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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Imperial Navy Grand Cruisers [Advanced Ship Guide]

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Imperial Navy Grand Cruisers

The Grand Cruiser category of ships is mostly unique to the Imperial Navy faction in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, offering a mid range option between Battlecruisers and Battleships at an affordable price cost, just slightly more expensive, or in the Avenger's case, cheaper, than Battlecruisers. The real benefit from these ships is where they maintain the speed of the smaller ships, being the highest hitpoint vessels with a speed of 160 and turning rate of 8, shared among all the ships down through the Cruisers.

One common attribute among the Imperial Navy's Grand Cruisers is that none of them have any forward facing weapons or torpedoes, instead opting for ramming Spurs that give them 50% bonuses to their ramming damage as line ships. Interestingly, none of the Grand Cruisers poses the heavy armor value of 83% common among other Imperial Navy ships, especially considering the inclusion of spurs and lack of frontal weapons.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 (v.11218) - July 7th, 2020

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Shared Stats

All of the Imperial Navy's Grand Cruisers share the same base stats with no exceptions. Notably missing from the rest of the Imperial Navy line-up is the heavy prow armor common to ships of larger sizes. Lore wise, if memory serves me right, this has much to do with the fact that the Grand Cruisers are much older designs of ships in the Imperial Navy, dating back to the Horus Heresy.


Shield: 600

ID Range: 9,000

Bravery: 0

Armor (Front): 67

Speed: 160

Troops: 15

Armor (Sides): 67

Rotation: 8

Troop Damage: 1-2

Armor (Rear): 67

Defense Turrets: 15

Assault Crit Chance: 10%

Hull: 2,000

Lightning Strike Actions: 3

Boarding Actions: 6

Shared Attributes

All of the Imperial Navy's Grand Cruisers share the same special attributes with no exceptions.

  • Plasma Reactor: Gives access to Imperial maneuvers.
  • Dedicated: The ship isn't submitted to any basic bravery bonus or penalty.
  • Average Troop Efficiency: Deals 1-2 troop damage per assault action.
  • Brutal Strike: 10% chance to deal +1 troop damage per assault action.
Point Cost: 242Raw DPM: 2,040Raw CPM: 6.6

Vengeance: Weapons

  • [4] Plasma Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 4 | Damage: 18 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 4.5%

    *2 per Broadside
  • [4] Heavy Lance Battery Weapons
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 13,500
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 15 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 7.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)
    *2 per Broadside
  • Spur
    +40% Ramming Damage
Vengeance - Weapon Damage Profile

Vengeance - Weapon Damage Profile

The Vengeance is the long-range, critical hit dealing heavyweight of the Grand Cruisers. It's Plasma Macros with their astronomical 18,000 unit range outpaces the already long-range Heavy Lances, both of which could be further enhanced with Lock On orders for a subsystem demolishing sniper heavyweight.

Having slightly less DPS output than the Avenger, the Vengeance makes up for this with the ability to operate more independently as long as there are other ships engaged with the enemy at closer ranges or otherwise working as spotters. Since the Vengeance can outrange most things that would even think about kiting it, as long as you can keep eyes on the enemy or park it in a gas cloud that forces them to get somewhat closer to ID you, it feels less vulnerable without nearby escorts.

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Since it also has the highest average potential crits per minute, it has the best chance of blowing the engines and generators off those pesky Drukhari/Aeldari ships.

One downside of the Vengenace's long-range role is it makes the attached Spur far less useful, since there's far less reason to spend time getting the Vengeance into ramming distance, especially when that means turning those guns away from the target you're trying to damage with your ram.

Some other points of note is that since the Heavy Lances are a lot of it's weapon output, the 90% absorption chance of holofields can really affect the damage and crits you're dealing out. Also your plasma projectiles still have to travel towards the thing you want to hit, giving your target more chance to doge them at those longer ranges, meanwhile offering a bright blue glow very visible to enemy players.

Point Cost: 199Raw DPM: 2,240Raw CPM: 5.6

Avenger: Weapons

  • [8] Light Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 6 | Damage: 7 | Reload: 9s | Crit: 1.75%

    *4 per Broadside
  • Spur
    +40% Ramming Damage
Avenger - Weapon Damage Profile

Avenger - Weapon Damage Profile

The Avenger is the cheapest of the Imperial Navy's Grand Cruisers, edging just under 200 points, it actually offers a cheaper option than all the Battlecruisers that has more hitpoints and shields thanks to its larger weight, slightly worse armor on the prow thanks to the interesting front armor quirk of the Grand Cruisers all while providing the highest raw DPS output of its weight group.

This makes the Avenger an excellent ship to use as an affordable meat shield and the massive amount of rounds fired means it has the best output of crits and damage-dealing hits in terms of consistency, since your damage is spread out over so many chances to hit. The projectiles being smaller and harder to see has a psychological effect on other human players that should not be discounted either, since it seems less threatening than the larger macro cannon shells that are quite obvious.

The one thing that really hampers the Avenger is that its limited base range, lack of launch bays or secondary longer-range weaponry means this ship is the least capable of working solo and especially dealing with faster ships that stay at range like the Eldar. The Avenger really benefits from some companion ships to avoid becoming easy prey due to its limited reach and slow engines.

Your comments as to why you find the particular ship you picked useful, or why you don't use Grand Cruisers in your fleet would be appreciated!

Point Cost: 268Raw DPM: 1,680Raw CPM: 4.2

Exorcist: Weapons

  • [4] Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 4 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 5.25%

    *2 per Broadside
  • [4] Launcher Bays
    Fury Interceptor (3 Uses)
    Starhawk Bomber (3 Uses)
    Shark Assault Boat (3 Uses)
  • Spur
    +40% Ramming Damage
Exorcist - Weapon Damage Profile

Exorcist - Weapon Damage Profile

The Exorcist class Grand Cruiser is the one ship of its weight group that possesses weaponry that can technically deal with targets to its prow, thanks to the group of launch bays it posses and the small attack craft's 360-degree launch radius. Without other smaller faster ships to help coral kiting vessels and keep them identified, the Exorcist is still going to have some issues dealing with ships that have stealth and stay at long range like the Eldar factions. Of the Grand Cruisers however, considering the versatility of launch bays and not considering special abilities, the Exorcist has the best chances of handling them on its own.

With the highest point cost in its category, the Exorcist also, unfortunately, rivals the cost of some Battleships.


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  • 7/7/2020 - Updated stats and reworked descriptions for patch 11218
  • 2/5/2019 - Corrected typo on shields under stats from 200 to 600 (Credits to AYS)

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