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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Necron Escorts [Advanced Ship Guide]

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Necron Escorts

The Necrons don't have a large variety of ships or weapon systems at their disposal, so the few times you do have choices between different ships of a class, your options are typically going to be rather limited. As it currently stands, there are only 2 ships of the escort vessels weight grouping, the Dirge Destroyer and the Jackal Frigate.

Both of them are visually rather similar, small crescent shaped ships. Their capabilities aren't very different between the two, basically ones fast and weaker, the other is slower and stronger.

Considering the fact that typically, shields are half of an escort ships starting hitpoints and tend to be more than half of it's damage absorption in the long run, lest it is focused down before it gets too many recharges in, the Necron small craft need to be more careful than normal, traveling more often with the larger ships that can help keep them alive longer.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 15th, 2020

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Terms Used

This section briefly covers the advanced weapon data you will find for each ship. These values are calculated based off the base weapons stats and are explained as follows:

DPS - Damage Per Second - The total damage output per weapon type (all guns combined) per second, assuming 100% of shots land, before considering armor penalties.

Crits Pm - Critical Hits Per Minute - Assuming all shots land, this will be the average number of critical hit's the guns will cause every minute before modifiers. (all guns combined)

Salvos PM - Salvos Per Minute - The total number of combined waves of fire, not including multiple rounds fired from the same weapon.

Rounds PM - The actual number of shots or individual projectiles fired each minute from all guns combined.

Necron Destroyer & Frigate Stats

As you can see here, the main difference between these two vessels is the Dirge has half the hull as the Jackal, being the lighter Destroyer sub-class, but getting a 25% increase in speed and rotation in return, making it one of the fastest vessels in the game, matching speeds with Eldar destroyers.

The Dirge is highly susceptible to boarding actions as 6 troop deaths and it's a floating hulk immediately. Something to keep in mind considering the lack of shields and danger of lightning strikes taking out your destroyers faster than you'd probably like.

Shield: 0
Armor: 83 All Sides
Identification Range: 9,000
- 400: Dirge
- 320: Jackal
Rotation Speed
20: Dirge
- 16: Jackal
200: Dirge
- 400: Jackal
Defense Turrets
- 2: Dirge
- 4: Jackal
Bravery: 50
Defending Troops per Stage: 5

Necron Destroyer & Frigate Attributes

The Necrons have a number of special attributes that set them vastly apart from the other factions. To counter their lack of shields, they have the special repair related skills that basically are auto triggering emergency repairs that don't share cooldowns with other useful skills. The other half of their repairing features is the slow regeneration of hull points that allows Necron's to heal to a point, while reducing their max hitpoints to prevent situations where Necrons just kite until they're fully healed over and over.

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  • Necron Propulsion: Gives access to Inertialess Drive and Burn Retros
  • Reactive Hull: Immune to Fire. Yellow criticals heal after 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds, the ship repairs 1 turret.
  • Hull Cauterization: Heals 0.5 hull point every second while reducing max hp by 0.5 every second as well. Resets after battle.
  • Iron Will: Provides the +50 bravery bonus.
  • Scanner: Reveals ships within 13,000 units and marks them for 30 seconds, keeping them visible.
  • Escort: Can't use assault actions.

Point Cost: 54
Average Total Crit Output: 0.45 critical hits per minute
Average Total DPS: 3

  • 3 x Lightning Arc Artillery
    100% Accuracy
    90° Front Arc
    Range: 9,000

As mentioned above, one thing to point out immediately is the Dirge is incredibly susceptible to assault actions. Yeah it has a great morale bonus but only having 6 troops is harsh even under the best of circumstances. Without the shields other factions posses, this means you are also always in danger of being lightning striked, meaning the range at which the Dirge can be turned into a drifting hulk quickly is larger than you might normally expect if you've played other factions mostly.

Now the counter to this as also pointed out in the stats above, is you are getting a ship that matches the other fastest destroyers in the game, so if you need a ship to cap points behind enemy lines and zip away before they can catch you or chase down kiting vessels, the Dirge is a good option. If your enemy decided to bring a lot of lances however, while bad news for Necron's in general, the weakness of the hull means your Dirges are going to pop off like little cyberpunk fireworks.

If you have further thoughts or comments about this poll, they would be appreciated down below. Also helpful additions or corrections may be incorporated into this guide with a shout-out for you in thanks!

Point Cost: 59
Average Total Crit Output: 0.6 critical hits per minute
Average Total DPS: 4

  • 4 x Lightning Arc Artillery
    100% Accuracy
    90° Front Arc
    Range: 9,000

The Jackal seems to be the best option in its weight class considering for just 5 extra points you have a ship that's twice as survivable with better troop defense and trades the 25% speed boost for a 33% damage and crit chance increase from the Dirge. Considering the lack of shields that is such a factor in Necron fleets, the extra hitpoints seems well worth the cost in the long run.

One thing that hampers both of the escort ships, perhaps more so with the Jackal considering its combat orientation, though it's still useful for sneak/fast capping in its own right, is the 90 degree fire arcs force you to use head on attack orders. If you were able to have a wider arc that permitted broadside circling, it would help in dodging shots. This is offset by the fact that lances are you're biggest concern anyways and moving about isn't going to save you from 100% accuracy, armor piercing light beams.

Beyond direct fire weaponry, since your Jackals or Dirge's may be spending time off screen standing still and shooting, make sure to check in on them regularly to make sure there isn't a plasma bomb about to go off underneath them while they just sit there firing away. Saving those teleport maneuvers for these moments is something you'll thank yourself for down the road, and trust me, Necron Escorts are plasma bomb bait to any human player thanks to the temptation of being able to one shot your expensive tiny ships with it.


7/15/2020 - Updated for patch 11218.

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