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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Patch History & Summary Log

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This guide serves to cover the history of changes made by the various official patches released by the developer, Tindalos, for Battlefleet Goothic Armrada II. While all of this information is purely historical, I have personally found it helpful and interesting many times in the past, to go back through old patch notes and see when certain things were changed in the game. It can also be a clue into certain mechanics or background calculations of the game that are otherwise not readily visible to the player, offering deeper insight to how the game works today.

Because these patch notes are often only publicized shortly after their release, then left to collect dust in the pile of old news and forum posts that build up over time, it can often be quite difficult to find specific ones, or find them in an organized and timeline-dated fashion.

For this reason, I decided to take the time to list all of the major patches in order of release along with related news posts around the release of the patch that offer extra info and follow-up hotfixes. You will also find summaries and highlights of major changes made in each patch, along with links to the original posts and archived snapshots in the case the original posts ever become inaccessible in the future.

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Patch 1 - "Post Release"

Patch 1 - "Post Release" February 5th, 2019

Patch 1 - "Post Release" February 5th, 2019

Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version

Released: February 5th, 2019

Patch 1 Overview

The first major patch after the release of the game, Patch 1 mostly focused on a slew of fixes for the campaign and game mechanics. A few additions were made to the Co-Op mode which was still technically in beta at the time, and the 2 vs 2 Battlegroup multiplayer mode was added which upped fleet caps from 600 to 1000. There were some balance changes, but they mostly focused on an initial balance pass of a few skills or upgrades and the single player campaigns and their missions.

Patch 1 Highlight Summary

  • 2 vs 2 mode added.
  • Increasing campaign max fleet points and nerfing some tough missions.
  • Introduced ship weight-class based crit resistance.
  • 50% buffs to Lance and Ramming damage.
  • Tyranid points costs reduced.
  • Many nerfs and buffs to various skills and abilities.

Patch 2 - Boarding Changes


Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version
Beta - Beta Update

Released: February 26th, 2019

Patch 2 Overview

The second major patch was the last one to be in beta for any extended period of time. There were two public beta phases, that are also linked above for refrence, which actually cover some of the changes brought with Patch 2 that aren't well laid out in the official announcement's patch notes. Some of these changes missing involve some of the boarding mechanics, but also things like the Admech Grav Cannon shot.

Patch 2 Highlight Summary

  • Can pick skills and upgrades in deploy mode now.
  • Deployment order options added to campaign.
  • Number of Escort ship slots granted by line ships tweaked.
  • Lots of little balance tweaks and fixes for skills and abilities.

Boarding Changes

  • Old system has been completely reworked.
  • Boarding actions now happen over a timed delay, instead of all at once.
  • Introduction of assault action stacks and their functionality.
  • Transfer Crew skill added.
  • Call to Arms redesigned.

Patch 3 - "Co-Op 1.0"

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Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version
Hotfix 4/01/2019

Released: March 21st, 2019

Patch 3 Overview

The third major patch brought with it the full version release of the game's co-op mode, which was previously in Beta and quite riddled with bugs. In addition to smoothing out co-op play, bringing a heap of fixes and a scattering of balance tweaks, the Necrons were graced with the introduction of four new ships to help fill out their fleet options a bit better.

This patch also brought several major balance changes, notably, changes to how many charges a ship carries for it's special weapons, previously 3 across the board. This is where charge # became dependent on ship class, with escorts and Light Cruisers losing one to only have two torpedo or launch bay uses per battle, with Battleships gaining one to have four.

This was the first major wave of points cost balance changes, with all factions affected, most ships had their points cost reduced, while in a few exceptions, their cost went up.

Patch 3 Highlight Summary

  • 4 Necron Ships: Sekhem, Scythe Harrower, Scythe Ruiner and Scourge.
  • Squadron ordnance cool-down now starts when destroyed or returned to ship.
  • Added Recall ability.
  • Capture speed of ships changed based on tonnage.
  • Ability and Ordnance charges based on tonnage.
  • Small nerfs to Ramming damage.
  • Almost all ships in game received adjustment to cost, most lowered.

