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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Main Strategy Guide Index

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"Returned from being lost in the warp for an eon to help you get better at games to impress your Emperor."


"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" Main Guide Index

Here you will find a primary index of all the sub-guides I have written for the PC game, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, collected and organized here for ease of use and so you can have one place to check back in on as development continues.

As of right now, most of the sub guides focus on the 12 factions and their ships and stats, but as time goes on, this will be expanded upon and more advanced guides, including those that cover special abilities and skills along with advanced strategies, campaign walkthroughs and more. Expect to see this article change to reflect these additions as they are published.


Weapon Tables 2.0 On The Way! (7/16/2020)

After a lot of work getting the guides up to date, it is now time to go about addressing the (very valid) issues people have had with them. The first and most important one is the stats for damage being kinda crap.

I have put effort into making a much more improved version, which shows practical damage at ranges, taking accuracy into account, while also showing affects of stances, upgrades, and different armor values. This will add a considerable amount of useful information to the guide that has been requested quite often.

This is also an upgraded version of the previous "Single Target DPS/CPM" changes previously voted on, communicating all the same info plus a bunch more. You can find an example and some explanations of the new table in the "Terms and Concepts" section below.

Currently Working On: Chaos and/or Necrons (8/15/2020)

Finished Factions

  1. Imperial Navy
  2. Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)
  3. Adeptus Mechanicus
  4. Orks (8/15/2020)

Patch 7 'Final Official' V.11218 - Updates Complete!!! (7/15/2020)

It's been a lot of work, but all the published ship guide pages have been updated to reflect everything as it currently stands in the live version of the game. Since it seems as though this was the last Patch intended to be released by Tindalos, this should be the end of the need to come back through for significant updates.

From here on out, I will be focusing all my energy on creating brand new content for the guide!

What Is Currently Being Worked On?
(Updated: July 16th, 2020)

Here you will find various notes of the progress I am making and what is next up as far as new guides or changes and planned updates to already published ones. Planned updates and additions are listed in order from whats being worked on to what is going to come after and so forth.

Order numbers and priorities are subject to change.

New Stuff On The Way:

  1. Titan class ship pages
  2. Campaign guides. (Imperials will be first)
  3. Faction Overview, Skills & Upgrade Pages

Updates Being Worked On:

  • Weapon Tables 2.0!
  • Better ship descriptions

Future Plans:
*Not scheduled yet, but hope to get around to

  • faction ship overview pages (High Priority!)
  • advanced ship strategies by faction
  • faction comparisons
  • faction vs faction strategies/advantages & disadvantages
  • faction skills and abilities guides
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Important Guide Terms and Concepts

Previously these terms were listed in the individual ship guides, however with the incoming Weapon Tables 2.0, these terms have moved here to better consolidate info and reduce unnecessary repetition in both written material and my need to update multiple pages, versus one section.

DPM / DPS – Damage Per Minute / Second

This is the combined calculated damage a ship does over the course of a minute or second with it's auto firing weapons like Macro's, Lances and other main guns.

This does NOT take into account special weapons like Torpedoes, Launch Bays or Nova Cannons that you have to use manually like a skill.

The white numbers in 2.0 tables show the average practical damage a ship can do to a single target, taking into account all weapons in the fire arc, their accuracy, special modifiers and max ranges. You can also see columns that show damage against the 3 different armor types, and the effects various ship stances like Lock On and Reload have on DPM.

Since weapons generally cannot split fire between two targets in the same arc, you will find that different weapons firing in the same arcs will have their values combined for simplicity and practical use purposes.

Note: The old tables mainly used DPS, but DPM provides a better, more readable output of damage, less fractional numbers, and less rounding errors. You will notice while the articles are transitioning you will still see DPS in a lot of areas. This will be cleaned up with time until DPM is the standard across the guides.

