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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Imperial Navy Battleships [Advanced Ship Guide]

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"Returned from being lost in the warp for an eon to help you get better at games to impress your Emperor."


Imperial Navy Battleships

The Imperial Nay's Battleships represent the Imperium's endgame when it comes to their naval armadas. Being the biggest, toughest, most powerfully armed ships excluding unique variants, Typically only one is fielded in an engagement if at all, as the Admiral's flagship. Slow and lumbering, they still require the support of a fleet to take control of a battlefield, but when they are brought to bear, can lay waste to multiple cruiser sized ships while having the longevity to slug it out long term with other equally sized ships.

As is common in the Imperial Navy, some of their Battleships come with the ramming Spurs, which for a line ship's case, adds 40% ramming damage. Since this is based of ship size, the spur equipped battleships become capable of cleaving smaller cruisers clean in two with a well placed full burn. Combined with the possibility of massive torpedo spreads and bomber waves, an Imperial Navy Battleship can output massive damage within a short time frame when things are timed properly, quickly crippling an otherwise brand new enemy ship.

As the "command and control" vessels, two of the Imperial Battleships come quipped with the Sensors upgrade, only otherwise carried by the single purpose, fragile and small Cobra Widowmaker. Having a sensor equipped Battleship flying in a formation of other ships can help with spotting targets at extended range and allowing your ships to get several salvos in before the enemy can return fire.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 (v.11218) - July 7th, 2020

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Shared Stats

The Battleships are the top tier of the normal fleet ships, possessing the strongest hulls and shields of the Imperial Navy, an amazing amount of defense turrets to make short work of torpedoes and squadrons and troops to soak up assault actions for quite some time. All of this immense firepower and armor comes at the cost of the slowest speeds both as far as main engines go and rotation, while also being locked out of high energy turns. It might be harder to get broadsides facing enemies in a timely manner, but the long ranges of the carried weapons helps counter the lack of maneuverability while the full force of their damage potential means they will feel it in spades once those weapons are brought to bare.


Shield: 800

ID Range: 9,000*

Bravery: 0

Armor (Front): 83*

Speed: 120*

Troops: 18

Armor (Sides): 67

Rotation: 4

Troop Damage: 1-2

Armor (Rear): 67

Defense Turrets: 18

Assault Crit Chance: 10%

Hull: 2,400

Lightning Strike Actions: 3

Boarding Actions: 6

*Shared Stat Exceptions:

  • Oberon & Emperor - 67 Front Armor, 13,500 ID Range
  • Retribution - 160 Speed

Shared Attributes

The Imperial Navy's Battleships are definitely the most diverse when it comes to special abilities. The Retribution carries one of the ramming spurs found quite commonly among ships of the line. The Emperor and Oberon both carry the Sensors perk that increases identification range, the only vessels outside of the Cobra Widowmaker Destroyer to do so.

Finally and most significantly, the Overload Lances special ability is entirely unique in the whole of the Imperial armada to the Apocalypse class Battleship.

  • Plasma Reactor: Gives access to Imperial maneuvers.
  • Dedicated: The ship isn't submitted to any basic bravery bonus or penalty.
  • Average Troop Efficiency: Deals 1-2 troop damage per assault action.
  • Brutal Strike: 10% chance to deal +1 troop damage per assault action.
  • Low Maneuverability: Cannot perform High Energy Turn
  • Sensors: +4,500 Identification range (Emperor & Oberon)
  • Overload Lances: Lock On stance gives lances an additional +13,500 range instead of only +4,500 *Apocalypse Only
Point Cost: 293Raw DPM: 2,385Raw CPM: 6.53

Retribution: Weapons

  • [8] Torpedo Launcher *Special Weapon
    Basic (4 Uses) | Melta (4 Uses)
  • [3] Lance Turrets
    Perfect Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 15 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 7.5%
    Armor Piercing (-25%)
  • [6] Plasma Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 4 | Damage: 18 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 4.5%
    *2 per Broadside
  • Spur
    +40% Ramming damage

The Retribution is the apex of packing in macro turrets into a hull, complimented by giving the offensive turrets down the body of the ship lances as opposed to more macros, just to give a touch of versatility without compromising that sweet sweet raw DPS. Since macros always get better at range, it provides a good synergy with the massive torpedo tube array and the ramming spur, which as you can imagine, pulling of a successful ram with a Battleship with a ramming bonus is utterly devastating to anything slightly smaller than itself, though the Battleship's slow speed will make that extra difficult for you.

The pure DPS output and crits per minute allows the Retribution to reliably take on multiple enemy ships and strip subsystems off like crazy. Striking just about any ship with a full spread of eight torpedoes is going to do devastating damage all on its own and that works for either variant, as eight fires burning simultaneously will make health bars evaporate. Both have significantly damaging effects on morale to boot.

Thanks to the torpedo tubes, lances and spur, Retribution takes the spot for highest burst damage potential if one can pull off a full salvo and ram followup, capable of crippling if not destroying cruiser sized vessels outright within seconds if properly timed.

