Mmmmm... am I now happy?... No. Ha, ha. I still want a pair of Supreme's or second hand Bauers as I think the Derby skates look very silly when skating in shorts, here in Oz. people with Inline boots look cool. So I don't want to look out of place, and even though inlines are in and quads are not over here. Unless roller derby. I want to limit how silly I look, and feel. So I am going to get a friend in the UK to buy a pair of hockey skates and ship them over here to Oz. cost $$$. Worth it though I hope. Although I can't help think I could be making a mistake as my recently acquired Sure Grip derby skates do skate well. Just in my head is this issue. Mmmmm. What to do??? Ha, ha. As for being out here. Yes the outdoor life is great. Especially for skating or cycling. I still miss home though. England. Anyway. I agree with the other comments that Supremes look good. Def exact replica of Bauer. Cheeky, even copying the style of logo & calling them Turbo 33. As said cheeky. Very cheeky. As for the Bauer ice skates, converted to Quads. Are they any good? & are they cheaper than Supremes???. Also, the new Sims Streetsnakes are apparently not as good as the originals, although supposily exact clones of them. Anyone else have a view? On my comments/questions?. Better go. Enough babble from me. Cheers again Terry & everyone else. This post is a great source of info. Best on the net!. Regards, Ashley.

j224 on February 18, 2013:

Haven't bought them yet but in pretty sure I'll go for those ones with blue wheels :-) I'm intrigued how much of a difference they'll make compared to the standard, adjustable buckle type that they loan out at the roller disco. The skating marshall said I'll get to a certain ability but won't get any further till I buy some decent ones.

oska75 on February 18, 2013:

Good skates will certainly help you get there. Great choice too, I had the Street Snakes in green back in the day. Report back how you get on as I will when I get mine.

j224 on February 17, 2013:

Thanks for your advice. I plan to skate at least once a week for a couple of hours but probably keep to indoors. The Supreme Turbo 33 with Classic Sims Snakes on that website look really nice. I don't mind spending £100 if they're gonna last a long time and allow me to reach my potential.

oska75 on February 17, 2013:

I'm sure they will be great boots. They make great ice hockey boots so adding some decent trucks instead of skates on the bottom will make good boots. I have not experienced them though.

With regards to yourself it all depends on how much time you expect to use skates and how much you want to spend. I've spent 90 quid on the new Supremes as I had similar in the 90's and skated a lot. Indoors and out. My wife however not so much but she wanted to start again. She went for some Ventro Pro which come with OK wheels and bearings. She loves them and has been skating today in the park and found them very comfortable and easy to use. They would be great indoors.

My advice would be to check the packages at Quad-Skates. They are happy to advise depending on your standard too if you want to call.

j224 on February 17, 2013:

Hi, thanks for the reply. I read that Bauer were bought by Nike who then started putting their logo on the boots but have now reverted back to the Bauer logo, but I'm guessing it's still Nike actually manufacturing them? Are you saying that because they're not original Bauer, they won't be made to the same standard?

It's a bit baffling knowing what type of wheels/bearings to get with the range of hardness etc. I've been to the local roller disco a few times and the marshall said I'm a natural and will benefit greatly from my own pair of boots.

oska75 on February 16, 2013:

Hi j224, the Bauer's you are referring to are ice hockey boots with quad trucks bolted on. Not original Bauer quad skates. The closest thing you will get are the Supreme turbos which I have ordered from the same company. They should arrive this week so I will update once I've received them.

j224 on February 16, 2013:

Hi, just getting into skating and found your blog really helpful. According to Bauer skates are back and available to buy brand new. I'm assuming its genuine?

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 16, 2013:

Hi Ashley, Lucky you living in Oz! Would love to live in a country with such carefree outdoor living! Much like you, I was brought up on hockey skates and they are what I know and love. I'm also not keen on the way the leather trainer type skates look. A friend of mine recently bought a pair of the sure grip speed/derby skates and after a bit of ripping on him we all had a go on them and they actually skate really nicely! They're obviously lighter than the hockey skates and more agile as they're not as baulky. I can't help but feel a bit exposed when I'm on them though as they obviously have no ankle support unlike hockey boots. I'm sure you'll be fine on them skating outside or in. I've never tried the Krypto route 65's - I only really skate indoors on rock hard wheels but they should be good for outdoor skating. Let me know what you decide and how you get on! All the best :)

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on February 16, 2013:

Hi Oska75, Thanks for your comments :) Let us know how you get on with your new skates. I haven't skated on the later Kryptos - I don't really use soft wheels as I like to slide! But if you prefur soft wheels or intend on skating outdoors then I'm sure you'll be happy with them. Kryptonics have been making wheels for donkey's years so they know what they're doing!

