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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Necron Battleships [Advanced Ship Guide]

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Necron Battleships

The Necron Battleship, the Cairn, is a monstrosity of pinpoint accurate devastation that can lay waste to fleets of small ships all on its own. Massive amounts of hitpoints with the toughest armor, amazing weaponry and some of the best complimentary skills and abilities and a fleet of just 2 of these things is almost cheese mode against anyone unprepared with how to properly deal with them.

As much as it can be a pain to be faced with the limited options of such a specialized faction, the Cairn really finds a way to satisfy that shortcomings by giving you a Battleship that just can't be beat, figuratively speaking anyways.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 15th, 2020

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Terms Used

This section briefly covers the advanced weapon data you will find for each ship. These values are calculated based off the base weapons stats and are explained as follows:

DPS - Damage Per Second - The total damage output per weapon type (all guns combined) per second, assuming 100% of shots land, before considering armor penalties.

Crits Pm - Critical Hits Per Minute - Assuming all shots land, this will be the average number of critical hit's the guns will cause every minute before modifiers. (all guns combined)

Salvos PM - Salvos Per Minute - The total number of combined waves of fire, not including multiple rounds fired from the same weapon.

Rounds PM - The actual number of shots or individual projectiles fired each minute from all guns combined.

Necron Battleship Stats

The endgame line ship of the Necron fleet with stats to match. The Cairn has the speed of an Imperial Cruiser with the hit points of a Battleship, an insane number of strong troops to defend itself from boarding actions and heavy damaging attackers to give back in kind. The rotation speed is quite slow however, and given Necron's way of moving about, it can lead to more stationary moments than you might like.

Shield: 0
Armor: 83 All Sides
Identification Range: 9,000
Speed: 160
Rotation Speed: 4
Hull: 2,400
Defense Turrets: 14
Bravery: 50
Boarding Damage: 12
+ Causes 6 Assault Actions
Lightning Strike Damage: 8
+ Causes 4 Assault Actions
Critical Assault Chance: 60%
Defending Troops per Stage: 21

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Necron Battleship Attributes & Skills

For the Cairn we carry with us pretty much all of the beneficial attributes we've seen so far while adding the unique Ancestral Terror skill, which basically spews out a flamethrower-like cone of "darkness" that to be honest, looks like black fire, and causes enemy ships to take a morale hit while your friendly ships get a boost. Not the most useful skill but handy if using it causes some valuable enemy ship to start turning tail while you continue to blow it to bits.

  • Necron Propulsion: Gives access to Inertialess Drive and Burn Retros
  • Reactive Hull: Immune to Fire. Yellow criticals heal after 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds, the ship repairs 1 turret.
  • Hull Cauterization: Heals 1.5 hull point every second while reducing max hp by 1.5 every second as well. Resets after battle.
  • Iron Will: Provides the +50 bravery bonus
  • Necron Portals: Gives 270 degree wide boarding action and +1 troop damage to lightning strike (counted in stats)
  • Good Troop Efficiency: Deals 2 troop damage per assault action.
  • Surgical Strike: 60% chance to deal +1 troop damage per assault action applied.
  • Doom Scythe: Launches a squadron of interceptors that can also deal hull damage to ships.
  • Ancestral Terror: Creates a cone of darkness 6000 units in length (you can pick direction) that grants allies +200 morale and enemies -200 morale.

Point Cost: 492
Raw Total Crit Output: 4.8 critical hits per minute
Raw Total DPS: 26

  • 10 x Lightning Arc Turrets
    100% Accuracy
    270° Front
    Range: 9,000
  • 3 x Gauss Particle Whip Turret
    100% Accuracy, Pierces Shield, Pierces Armor
    270° Front
    Range: 13,500

For a ship costing nearly half the average fleet point limit, you are getting one hell of a killing machine. 6 dps and 1.8 critical hits per minute, right off the bat, will never miss, fires at 13,500 units and goes right through enemy shields. Another 20 that never misses, does unfortunately get reduced by armor, but can be combined with the dispersion skill to apply another raw 10 dps to each enemy ship within firing range...

Let me tell you something, when I was writing the upper paragraph, I was just considering the possibility of what could happen, so I opened the game, made a fleet of two Cairns and just kept them on dispersion while i flew them towards a large fleet of multiple Imperial Cruisers and Battlecruisers. My jaw hit the floor with how amazing these ships are. They just couldn't do anything to stop it.

Each assault took away a whole stage of the largest ships defensive troops, each wave of lightning arcs hit every single ship in range, knocking away shields in single blows or causing multiple crits at a time and just devastating their hulls. The Gauss whips helped but didn't quite steal the show the way the lighning arcs did.

If you were to bring some escorts with that 200 point pool left over and the Structural Analyzer skill that doubles lightning arc crit chance against scanned ships.... I think you may be legally required to mail an apology letter to whomever you win against in multiplayer, just due to to the sheer trauma this ship can cause.

Just 5 enemy ships in range and you are adding a flat 40 raw dps to the Cairn on its base of 26 (50% lightning arc damage on secondary targets). That is nuts.

Despite any impressions it might be a bad idea to use so few ships, I highly recommend a fleet of 2 Cairns and 1 Shroud or 2 Cairns and some escorts with that Structural Analyzer skill (unlocks at level 8). You won't regret trying it. Bonus points if you fight the Tyranids with it.


7/15/2020 - Updated for patch 11218.

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