Point Cost: 300Raw DPM: 1,470Raw CPM: 3.68

Emperor: Weapons

  • [4] Launch Bays *Special Weapon
    Fury Interceptor (4 Uses)
    Starhawk Bomber (4 Uses)
    Shark Assault Boat (4 Uses)
  • [3] Heavy Macro Turrets
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 5.25%
  • [2] Heavy Plasma Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 4 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 5.25%

    *2 per Broadside
  • Sensors
    +4,500 Identification Range

The Emperor is one of two spotter type, Command and Control Battleships, that come with the Sensors special equipment which boosts the vessels max identification range. These devices are only otherwise found in the Widowmaker escort, so it might be worth considering opting for a spotter that wont have a hard time being in the thick of the fight.

The macro batteries and turrets offer a considerable consistent DPS/crit output with incredible ranges and very accommodating firing arcs, at least for the nearly half of the damage dealt by the 270-degree turrets. Combined with the sensor's ability, this helps the Emperor combat and assist other friendly vessels in fighting enemies that like to stay at range like the Chaos and Aeldari factions.

The cluster of four launch bays allows the Emperor to launch fearsome amounts of craft all on its own. Normally a bomber squadron of two squads would need fighter support to survive more than one line ship's worth of turrets, but four squads can punch through regardless. Being the only ship of its class with quad launch bays, if you are looking to supplement a carrier focused fleet, the Emperor definitely serves as your best option.

Point Cost: 271Raw DPM: 1,320Raw CPM: 5.55

Apocalypse: Weapons

  • Nova Cannon
    *Special Weapon (4 Uses)
  • [2] Heavy Macro Turrets
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 5.25%
  • [6] Lance Battery Weapons
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 15 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 7.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)
    *3 per Broadside
  • Overload Lances
    (+9,000 extra range for lances w Lock On orders, +13,500 total)

So the first thing to address and get out of the way, besides the fact that the Apocalypse carries the Nova Cannon, is that it is the only ship in the Imperial Navy to carry the Overload Lances special ability which adds 13,500 to the range of lances when Lock On orders are used as opposed to the normal 4,500 bonus to range.

Update (Patch 2): While previously the Overload Lances ability was garbage (only granted +4,500 extra), considering all it did was make the Apocalypse's Lances match the same range that comes standard with some Lances found on a lot of other imperial ships, which still made them terrible since those other Lances could push further in range with Lock On, while the Apocalypse simply matched them with the stance on. Now with the extra 4,500 units added on top of that bonus, the Lances can reach out to 22,500 units thanks to the ability. This still isn't super amazing, since if you like just below here at the Oberon's pair of Lance Batteries, you'll see their base range means they will match the Apocalypse's for the same DPS/CPM per battery with Lock On orders active, but at least the Apocalypse no longer lags behind.

It is unfortunate however because it doesn't seem to make sense to give the Apocalypse this special ability, even with its new extra bonus, when six bays of Super Heavy Lances would give it the same effect without the need of an extra ability to close the gap. Perhaps this does somehow affect the underlying cost of the ship, since the points costs are determined by the underlying modules that make up each vessel, assuming the points cost for the special ability doesn't eat up whatever theoretical savings there might be in using the shorter range lance bays over the Battleship mountable longer-range variants.

Either way, as lance boating goes, you can do no better than the Apocalypse even considering the end result of the lance ability. Lance boating usually comes at the cost of a lot of raw DPS loss, however, having six full-sized bays to pack them in helps counter the typical loss. A deadly hunter of small fast ships.

Point Cost: 286Raw DPM: 1,770Raw CPM: 5.18

Oberon: Weapons

  • [2] Launch Bays
    Fury Interceptor (4 Uses)
    Starhawk Bomber (4 Uses)
    Shark Assault Boat (4 Uses)
  • [3] Macro Turrets
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 13,500
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 5.25%
  • [2] Super Heavy Lance Battery Weapons
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 15 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 7.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)
    *1 per Broadside
  • [2] Heavy Plasma Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 4 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 5.25%

    *1 per Broadside
  • Sensors
    +4,500 Identification Range

The first thing worth mentioning about the Oberon, besides it being the only Imperial Navy vessel to field Super Heavy Lance Batteries, is the disappointing fact that according to the in-game stats, the Super Heavy lance doesn't actually perform any different than the other the Heavy Lance Batteries. With that in mind, this is basically your typical lance+macro combo, however coming with launch bays and the rare sensors ability that allows for identification at longer ranges, something directly benefiting its weapons engagement ranges.

A pair of launch bays serve to allow the Oberon to supplement other carrier vessels to combine forces and pave the way for bombers or keep turrets busy and away from shooting down torpedo salvos.


  • 7/25/2020 - Weapon Tables 2.0
  • 7/7/20 - Updated stats and reworked descriptions for patch 11218
  • 2/21/19 - Fixed Emperor's description & Battleships prow armor.
    credits to: Kraizy, Dent
  • 2/18/19 - Corrected armament for Emperor. Does not have torpedoes
    credits to: Le Petit Lapin
  • 2/5/19 - Corrected speed values
    credits to: AYS

© 2019 SOE


Mongoman on April 12, 2020:

Just started the game this week can't get enough of it . Thanks for the ship guides awesome work .

SOE (author) on February 21, 2019:

@Kraizy thanks for the reminder, I have no idea what I was thinking at the time and in leaving the description as it was, lol. Gave it a proper analysis based on it's actual loadout now.

Kraizy on February 21, 2019:

Other then correcting the Emperor's armament, you should also just change the description and tips you gave as they no longer apply without the torpedoes.

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