AshleyDean on February 09, 2013:

Excellent article!.... I used to skate on Bauer Turbo's back in the day. The ones with the green decals on the back. Used to skate at Picketts Lock & Roller Express. Also overvthe park, and street hockey in car parks. Wow. Your article brought back memories. Good ones. Anyway. I am now living in Oz, and the skate scene is very different here. Allow me to explain. I live near the beach, and loads of people cycle, walk, run, or inline skate early in the morning to keep fit. Very outdoors lifestyle here. So I thought what better than buying some quad skates, and skating. I looked up Bauer, Roches, Supreme, Graf etc but no joy. None sold over here. All they sell here is bloody roller derby skates which I don't want. I only want to skate outside, and occasionally down the local skate hall. Maybe, but def outside. Perhaps I am set in my ways and love what I love, and all my fun skate memories are of hockey quad skates (namely Bauer Turbo's with sims streetsnake wheels ) not roller derby skates (which look like bowling alley/trainers type looking shoes with wheels. They are apparently though good, and comfortable and I notice that they sell them in the UK now in skate shops. I also noticed that they fetch more money than a pair of Supreme Turbo 33. So again they must be good, but they are not my cup of tea. They look very American 50's era. I might have no choice but to get some though, as shipping costs from the UK to Oz are bloody expensive for Supreme skates, and most used eBay Bauers won't ship here. Ahh. So on that note. Are roller derby skates like Suregrip GT-50 any good for recreational use?. How differently do they skate compared to Bauer Turbo, or any quad hockey skate for that matter?... Oh, I have managed to get hold of a set of Krypto Route 65 wheels. Has anyone tried these? (I used to use Sims streetsnakes back in the day and loved them). Anyway. Enough babble from me. I would really appreciate all your feedback. Cheers guys!!!

oska75 on February 07, 2013:

Great article. I had some Roces Ventronic back in the day and some Bauers I think. I didn't think they were Turbo's though so not sure if I'm just getting too old I can't remember! Had Sims and some Abec 5's on the Roces and they were great.

Looking to get back into it after my wife's friend lent her some Graf's. I personally think they look ok and she has the Sims on them too so they ride well. The wife wasn't into it as much as me so am looking to get her some Ventro Pro as I've spotted some on Ebay virtually new for £25 plus postage, part of a job lot being sold off. I was going to get some second hand Bauers but think I may get some new Supreme Turbos with Kryptonic Cruise as they sound improved. Will give them a go and report back.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on January 17, 2013:

Good times George :) Sounds reminicent of my childhood growing up skating on the streets, playing a bit of Roller hockey! Kids don't get up to that sort of thing so much these days, it's sad really but they'd rather stay in and play on their consoles it seems! Roces and SFR's are better for those with wider feet. Trezeta are also a wide fit and I've seen a few pairs turn up on ebay recently.

GeorgeG1983 on January 10, 2013:

I skated between the ages of 10 & 15. We lived opposite a Tesco's in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and the whole place was closed on Sundays. We spent hours skating around the car park, jumping over the bushes they had planted in their little flower beds. I remember playing street hockey with a couple of lads too. Great fun.

I'm now 29 and looking to buy another pair of quads. Just this evening I went to meet a guy to buy some Bauer Turbo's, unfortunately they were much too narrow for my wide feet. Having read some of the comments, I think I'll try some SFR's or Roces for a wider fit. I'd love to list the skates I previously owned, my Dad was working in the sports trade at the time and all I remember is that we went to some warehouse to pick them up, and none of the kids new what they were - obviously a cheap copy! I'd have loved to have got some Bauers or Roces back then!! I had big teal, white and black hockey socks over them and Krypto wheels :D

Thanks for the article.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on December 03, 2012:

Paul, I said in this hub to buy a pair that are a size bigger than your shoe size. I.e if your shoe size is a UK9 buy a UK10. Maybe read the article properly before picking fault. Also, My Bauer Turbo are a UK9 - The same as my shoe size and they fit me fine. Buying a size bigger is a recommendation that manufacturers use to allow for growth in younger skaters and for a sure fit if the buyer is inbetween sizes (i.e 9.5) but thanks for your comment anyway.