CPM – Critical Hits (Crits) Per Minute

In the new 2.0 weapon tables, you will find CPM has been modified to take into account the accuracy of the weapon at various ranges and this will be the average number of critical hit's the guns will cause every minute after modifiers.

Like DPM, these values are combined by arc to save space and since ships will generally try to fire at a single target per arc. (With rare exceptions)

Also keep in mind, larger ships have a resistance to critical hit's to take into account. These resistances are not shown on the table as they are universal across ship classes.


Calculates the combined on-paper Damage or Critical Hits per minute a ship can do assuming all of it's shot's land on the same target 100% of the time, without taking any modifiers like stances or upgrades into effect. This number is for reference only as it does not demonstrate the actual applied damage a ship can do.

Other Terms

Salvos PM – Salvos Per Minute – The total number of combined waves of fire, not including multiple rounds fired from the same weapon.

Rounds PM – The actual number of shots or individual projectiles fired each minute from all guns combined.

Per Broadside – For weapons on broadside mounts, their total number of weapons is split in half for each side, and since one target enemy ship can only be hit by one broadside at a time, these values are shown here for clearer insight. Both broadsides can fire independently at separate targets, so they can still output their total calculated values.

An example of the advanced 2.0 weapon tables, referenced above.

An example of the advanced 2.0 weapon tables, referenced above.

Imperial Navy Ship Guides

Imperial Navy

Imperial Navy

The ships of the Imperial Navy which focus on things like powerful ramming spurs, heavy frontal armor, powerful broadside weaponry, devastating torpedo salvos, slower engines and tough hulls. The Imperial Navy is the most numerous force in the galaxy, hindered by the need to safeguard the wide reaches of mankind's empire and thier diminished technology.

Imperial Navy Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Cobra - Cobra Widowmaker - Firestorm - Sword - Falchion
  • Light Cruisers
    Dauntless - Dauntless Mk.II - Endeavor - Endurance - Defiant
  • Cruisers
    Dictator - Gothic - Dominator - Tyrant - Lunar
  • Battle Cruiser
    Overlord - Mars - Armageddon
  • Grand Cruiser
    Vengeance - Avenger - Exorcist
  • Battleship
    Retribution - Emperor - Apocalypse - Oberon

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 7th, 2020

Adeptus Astartes Ship Guides

Adeptus Astartes

Adeptus Astartes

The Adeptus Astartes, otherwise known as the Space Marines, are mostly a ground fighting force, but they posses some potently strong vessels to take them to the places they need to go, making a mess of enemy fleets while they do. Typically weak on hull points, they make up for this with powerful armor and some of the best boarding actions and supplemental stats regarding assault actions in the game. Space Marine fleets are all about getting close and personal and turning your enemy's ships into drifting hulks quick.

Adeptus Astartes Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Hunter - Gladius - Nova
  • Light Cruisers
    Vanguard Mk.I - Vanguard Mk.II - Vanguard Mk.III
  • Cruisers
    Strike Cruiser Mk.I - Strike Cruiser Mk.II - Strike Cruiser Mk.III
  • Battleships
    Battle Barge Mk.I - Battle Barge Mk.II

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 12th, 2020

Adeptus Mechanicus Ship Guides

Adeptus Mechanicus

Adeptus Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus of Mars are the safeguarders of mankind's limited, slowly deprecating technology. Basically the carriers of the holy grail(s) as the Imperium's reliance on technology they can no longer or have limited reproduction capabilities of is their greatest weakness, besides susceptibility to chaos of course, as it currently stands. Most of their ships are copied version of Astartes or Imperial Navy ships with visual changes, stat reductions in terms of assault action efficiency and defense, but later in the ship classes, carry Nova Cannons and some enhanced weaponry by default.