Patch 4 - "Massive Fleet Update"


Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version
Hotfix - Planet Killer Released

Released: April 24th, 2019


Definitely one of the most exciting patches, next to the Chaos Expansion, Patch 4 brought the introduction of the Titan ships being selectable in skirmish mode through the Massive Fleets options. The Planetkiller Titan ship itself wasn't actually part of the game until shortly after this patch, when it was released in it's own mini-patch as part of that year's 'Skulls for the Skull Throne' event. For those unfamiliar, this is a promotional event where most of the Games Workshop games from various developers, hold a coordinated sale along with making various small themed updates to their games, sometimes temporary, but usually permanently adding some minor bits of content to their games.

In addition, Patch 4 brough a lot of damage buffs to most Imperial, most Admech and a few Astartes vessels, tweaked points costs of Chaos and Tyranids again, and gave a few scattered additional point and damage modifications to some of the other factions.

Patch 4 Highlight Summary

  • Nova Cannon, Torpedoes, Claws and Tentacles got a buff against crits.
  • Domination mode deactivated by default in skirmish.
  • Tyranid escorts auto trigger Spore Explosion on death.
  • Tracking Sense buffs Lance range now.
  • Necrons only regen crew in Reactive Hull Shift stance.
  • Big buffs to Imperial Navy and Admec damage.
  • Big points adjustment across Tyranid ships.
  • Further modifications to Chaos, Necron, Eldar and Tau.

Patch 5 - "Chaos Campaign"


Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version
Preview 1 - Preview 2

Released: June 24th, 2019


The Chaos Campaign Expansion was the first and only paid DLC to be released for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, being a significant addition to the game, much in the vain of expansion packs of years past, instead of the more common mini-bite-sized DLC content we mostly see these days. Thank you Tindalos for keeping it old school and going with quality.

While a lot of additions centered around the new campaign and adding special mechanics unique to it, the patch also brought some big QoL improvements and nice new features as free content. These include as a lot of requested changes to managing fleets in campaign mode, new uses for Battleplans and new secondary objectives for all the campaigns.

Patch 5 Highlight Summary

  • New Chaos campaign as part of expansion
  • New Chaos vessels: Apostate, Emasculator, Hecate and Hellfire.
  • Can swap ships between fleets.
  • Added option to dismantle whole fleets.
  • New max level Admiral upgrades.
  • Can cancel Invasions with Battleplans.
  • Added custom settings for campaign.
  • Secondary objectives added: Assassination, Data Recovery, Escort, Breakthrough, Siege, Take No Prisoner.
  • Final point costs and ship stat tweaks for the factions, primarily affecting Tau, Tyranids and Orks.
  • Additional smaller sets of tweaks for Imperials, Admech, Chaos, Necron and Asuryani.

Patch 6 - "Post Expansion"


Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version

Released: July 4th, 2019


The first patch to be released after the Chaos Expansion dropped, Patch 6 was the last one to add any features to the game, mostly centered around a few little quality of life extras for the single player campaign mode. Beyond that a small handful of bug fixes were added to the game, mostly tackling issues related to the Chaos faction's new campaign and it's missions.

Patch 6 Highlight Summary

Patch 6 was a bit on the small side, being after the expansion release and when development for the game was officially winding down. Besides the following feature additions, everything else were less notable fixes.

  • Can now win Battleplans and other secondary objective rewards from autobattle.
  • Can destroy AI mines in campaign map using Battleplans.
  • Now able to cancel or delay assaults in campaign.

Patch 7 - "Final Official"


Links: Official Announcement - Archived Version

Released: July 15th, 2019


The seventh major announced patch, released on July 15th of 2019, was the final patch to be officially released by the developer, Tindalos Interactive. The content was mostly fixes for missions released with the Chaos Expansion, along with clearing up a few handfuls of bugs that seemed to have been lingering around for a bit.

At the time of writing, it has been roughly a year since this last official patch, and considering the lack of announced activity, and the completion of the original roadmap with no additional one created, it seems as though this will certainly be the final official patch released for the game.

While this does mean there will be no new features or official content for the foreseeable future, there is an active mod community still busy at work creating new custom content and tools for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II.

Patch 7 Highlight Summary

There are very few significant changes to note, but here is some that stand out;

  • Raptor Cult Secrets point of interest fixed.
  • Fixes for missions: A King's Head, Blind Rage, Kill the Undying, Imperial Refugees and Legend of the Past.
  • Residual Absorption and Navigational Shields fixes.

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