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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Adeptus Mechanicus Battleships [Advanced Ship Guide]

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"Called back from the far flung reaches of space by the Magos of Mars to help you get better at games to impress your Omnissiah."


Adeptus Mechanicus Battleships

As it currently stands, the entirety of the Battleships category for the Adeptus Mechanicus consists solely of their one and only unique ship, not based off another base variant form another Imperial faction, the Ark Mechanicus. A very interesting ship and well armed fortress, the Ark Mechanicus is the only thing standing on the larger size of the gape that is left in their lack of Battlecruisers and Grand Cruisers.

Hopefully at some point in the future the Adeptus Mechanicus get new ships unique to themselves, beyond just a visual makeover of an Imperial or Adeptus Astartes ship. If that ever happens, you will find those ships added to the guides at the time of release.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 (v.11218) – July 13th, 2020

Adeptus Mechanicus Guide Navigation

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Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship Stats

This would normally be the shared stats section, but since there currently no other Battleships to share said stats with, I figured I'd just name it after the ship in question. This can change if there is ever another Mechanicus Battleship added to the game.

Beyond the weakness to boarding actions, the Ark Mechanicus is pretty comparable to Imperial Navy Battleships.


Shield: 800

ID Range: 9,000

Bravery: -25

Armor (Front): 83

Speed: 160

Troops: 16

Armor (Sides): 67

Rotation: 4

Troop Damage: 1

Armor (Rear): 67

Defense Turrets: 21

Assault Crit Chance: 10%

Hull: 2,400

L-Strike Actions: 3

Boarding Actions: 6

Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship Attributes

So for some reason they put both a spur and a Nova Cannon on this one. Genuinely curious if people actually use it for ramming.

  • Plasma Reactor: Gives access Mechanicus maneuvers.
  • Independent: -25 to bravery penalty.
  • Poor Troop Efficiency: Deals 1 troop damage per assault action.
  • Brutal Strike: 10% chance to deal +1 troop damage per assault action applied.
  • Low Maneuverability: Cannot perform High Energy Turn.
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Your comments about how you answered the poll above would be appreciated in the comments section below! Especially if you try to take 2 or more in a fleet, I'd be interested to know how that works out for you.

Point Cost: 333Raw DPM: 2,040Raw CPM: 6.6

Ark Mechanicus: Weapons

  • [1] Nova Cannon *Special Weapon
    AOE Damage (4 Uses) | AOE Slow (4 Uses)
  • [4] Plasma Macro Battery Weapons
    Exceptional Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 4 | Damage: 18 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 4.5%

    *2 per Broadside
  • [2] Heavy Lance Battery Weapons
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 21 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 10.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)
    *1 per Broadside
  • [1] Heavy Lance Turret
    Perfect Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 45 | Reload: 15s | Crit: 22.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)
  • Spur *Special Weapon
    +40% ramming damage

The one and only Battleship of the Adeptus Mechanicus faction, the Ark is also the one and only ship of the faction that is an entirely unique model, at least when just counting standard fleet ships. All the rest of the Mechanicus ships are mostly carbon copies of one of the smaller Imperial or Adeptus Astartes vessels, with lower stats. The Cruisers are a bit of an exception with their change in weaponry, swapping torpedoes and spurs for offensive turrets and Nova Cannons.

While matching the speeds of cruisers, the Ark Mechanicus is really not meant for close ranged combat any more than the other ships of their fleet, though to some degree its the most resilient, it can still get taken out quick by focused boarding actions (until the boarding changes come into effect in one of the patches to come). All of it's weapons have a base range of 18,000 before lock on orders, which is pretty unique, so you'll most likely want to take advantage of that.

Of course, theres always a chance an enemy gets close to you regardless, at which point you can hit the All Ahead Full button to cream it with your massive size and ramming spur bonus.


  • 7/20/2020 - Weapon Tables 2.0
  • 7/13/2020 - Updated for patch 11218.

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Mike-A on February 10, 2019:

This ship is 1 of the best Imperium for a autoing fleet in the campaign fielding 4+ in a fleet and no support make manual work kinda rough but cheap and as mentioned for a fleet or 2 that you want to just auto with this ship is the only 1 I make pure BS class fleets from.

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