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Baby Shower Gifts Under $40

I like to review products and share my feedback with readers—this includes curating the best list of baby shower gift ideas.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Under $40

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Under $40

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Have you ever gotten a baby shower invite and immediately think, "What's a great baby shower gift?" You may be thinking of one that will especially benefit the baby and the new parents—a gift that sets yours apart from the rest, one that will last as long as it's needed, and one that is sure to be used and not thrown in a closet. And under 40 bucks?! Even better.

Check out these awesome baby gifts that will have the parents to be thanking you over and over again. They are all under 40 bucks. Some of these wonderful, well-thought-out presents are under $20!

Shopping Cart Covers

This gift for me was the best and most thoughtful gift that I received for my baby. Cart covers are super important and prevent the spread of germs and other nasty things that shopping carts hold and transfer to whoever grabs a cart.

These are super easy to install on most standard size shopping cart s. It prevents those disgusting germs that we can't see from coming in contact with your precious child. Keep this in a diaper bag or just leave it in the car for quick accessibility. This is really a useful and unique gift, that will surely be used on all shopping trips.


Baby Binkie With Stuffed Animal

What a brilliant two for one idea for making a comforting baby item even more comforting for a baby. These are reasonably priced and a great gift for a new baby. This will surely keep the little one occupied a lot longer than your standard pacifier. I just gifted one of these to a friend and she absolutely loved it.


Personalized Baby Blanket

There's nothing more special and personal than a baby blanket. A baby blanket is a comforting agent as well as a source of warmth and closeness to all babies. Having a personalized blanket is not only a special touch for baby but also the parents to be. A personalized baby blanket makes for a nice keepsake that the family can look back at and reminise on.


Nursing Pillows

Nursing Pillows are really a great gift for any mommy, whether she's planning on breastfeeding or not. These are perfect for propping your precious little one up in order to free up mommy's arms or just for some one on one time with the little one. This pillow will surely be appreciated and used long after baby grows up.


Bottle Warmer

I never thought I needed a bottle warmer after I had my baby. I thought that I would be super mommy. "I don't need a bottle warmer when I got a stove." I've seen my mom and sisters warm bottles in a pot of water on top of the stove for years. That was then, this is now.

When I got the bottle warmer, it really made things a lot easier. This was truly something that came in handy in the middle of the night. This gift will be appreciated for your thoughtfulness.

Diaper Genie

Diapers stink! The longer they sit in a regular trash can, the worst the smell will get. The smell of a dirty diaper can take over the whole house. It's nice to compact all of that order into one space and not smell a thing. Who really wants to take a dirty diaper outside in the middle of the night or every time the baby poops? I know I don't. With the Diaper Genie you just drop the stinky diaper in and forget about it. No horrible smells escaping through tiny crevices.

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The carbon filter that's already installed on the lid of the Diaper Genie catches any smells that try to seep out. Every compartment on the Diaper Genie were made specifically to hold odor in. The odor lock technology and the pure convenience of this product should be on every expectant parent's baby registry.

A baby has to be changed on average every 2 to 3 hours. That's 8 to 12 times a day. 2 poopie diapers alone in a regular trash can will run everyone out of the house if it sits longer than 2 hours. Diapers tend to smell worst as the kid gets older. I have left diapers in my Diaper Genie for four days and didn't smell anything.

A Diaper Genie is a must-have, especially if you live in an apartment like I do. The main trash bin in my apartment complex feels like it's a mile away. You don't get to take your trash out as often as you would like to if you lived in a house with the trash bin right outside your door.

The Diaper Genie comes fully assembled and ready to use. Adding a 3-pack bag refill to this already generous gift will make this the ultimate gift that just keeps on giving. The Diaper Genie is amazing and the recipient of this gift will thank you over and over again. If only it could change diapers too.

Diaper Caddie

Organization for a new baby's supplies is super important. Everything has to be within an arms reach at all times. Who knew that something so little required so many things. Having a handy organized caddy that you can take from room to room will make for an exceptional and well thought out gift. It's best to look for a caddy with multiple compartments and can hold diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, extra clothes and other supplies.


Baby Tub

A tub for my baby was not only needed, it was essential for bathing my new baby safely and easily. The adjustable mesh sling is perfect for cradling newborns, thereby freeing up your hands, making bath time a lot less tedious. Any baby would love resting just on top of the warm water within a comfortable sling. The best part of this tub is so simple, but yet so convenient is the hanging mechanism that allows you to store the tub away nice and neatly. The drain feature is perfect if you're using the kitchen skin. It's hard to lift a tub full of water, so you just simply pull the stopper from the bottom of the tub and let it drain.

Padded headrest supports the baby's head and neck. Once the child is older, you can remove the mesh newborn sling. The slip-resistant ergonomic design is built to hold the bigger baby perfectly. This gift is always a welcomed and needed gift for any expectant parents.

The groves in the bottom of this baby tub makes it easy to use in most double sinks, which I think is an awesome feature. Most homes are equipped with double sinks in The kitchen, which no baby tubs in the past have ever been able to fit. It's a real pain sometimes to bend over in the bathtub to bathed a little baby. Having this feature just makes the job of bathing a newborn much more easier. It even has a slot to hold toys and other bathing supplies.

This baby tub holds up to 25 lbs and is mildew resistant. The price for this tub makes it a perfect gift. With the price you pay for this tub, you can add two more items from this list and still not go over your 40 buck budget. This tub is a great gift that they can surely use on a daily basis.


Diaper Wipes Warmer

A Diaper Wipes Warmer is a much needed gift for a newborn. It warms the wipes perfectly for a baby's bottom. You wonder why little babies scream while getting their diapers changed. It's because, mommy didn't get gifted a diaper wipes warmer at the baby shower. It will make a huge difference during diaper changes.


Diapers and Wipes

A mommy can never have too many diapers or wipes. She can have too many of the same size diapers. That's why it's best when buying diapers as a gift, you should get them at least two sizes bigger. You do this because the expectant mother will receive plenty of newborn sizes from the hospital and from other gifters. By the time her baby outgrows newborn diapers, she will surely have many leftover. Baby's tend to grow fast and it's great to have the next size diapers already on hand. This gift will always be appreciated.


Baby Clothes

Clothing makes for special baby shower gifts. Just make sure you get clothing items that you know the child can get some wear out of, like cute little onesies. I found that having onesies for my newborn was quite plentiful. However, when he was around 4 or 5 months I needed to buy a whole lot more of them. Babies grow really fast, so that's why you should gift clothing in bigger sizes. My son was wearing onesies in a 12-month size when he was only five months old.

Shopping for baby clothes can be a little overwhelming, so sometimes it's best to stick with onesies, which are always welcomed. The parents tend to love picking out their baby's clothes and outfits on there own.

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