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Backyard Games for all Ages

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As an owner of a board game website since 2005 I have played and reviewed numerous outdoor games including the backyard games mentioned here


Backyard games that all ages can enjoy

We are going to cover some of the backyard games for all the ages but certainly not all!

Well here we are for the most part relegated to our backyards for much of our entertainment however, that is not all bad if you are lucky enough to have a backyard.

You may even be blessed with an enormous swimming pool with a diving board, a fancy slide, and an outdoor mega swing set with other fun toys.

If that is the case carry on.

The COVID-19 virus has us doing things that we would not normally do, so it may be time to think outside the box and deviate from the norm.

Sure we can break out the plastic card and go crazy buying everything we think we need to keep us entertained especially if there are lots of children in the household.

However, not everyone may have enough disposable income to go crazy.

After all, it was not that long ago the school systems private or public were the day time baby sitters for children of school age.

Now they are home and need something to occupy a portion of their day.

Everyone seems to be holding their breath for the day where everything returns to normal and we can go back to our day to day routines.

Not to be a Debbie downer but what if there is no more “normal” if that ends up being the case then we need to put on our creative thinking caps and come up with some solutions to occupy our days ahead.

In this case, we are talking about the backyard and the games we can play, for children and adults.


The old tire swing backyard.

If you have a non-descript backyard with a worn-out old tire swing and nothing else perhaps it is time to start thinking about some items that could turn a blah boring backyard into a fun play space.

In other words, if you can’t go to an amusement park maybe you can create your own amusement park in your backyard with the right items.

Depending on the size of your backyard there are some fun items that may entertain you for hours and we are going to list just a few to get your imagination working so perhaps you can come up with your own ideas.

A fun-size trampoline – There are a plethora of different sizes, types, and models for all ages.

A water adventure park – It can be as simple as a plastic sheet for slip and slide or even something bigger.

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Tetherball system – This is a simple fun game that will not take up much space and it is fun for all ages.

A mega swing set system

These are just a few suggestions perhaps some of these will foster some of your own unique ideas that will provide hours of fun for friends and family.

The postage stamp size backyard.

You may have a really small backyard and just don’t have the room for some of the suggestions above like a trampoline or a water park with a slip and slide.

Not to worry, there are a plethora of different items that you can use that will not require a huge footprint that will still provide plenty of entertainment for all ages.

Some of those ideas (but certainly not all) are:

A bean bag toss game set.

A horseshoe system.

A see-saw station.

A smaller swing set.

A small above ground swimming pool.

These are just a few suggestions that may trigger some other ideas you may have based on the size of your backyard.


Backyard games for the kids.

When it comes to entertaining kids the one obstacle you will need to overcome is boredom the last thing you want to hear is “this is boring!”

That phrase could suck the life out of anyone in a second.

So when it comes to selecting backyard games for kids they need to be exciting right out of the box and be able to keep the energy going for days.

Another very important factor when it comes to children is safety, the games you decide on need to be safe at all times, nothing spoils a fun afternoon like a call to 911.

One idea is to have several different options available so when they get bored with one game you can break out another.

The other idea is to have a game so exciting it can carry the kids' energy for days, here is a small list of ideas to get you started.

Just put the name of the game in a Google search box to learn more about it to see if it is something that you may find



Kan Jam.

Ladder Toss.

Rubber Horseshoes.

Ring Toss.

Chess and Checkers.

Giant Tic-Tac-Toe.


Backyard games for the adults.

When it comes to selecting outdoor games for adults it is just a bit easier because you may not have to deal with the boredom issue too much because most adults are a bit more patient especially if they have adult beverages.

Still, you can’t roll out some lame outdoor game that would be granny to sleep, after all, adults like to have their fun as well as the kids.

Presented below is a sample list of some outdoor games for adults however they may also be for all ages.


Professional horseshoes

Bocce ball

Giant Jenga

Outdoor beer pong

The DIY backyard games.

If you are on a tight budget and have some mad DIY skills then maybe you can create some unique one of kind backyard games for your family.

This is where your repurpose or recycle genius can come into play; you would be amazed at all the things you can create using items you have around your house.

A great place to start is YouTube there are a plethora of videos with ideas for making your own backyard games using the items you already have.

Just put DIY outdoor game ideas in the search box on YouTube and start searching!

A final thought about the backyard game idea.

You may be thinking why even bother soon we will all be back to normal and all the items I got for the backyard will be collecting dust.

Maybe there will be a second wave of COVID-19 or maybe there won’t be no one has a crystal ball for the future, they can speculate but only time will tell.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have a backyard playpen for the summer months just in case a planned vacation turns into a staycation?

If you give it some thought and choose your games wisely you may never come to regret your choices.

© 2020 Steven

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