Adeptus Mechanicus Guide Navigation

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 13th, 2020

Chaos Ship Guides


The Chaos aren't a faction in the typical sense as they are pure evil and nightmare given form. Led by the 4 Chaos gods, the factions of Chaos are normally a disorganized horde of demons, traitors, cultists and other similarly corrupted individuals, that tend to inhabit the warp when they aren't busy infiltrating hive cities or other sectors of the Imperium. Every so often a champion arises from the horde and attempts to lead the hordes to glory in the name of one of the chaos gods in return for special favors and powers granted to them should they succeed or perform satisfactorily in the eyes of their chosen god.

As it currently stands, the Imperium of man is under threat by the 13th Black Crusade, a massive invasion far beyond what typically comes forth from the warp, to the point where the entire realm of mankind is endangered by the rampage.

Chaos Guide Navigation

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 12th, 2020

Corsair Ship Guides

Aeldari Corsairs (Eldar Pirates)

Aeldari Corsairs (Eldar Pirates)

The Aeldari Corsairs, also known less recently as the Eldar Pirates, are a faction of the Aeldari that has decided to leave the safety of their Craftworld fleets to seek fortune and adventure out in the stars. Their incredibly advanced spacecraft tend to be on the delicate side, lacking much armor, but boasting terrifying weaponry and the best engines the galaxy has to offer.

Aeldari not under the protection of their Craftworld are considered highly vulnerable for their ever diminishing race, thus many Aeldari do not travel the Corsairs path for long, before returning to their Craftworlds. Those that do stay are some of the most vicious fighters found, as their everyday life is a constant battle to survive the many other dangers of the galaxy.

Aeldari Corsairs (Eldar Pirates) Guide Navigation

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 13th, 2020

Asuryani Ship Guides

Asuryani (Craftworld Eldar)

Asuryani (Craftworld Eldar)

The Asuryani fleets of the Aeldari are all centered around massive cosmic lifeboats known as the Craftworlds, gigantic vessels that each serve as the home of a specific faction of the Eldar, preserving the few remnants of their slowly dying race and once grand empire. Unlike the other Aeldari factions, the Asuryani are tied to these craft and rarely leave the fleets that serve to escort and protect them.

While still favoring hit and run attacks with powerful weaponry and highly maneuverable craft that are rather delicate, the Asuryani possess stronger armor and overall more potent weaponry than their compatriots, being the most important, last line of defense for the Aeldari's very existence.

Craftworld Asuryani (Eldar) Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Shadowhunter - Shard Shadowhunter
  • Light Cruisers
    Prismatic Wraithship - Ghost Wraithship - Firestorm Wraithship - Moonray Wraithship
  • Cruisers
    Starfall Dragonship - Ghost Dragonship - Firestorm Dragonship - Moonray Dragonship
  • Battle Cruisers
    Phoenix Ship

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 13th, 2020

Drukhari Ship Guides

Drukhari Raiders (Dark Eldar)

Drukhari Raiders (Dark Eldar)

The corrupt faction of the Aeldari, the descendants of those most closely tied to and responsible for the birth of the Chaos gods and the great fracturing that nearly annihilated the Aeldari race. As opposed to the other Aeldari who use the spirit stones to protect their souls from the powers of Chaos, the Dark Eldar stave these powers by causing as much terror, destruction and pain as they can muster, torturing their victims for the sheer pleasure of causing pain.

Like the other Aeldari factions, the Drukhari Raiders focus on hit and run tactics, being even more fragile than their brethren due to their special Shadowfields which provide stealth abilities as opposed to any real damage mitigation while also having slightly slower engines than the blazing fast Corsairs and Asuryani. The Drukhari make up for these drawbacks by having insanely strong troop actions that specialize in causing the highest number of critical hits through boarding in the game, while also having astronomical dps and crit numbers from their weapon load-outs and large swathes of defending troops.

