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Battletoads Zits


The interesting Character of Battletoads Zits...

We're going to talk about Battletoads, a video game franchise that was first launched in 1991. The game is called "Battletoads" was a 2D smash game “Em Up Style" video game launched by the company "Rare Limited". There was no such game before the launch of this game, it was one of the most advanced video games ever.

The story of Battletoads consists of two images of teenagers with different names, such as the mutant toad (Not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), which is named after both skin disorders, rash, and zits. He needs to save his brother from them all, which is named after "Skin Disorder, Pimple and Princess Angelica" in this game. In this game, the royal princess Angelica is being held captive by the Evil Dark Queen, the ruler of the planet Ragnarok. The princess is assisted by Professor T. Bird, the professor is armed with a terrifying spaceship.

The interesting characters of the “Battletode” are as follows:

1. Rash - which is the most popular battled, which would be green and ward wearing black sunglasses.

2. Zitz - who is the leader of Battletoads, he is very intelligent and clever, whose color is brown, his real name is Morgan Ziegler.

3. Pimple - who is not the smartest Tad, but he is definitely powerful with brute force. Dana Joe is a tank, and should not be counted. Often heavy objects are used in the event of an attack, whose real name is George Pie.

4. Professor T. Bird - Toad's mentor and guide throughout his mission. When unsuccessful, he has to make fun of Bar Todd, because he dislikes failure.

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5. The Dark Queen - an Evil Queen of hers, with the goal of destroying the Battletoads in her final mission to rule the universe along the axis of her allies. Remarkably, she looks very similar to Elvira.

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