Paul Johnston on December 01, 2012:

Please note: skates are one to one and a half sizes SMALLER than shoe size. The author blundered here.

lee on July 22, 2012:

i had roces back in the 90s and they were best things ever, i loved the wide fit. 14 years later 2 kids i want another pair so i can teach my kids how to skate

Sami on June 14, 2012:

I have just started skating again after a 25 year hiatus and I managed to find a pair of Graf GTX 175 going very cheap ( about 3 years ago though, when I was originally going to start again before getting run over by a car!!!) (£40)!

I actually skated Graf back in the day and have always sworn by them. However, I completely forgot how bloody heavy they were! I am now changing my plates next month to try and lighten the load!! Great skates though, I did try Bauers back in the day, but I preferred the feel and look of the Grafs... Saying that, I am tempted to get some Bauers as a 2nd pair of skates for indoor maybe...

Great little article by the way!

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on May 30, 2012:

Wow, Haven't visited this Hub for a while! Thanks for all the great comments guys n gals! Keep em comin :)

Rachelle on May 25, 2012:

I've had two pairs of bauers since I was 13. I skate to and from work everyday and I am 32 years old with 3 kids. My

Current pair of bauers are 14 years old! Nothing beats skating! Nothing beats bauers! I have looked after them well. Only wearing them in dry weather! My nmb bearings are the same ones I light when I bought the skates! Durability is awesome!

cranky chris on April 30, 2012:

I've owned all skates,graf are by far the best,nice and wide and ready to glide ,bring back the 90's skate scene

Smithy on March 12, 2012:

I have a pair of SFR streets and there very comfy skates, as previously mentioned there an extremely wide fit and very comfortable to skate in for long periods of time.

Luke on December 17, 2011:

I had a pair of Roces Ventronic back in the 90's with Sims Street Snake wheels an always thought they looked better than my mates Bauers. Whilst the Bauers suffered with broken trucks and cracked boots, the Roces took the punishment and kept going. Just bought a pair of Roces Ventronics to replace my old ones, lost in the mists of time.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on July 14, 2011:

I'll definitely have to give the Raptors a try sometime but they'll have to be exceptional to make me switch from Bauer! :)

John Davies on July 11, 2011:

I have been a Bauer Turbo freak for over 25 years. Then I got a new pair of SFR Raptor II's and I'm sooooo not going back to bauers. They are a very wide fit so you don't have buy a few sizes too big to fit in them comfortably like you have to do with bauer Turbos. This means that you can skate for ages without your feet hurting which is amazing.

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on July 01, 2011:

Thanks Bobski, I don't see how you can go wrong with the Raptors for the price, They look smart and everyone I know who has skated on them really rates them. I want to try out the SFR Slicks wheels soon, I like the look of the black and yellow swirl ones.

bobski on June 29, 2011:

Spot on review mate, I had roces back in the day, I preferred the look to bauers. I'd recently been taking my son skating and rented some ventros for first 3 or 4 times. I didn't think they were bad not much different to what i remember the roces were. Then I rented some SFR raptors for the same money and I really rate them. Not sure if they'd stand the test of time like the roces did but got to be terrific value nevertheless, and i can't see why they wouldn't last. Thinking about raptors as the value bet!

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on April 28, 2011:

Thanks, I'd never heard of Orbit skates before so I Googled them and had a little look!

me on April 27, 2011:

Good review, it's true when on Quads in London Bauer are the only game in town.

When I was a little kid shooting up and down Edgware Road and around Hyde park (early-mid 80s) I dreamt of owning a pair of Bauers but had to make do with a pair of Orbit skates (early Bauer rip-off).

TERRYTIBBS (author) from Milton Keynes, U.K on March 25, 2011:

Roces are good skates, My son has a pair and he loves them, but Bauer are the ones to have if you are a serious skater. If you are in the UK have a look on ebay when you are ready to look for a new pair, I guarentee you will like Bauer.

wojciech on March 24, 2011:

thank you for the info! i skate with roces but have not tried any other skates maybe i will try bauer when the roces are worn out!

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