Drukhari Raiders (Dark Eldar) Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Sigil - Immortal - Venom Blade - Talon Cyriix - Lost Hatred
  • Light Cruisers
    Dark Mirror - Burning Scale - Baleful Gaze - Bladed Lotus
  • Cruisers
    Flayed Skull - Fiend Ascendant - Bleak Soul - Bloodied Claw
  • Battleships
    Obsidian Rose - Iron Thorn - Dying Sun - Falling Moon

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 13th, 2020

Space Orks Ship Guides

Space Orks

Space Orks

The Space Orks fly a collection of rust buckets cobbled together from looted parts and scrap acquired during their vicious rampages across the galaxy. A race of creatures that lives only for the violence of war, the "Greeenskin Horde" as it's often referred to, leave only destruction and rampage in their wake.

Normally a disorganized and unruly mob, every so often they manage to group together in the name of a WAAAAGH!, a grand Ork campaign that brings together immense numbers of various Ork tribes together under a common goal, a rare but worrisome threat that often risks destabilizing entire sectors of the galaxy.

Space Orks Guide Navigation

  • Escorts
    Brute - Ravager - Savage - Onslaught
  • Light Cruisers
    Basha Ordzdaka - Basha Ordzgargdaka - Basha Urd Unki - Roks
  • Cruisers
    Killa - Killa Stompa - Terror - Terror Stompa - Big Roks
  • Battle Cruisers
    Hammer - Hammer Stompa - Hammer Smaka
  • Battleships
    Deadnot - Deadnot Urd Unki - Deadnot Ordzgargdaka - Mega Roks

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 14th, 2020

Necron Ship Guides



The Necrons are a race of ancient beings that traded their flesh bodies for those of machines, then due to a series of events, put their entire race in a deep slumber that has lasted millennia. Suddenly arising in the recent past (relatively speaking of course) the mysterious Necrons bring advanced technology to their fights, seeking goals unbeknownst to the Imperium.

The Necrons have a limited selection of ships, being one of the more sparse factions options wise. They also carry several unique themes, first being they lack any shields. They make up or this with heavy all around armor, decent hull points and a feature that allows them to regenerate health over time at the cost of a reduction to their max hp for the course of the battle, preventing fully regenerating ships being nigh invulnerable. All of their weaponry also has lance-like 100% accuracy, very wide and convenient firing arcs, high crit chance and damage along with powerful boarding actions and troops. All of these benefits are further countered by a high per-ship points cost, meaning Necron fleets tend to be few in number, however still incredibly dangerous.

Necron Ship Guide Navigation

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 15th, 2020

Tyranids Ship Guides



The Tyranids are a mysterious race of monstrous aliens that come from somewhere outside the galaxy, their true origins unknown to anyone but themselves. Governed by an all-knowing, terrifying force known as the Hive Mind, the Tyranids work as a swarm, moving from system to system, consuming all in it's path. They poses no capacity for mercy and no other visible goal than than to simple devour everything in existence.

Their vessels are all gigantic creatures themselves, featuring a variety of unique bio-organic weaponry that causes special effects and functions very differently than the more conventional space faring races. Of all the factions, the Tyranids definitely have the most unique play style, definitely standing on their own thanks to a wide array of modifiers and special abilities beyond their unique weaponry.

Tyranids Ship Guide Navigation

  • Escort Destroyers
    Caustic Drone - Strangler Drone - Bio Plasma Drone
    Corrosive Vanguard - Strangler Vanguard
  • Escort Frigates (Kraken)
    Corrosive - Clutch - Strangler - Bio Projectile
  • Light Cruisers (Voidprowlers)

    Acid - Bio Projectile - Bio Strangler - Corrosive Clutch
    Bio Clutch - Corrosive Strangler - Bio Acid - Corrosive Projectile

  • Cruisers (Razorfiends)

    Razorfiend - Bio Corrosive - Bio Projectile - Bio Acid Projectile
    Bio Acid - Corrosive Projectile - Corrosive Infestation - Bio Infestation

  • Battle Cruisers (Devourer)
    Devourer - Corrosive Clutch - Bio Tentacles - Infestation - Corrosive Tentacles
  • Battleships (Hiveship)
    Hiveship - Bio Tentacles - Acid Infestation - Bio Acid

