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"Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II" - Adeptus Astartes Battleships [Advanced Ship Guide]

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"Reawakened after millennia in stasis to help you get better at games to impress your Primarch."


Adeptus Astartes Battleships

The Battle Barge, Battleships of the Adeptus Astartes fleets are the pinnacle of naval warfare for the chapter fleets that posses them. Heavily armored with excellent defensive and offensive troop stats, as all Space Marine ships have, the Battleships manage to match typical hull point numbers, instead of falling just below normal levels like the rest of the line ships, making Battle Barges essentially massive flying fortresses that are near indestructible and capable of wrecking enemy battle-groups single handed.

Of the two battleships of the Adeptus Astartes, it could be said that the Mk.I favors combat against other similarly large ships while the Mk.II finds itself more oriented towards tearing apart large numbers of smaller ships, though both are extremely versatile and capable in a variety of situations.

Patch Status: Updated for Patch 7 (v.11218) - July 12th, 2020

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Shared Stats

The Battleships finally get an upgrade to their Shields, coming just below other ships of their class, but more importantly, finally matches the hull points of other Battleships like the Imperial Navy's. Because the Battleships of the Adeptus Astartes still have the heavy armor common among their vessels, these behemoths are some of the hardest to destroy ships in the game. Their point cost reflects this however, costing nearly half of a standard sized fleets point pool.


Shield: 600

ID Range: 9,000

Bravery: 100

Armor (Front): 83

Speed: 160

Troops: 25

Armor (Sides): 83

Rotation: 4

Troop Damage: 2-3

Armor (Rear): 83

Defense Turrets: 18

Assault Crit Chance: 60%

Hull: 1,200

Lightning Strike Actions: 3

Boarding Actions: 6

Shared Attributes & Special Skills

The Battle Barges keep in line with the other Adeptus Astartes line ships and all share the same attributes with no exceptions. Notably, the Battleships of the Space Marines can still perform high energy turns which is not something the Imperium's Battleships can do.

  • Plasma Reactor: Gives access to Astartes maneuvers.
  • And They Shall Know No Fear: Immune to morale loss.
  • Exceptional Troop Efficiency: Assault actions deal 2-3 troop damage.
  • Surgical Strike: 60% chance to deal +1 troop damage for each assault action applied.
  • Honor The Chapter: Special Astartes ability that launches 5 assault actions on a ship within 4,500 units. Can penetrate shields. Does not share cool-down with other assault actions.
Point Cost: 493Raw DPM: 1,980Raw CPM: 6.3

Battle Barge MK.I: Weapons

  • [6] Torpedo Launcher *Special Weapon
    Basic (4 Uses) | Boarding (4 Uses)
  • [1] Super Heavy Launch Bay*
    Starhawk Interceptor (4 Uses)
    Thunderhawk Bomber (4 Uses)
    Thunderhawk Assault (4 Uses)
    *Counts as 3 regular bays.
  • [2] Heavy Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 13,500
    Shots: 5 | Damage: 24 | Reload: 10s | Crit: 6%
    *1 per Broadside
  • [3] Bombardment Cannon Turret
    Efficient Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 9k
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 45 | Reload: 15s | Crit: 22.5%
    Armor Piercing (-25%) | Improved Crits (+100%)

So for starters as you might have already noticed, the Battle Barge mark one has slightly less dps and crit output as the mark two variant, with the mark 2 creating those numbers using lances as opposed to full macros. On top of that, the macro bay being plasma with extended range, means the mark two actually has a far higher practical damage output than the mark one, at least one it comes to direct fire weaponry.

Either option of Battle Barge you take comes with a trio of launch bays, just enough to be able to overcome turret defenses without backup squadrons. As with all Space Marine vessels that combine torpedoes with launch bays, the Battle Barge Mk.I can use it's torpedoes as cover for bombers or vice versa with fighters covering it's torpedoes. Unfortunately taking more than one of these large and expensive ships would severely limit your fleet numbers and make you susceptible to swarm attacks.

Point Cost: 473Raw DPM: 2,145Raw CPM: 7.125

Battle Barge MK.II: Weapons

  • [1] Super Heavy Launch Bay*
    Starhawk Interceptor (4 Charges)
    Thunderhawk Bomber (4 Charges)
    Thunderhawk Assault (4 Charges)
    *Counts as 3 regular bays.
  • [2] Plasma Heavy Macro Battery Weapons
    Efficient Accuracy - 90° Sides* - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 5 | Damage: 24 | Reload: 10s | Crit: 6%
    *1 per Broadside
  • [3] Lance Turret
    Perfect Accuracy - 270° Front - Range: 18,000
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 15 | Reload: 12s | Crit: 7.5%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)
  • [2] Heavy Lance Artillery
    Perfect Accuracy - 90° Front - Range: 13,500
    Shots: 1 | Damage: 32 | Reload: 8s | Crit: 16%

    Armor Piercing (-25%)

As mentioned above, while possessing almost the same raw dps values as the Battle Barge Mk.I, the Mk.II has a much higher practical DPS with a much longer range, when you consider that a big chunk of output comes in the form of lances that can't miss and treat armor at 50% no matter what the range is. Because of this, the Battle Barge Mk.II is utterly devastating against small ships and armored targets that need to close range to do damage, such as the Ork ships. Once those vessels finally do get in close range, the Mk.II maintains it's full dps while adding all of it's powerful assault actions to the mix.

One interesting fact about the Battle Barge Mk.II is that while typically plasma macros drop some crit chance and damage to get their extended range, these ones manage to get the range bonus with none of the downsides.


  • 7/29/2020 - Weapons Tables 2.0
  • 7/12/2020 - Updated for patch 11218.

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