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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Adeptus Mechanicus Escort Frigates [Advanced Ship Guide]

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"Called back from the far flung reaches of space by the Magos of Mars to help you get better at games to impress your Omnissiah."


Adeptus Mechanicus Frigates

The Frigates of the Adeptus Mechanicus represent the larger and slightly better equipped half of the escort weight class of vessels. Like the Destroyers, all the ships in this group are carbon copies of one of the variants available to either the Imperial Navy or the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines). These ships are offered at a cost reduction, minimal for the Imperial copies, significant for the Astartes', in return for dropping some of the ship's stats, namely those related to defense against boarding actions and ship armor plating.

Like with most factions, the Frigates are the first ships that carry serious, non special use weaponry into the fight. Because of escorts intrinsic weakness to assault actions as they just don't hold many troops to begin with, it really gives the Mechanicus reason to stay at longer ranges than the other factions of Mankind which are often better up close in brawling range, or at the very least, not at a significant disadvantage.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 (v.11218) - July 13th, 2020

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Shared Stats

The Frigates, much like the Destroyers, all are cheaper slightly worse variants of their original Imperial Navy and Adeptus Astartes copies, being far weaker to enemy boarding actions with a bravery penalty and less defensive troops while also often loosing armor, especially in the case of the Gladius and Nova whose Astartes variants have 83 all around heavy armor.


Shield: 200

ID Range: 9,000

Defense Turrets: 6

Armor (All Sides): 67

Speed: 200*

Bravery: -25

Hull: 400

Rotation: 16

Troops: 3

*Shared Stat Exceptions:

  • Gladius - 240 Speed
  • Nova - 280 Speed

Shared Attributes & Special Skills

All of the Mechanicus Frigates share the same attributes and all come with the Escort special ability, Scanner.

  • Plasma Reactor: Gives access to Mechanicus maneuvers.
  • Independent: -25 to bravery penalty.
  • Escort: This ship does not have access to assault skills.
  • Scanner: Marks enemy ships in 13,000 units and keeps them revealed and targetable for 30 seconds.
Point Cost: 39Raw DPM: 290Raw CPM: 1.10

Firestorm: Weapons

  • [1] Double-Barrel Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 7 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 1.75%
  • [1] Light Lance Artillery
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Front - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 15 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 7.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)

While the Mechanicus Firestorm used to be more of a second rate Nova, since some of the patch changes, it has gotten a significant boost to it's offensive output, identical to the base Imperial version. With this increase in DPS and CPM, the Firestorm now serves as a slower, more offensive vessel, while the Nova offers a reduction in damage potential for a trade off in speed and maneuverability.

I would say that the deciding factor between the two would be more down to whether you need the speed to help with capturing points or chasing fast enemies, which I'd say the Nova might be your preference. If you'd rather have an escort with more punch to sly alongside your larger ships, the Firestorm will be your best bet.

See Also: Imperial Navy Firestorm

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If you respond to the poll above, your comments down below as to why would be appreciated, especially if you still find the Firestorm useful, doubly so if you picked the second option of only using the Firestorm and never the Nova.

Point Cost: 39Raw DPM: 280Raw CPM: 0.7

Sword: Weapons

  • [2] Double-Barrel Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 7 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 1.75%
Ad-Mech Sword - Weapon Damage Profile

Ad-Mech Sword - Weapon Damage Profile

Like the Imperial variant, the Sword is great for harassing enemies while staying alive longer than some of the other frigates thanks to it having all of its weapons on that super wide 270 degree arc. Setting up broadside orders as opposed to the default follow, keeps the Sword circling the enemies and their accuracy dependent weapons having a harder time hitting their mark.

Since some of the patch changes have upped the damage of the base Imperial ships, while most of the Space Marine's vessels have been left untouched, the Sword actually gets a boost to it's damage profile over the Gladius, putting out about 20% more damage and 12% more CPM in exchange for the reduction in engine speed.

See Also: Imperial Navy Sword

Point Cost: 39Raw DPM: 210Raw CPM: 0.525

Falchion: Weapons

  • [3] Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 7 | Reload: 6s | Crit: 1.75%
  • [2] Torpedo Launcher *Special Weapon
    Basic (2 Uses)
Ad-Mech Falchion - Weapon Damage Profile

Ad-Mech Falchion - Weapon Damage Profile

Unless you really, really need torpedoes, I wouldn't recommend the Falchion. The Adeptus Mechanicus don't seem to care much for torpedoes in general, with none of their ships ever having more than 2 tubes if any, but the fact you only get one set of 3 basic charges and no melta or boarding or any other secondary special type really sucks, especially when a few extra points don't get shaved off for the loss.

Even if the Falchion is still useful as a cheap but tough torpedo escort, I still feel like taking it at the same price reduction as the other Frigates that don't take a hit to their offensive weapons comes off as kind of a con.

In the end the Falchion still has its place, since it doesn't get clearly outmatched by a comparable space marine based vessel and a wing of them can be a significant threat to cruisers.

See Also: Imperial Navy Falchion

Point Cost: 41Raw DPM: 240Raw CPM: 0.6

Gladius: Weapons

  • [2] Double-Barrel Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 4 | Reload: 4s | Crit: 1%
Ad-Mech Gladius - Weapon Damage Profile

Ad-Mech Gladius - Weapon Damage Profile

Weapon wise the Mechanicus Gladius might be a carbon copy of the Sword, however it is worht pointing out, that while the raw dps and crit output are identical, the Gladius' weapon fires faster with less damage per shot which means over time it will apply it's damage more consistently with the same amount of damage spread out among more chances to hit. Might be a very minute difference, but when comparing two nearly identical things, it's worth finding out where they do separate, even if it is down to the minutiae.

Beyond this small difference in damage application the main difference between the two is the extra 2 points cost for a 20% boost in speed for the Gladius of the Sword, worth noting if you want to chase down other weaker escorts and make their lives miserable, though the Nova is even better at that.

See Also: Adeptus Astartes Gladius

Point Cost: 45Raw DPM: 240Raw CPM: 0.9

Nova: Weapons

  • [1] Double-Barrel Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 4 | Reload: 4s | Crit: 1%
  • [1] Light Lance Artillery
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Front - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 16 | Reload: 8s | Crit: 8%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)

The Nova is the last of the Mechanicus' bootleg escort vessels. The Nova is an excellent ship to have in the Mechanicus fleet, thanks to the fact that the loss of it's space marine upgrades makes it incredibly affordable while retaining its top of the line damage output and insane engines.

I would go so far as to say this is the one real Mechanicus escort that might even be preferable over it's base variant, since as great as having tough armor and defensive troops is, the Nova is really designed to work at long range. Losing the stats in the way Mechanicus Nova does only takes away form all the things it really shouldn't be doing anyways.

Bringing multiple wings of Novas and giving them lock on orders is a long range crit sniping swarm of hell that can outrun most enemies that would give them chase. If you want to feel like your appropriating Eldar play styles even more, give them puppies silent running orders and keep having them scatter in different directions when the enemy tries to give chase. Bonus points for doing it in a map with lots of gas clouds and a slow moving opponent.

See Also: Adeptus Astartes Nova


  • 7/29/2020 - Weapon Tables 2.0
  • 7/13/2020 - Updated for patch 11218.

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Mike-A on February 10, 2019:

While the Nova is by far better then the Firestorm I do use both since there is a few builds that allow me to take a Firestorm and Widowmaker (1-2 Widowmakers is a must have for the spotting range)

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