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 15th, 2020

Tau Merchant & Protector Fleet Guides



The Tau are a young race, fresh to the fight in the Galaxy, recently achieving the technological ability to travel through space and compete with the other factions for dominance, at least relatively speaking. They are so new to the galaxy as far as a space fairing empire goes, that there is Imperial logs of ships that encountered the Tau back when they were still a primitive species. The story goes that they were saved from the Imperials xenos purging/colonization fleets by a warp storm that kept their sector of space inaccessible and protected from the older more predatory races of the galaxy, until they had advanced far enough to stand on their own.

The Tau have their navy divided into two main factions, the Protector fleet is the first. The Protectors consist of their combat built warships, meant for no other goal than to defend the spread of the Greater Good through the stars. These ships focus on providing heavy frontal focused fire at long range.

The Second division, the Merchant Fleet, has larger ships that prefer more broadside weaponry. These vessels are actually the traders and freighters of the Tau navy whose battle doctrine demands arming them the same as the combat vessels, a strategy that has served their supply lines and rapid expansion through their space well.

Finally there is a third side faction within the Tau fleets, which consists of their Allied and Mercenary combat vessels. These are ships of other minor races the Tau has brought into the fold of their way, being the only faction in the Battlefleet Gothic universe that is not outright xenophobic, and friendly and accepting of other races, especially if they seek to serve the same ends as the Tau.
These vessels are covered separately, since they are available to both fleets.

Tau Protector Fleet Ship Guide Navigation

Tau Merchant Fleet Ship Guide Navigation

Tau Allied & Mercenary Guide Navigation

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 [v.11218] - July 13th, 2020

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

As I am working on putting together the numerous portions of this guide, your feedback would be extremely helpful and appreciated! I may not be able to always respond, but I definitely take the time to read all comments left on my articles.

Vote On New Features!

As part of my continued work on these guides, there is some updates/ideas I've had to expand upon the information presented, some of these I would like to get reader feedback as far as if this is something wanted or not, or the interest level in each to help prioritize tasks and reduce spending time on adding things that are useless or just add clutter.

Check for these polls in this section below often as they are likely to change/new ones added over time.

Update 7/16/2020: Since single target CPM/DPM is incorporated in the new 2.0 weapon tables, I have removed the Single Target DPS polls. I currently do not have any major new features to have voted on, but will update this section when there is a new one.

In the mean time, make sure to leave your thoughts on the new weapon tables (as they show up) and vote on the faction poll below if you haven't already.

*Votes here can help prioritize in the future, which sections get new features/patch updates first, as I will try to focus on the factions with the most demand.

Completed Tasks/Changelog:

- Patch 7 "Final Official" Updates Completed

- Patch 3 Updates -

- All Tau sections finished.
- Version 1.0!

- Tyranids section complete.

- Patch 2 updates complete.
- Mechanicus ship sub-faction images complete.

- Ork Section Complete

- Drukhari section is complete

*Note: While no longer necessary to stay current with this guide, you can still find the Steam version of this index here.

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SOE (author) on September 01, 2020:

Quick update, a helpful dude (Y. Petrov) pointed out to me that the reload damage numbers in the new weapon guides are off, because the way it works in the game is backwards from the tooltip and what I thought it to be. Basically reload should have a higher damage output than it does now. For reasons I can't get into, I can't make the change right now. But I wanted to alert people asap.

SOE (author) on July 06, 2020:


This is actually something I hope to get to very soon. It will probably be the first portion of the campaign guides I'll be working on.

@Andre & @Leezy

Much appreciated! :D

Mark on June 03, 2019:

Any chance you could create a guide breaking down the Planetary systems in the game, and the points of interest within them?

Andre on May 21, 2019:

Very useful thank you!!

Leezy on April 15, 2019:

This is an amazing work! Hopem you continue with them this is probably the best guides by far for the game!

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