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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Adeptus Astartes Escorts [Advanced Ship Guide]

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"Reawakened after millennia in stasis to help you get better at games to impress your Primarch."


Adeptus Astartes Escorts

The Adeptus Astartes, better known as the Space Marines, posses a limited number of more finely specialized ships than the Imperial Navy does, with a higher cost, high all around armor and decent weaponry to still poke plenty of holes in the enemy while they aren't filling the halls of the enemy vessels with the dead bodies of their own crew.

In addition, the Space Marine small vessels are incredibly potent for their size, outmatching most other faction's escort vessels of comparison head to head while being deadly adversaries to larger ships in just small handfuls.

Unfortunately as of Patch 2, the Adeptus Astartes escorts have lost their free assault action, as they no longer posses the Honor The Chapter ability, which still exists for the line ships of the faction.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 (v.11218) - July 12th, 2020

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Shared Stats

Like the other Imperial factions, the Escort class of ships for the Adeptus Astartes is broken down into two sub groups, the Destroyer class consisting solely of the Hunter and the Frigate class which encompasses the Nova and Gladius vessels. One unique feature of the Space Marine escorts is their ability to perform assault actions using their faction's special skill, covered more below. Stat wise they are also unique for their all around heavy armor combined with faster than normal speeds and larger troop counts for defense, in matching with the assault action centric play style.

Destroyers (Hunter)


Shield: 200

ID Range: 9,000

Defense Turrets: 3

Armor (All Sides): 83

Speed: 280

Bravery: 100

Hull: 200

Rotation: 20

Troops: 6

Frigates (Nova & Gladius)


Shield: 200

ID Range: 9,000

Defense Turrets: 6

Armor (All Sides): 83

Speed: 240*

Bravery: 100

Hull: 400

Rotation: 16

Troops: 6

*Shared Stat Exceptions:

  • Nova - 280 Speed

Shared Attributes & Special Skills

The Adeptus Astartes escorts all come with the Scanner skill typical of ships of their class which helps with detecting stealthed ships and working as quick spotters for your larger vessels, something a bit less useful to the Space Marines since they always tend to do better up close to maximize use of the strengths in boarding actions, though still handy nonetheless.

UPDATE: Since Patch 2 (Released 2/26/2019), with the changes done to reworking assault actions as a mechanic, the Adeptus Astartes Destroyers and Frigates have lost the Honor The Chapter ability, losing their free assault action ability. Surgical Strike still benefits actions caused by boarding torpedoes.

  • Plasma Reactor: Gives access to Astartes maneuvers.
  • And They Shall Know No Fear: Immune to morale loss.
  • Escort: Does not have access to assault skills.
  • Surgical Strike: 60% chance to deal +1 troop damage per assault action applied.
  • Scanner: Marks enemy ships within 13,000 units around the ship and keeps them revealed for 30 seconds.
Point Cost: 47Raw DPM: 60Raw CPM: 0.15

Hunter: Weapons

  • [1] Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 4 | Reload: 4s | Crit: 1%
  • [2] Torpedo Launcher *Special Weapon
    Basic (2 Uses) | Boarding (2 Uses)
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Hunter - Weapon Damage Profile

Hunter - Weapon Damage Profile

The Hunter is basically the Adeptus Astartes version of the Cobra, with the Gladius matching the Sword and Nova comparable to the Firestorm. With the Hunter, the upgrade over the Imperial Navy's Cobra class ship is significant, giving it heavy armor as opposed to light armor, really stretching those limited 200 hull pointsway further for you.

While it's great that the Hunter is more survivable, the real benefit is the fact that torpedos on the Hunter is far more useful even as only 2 tubes than it is with the Cobra. For one, none of the Space Marine's ships have any spread on their torpedo launchers, always firing straight forward in a cluster. This allows for timing torpedo strikes from further away much better, while maybe dropping some chance that at least some of your torpedoes will hit (you generally don't want to fire torpedoes if most of them are going to miss anyways). It also makes coordinating ships that arent right next to each other easier as well, since you can get a better gauge of when you need to fire off different salvos when they are all traveling in a straight line. Finally having boarding torpedoes as the second option, as all Space Marine torpedo equipped vessels have, with their homing features makes it even easier to do all of the above.

See Also: Mechanicus Hunter

Point Cost: 59Raw DPM: 240Raw CPM: 0.60

Gladius: Weapons

  • [2] Double-Barrel Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 4 | Reload: 4s | Crit: 1%
Gladius - Weapon Damage Profile

Gladius - Weapon Damage Profile

Typically the all macro option for the Imperial faction's escorts tend to carry the highest raw dps and crit chance for the sacrificing of a lance or some other weapon, but in this case the Gladius only ties for top damage with the slightly more expensive and lance carrying Nova, that actually puts out 50% more crit's than the Gladius does, with less dependency on range.

Honestly, unless the 5 points difference in cost really matters, or there is an alterior reason for preferring macros in your navy, such as synergizing fleet upgrades or skills, I would say the Nova is generally going to be the better option, although there is another exception to mention.

One more thing worth comparing with regards to the Gladius and Nova, and where the Gladius actually has the upper hand, is that the full weaponry of the Gladius exists in the 270 degree firing arc, allowing for more maneuverability while engaging or just setting broadside circling orders at range to help the Gladius dodge shots, something the Nova can't do as well with it's lance locked to the 90 degree front arc.

Point Cost: 64Raw DPM: 240Raw CPM: 0.9

Nova: Weapons

  • [1] Double-Barrel Light Macro Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 2 | Damage: 4 | Reload: 4s | Crit: 1%
  • [1] Light Lance Artillery
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Front - Range: 9,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 16 | Reload: 8s | Crit: 8%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)

The Nova is a powerhouse frigate for it's small size. With a point cost to match, it has one of the highest on paper dps and crit chance output, combined with the Space Marine escort's special abilities to perform assault actions, the Nova deployed in wings can cripple Cruiser sized vessels with ease. Getting those assault actions off the bat while targeting a valuable subsystem can open the fight on your favor, crippling the enemy off the bat. Since the escorts themselves can't lose subsystems or weapons, they have a decent resistance to any assaults that come back at them.

Because of the Adeptus Astartes reliance on heavy armor, you will find yourself in pain if you're facing heavy armor piercing weaponry, but thats pretty common across the board for their vessels.


7/27/2020 - Weapon Tables 2.0

7/12/2020 - Updated for patch 11218.

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