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Why You Should Avoid Free Robux Scams

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Everyone on Roblox wishes they were rich and have robux to buy stuff for their character. Some kids might think of a way to get robux for free instead of having their parents buy it. The truth is, there is no specific way to get free robux. Free Robux scams are dangerous and unsafe for everyone. It basically fools Roblox players to believing that they could get Robux for free when it is impossible to do. Robux Scams could get scammers to steal your account and it's a possibility that you would lose it. Getting hacked is not fun because you will lose all your progress with your games, Roblox items, or even the robux you still had. Scamming is not cool and it violates Roblox's terms of service. There are different types of Free Robux scams. There are Free Robux games, Free Robux generators, Free Robux on Discord servers, etc. If you fall for any Roblox Scams, you will definitely lose your Roblox account.

Free Robux Games


Free Robux games are usually on by games and the spawning button at the very end of the obby. The game will tell you to like and favorite the game so you can receive free robux. However, you still won't get Robux even if you did like and favorited the game. After you finish the obby, there will either give you a message to claim your "free robux" or a message to enter your email and password. When you get a message that tells you to receive robux, the game either tells you that robux will added in your account in 24 hours to 48 hours or they will give you an error and close down the game. If they give you a message telling you to enter your username and password, do not give them your information! If you give them your username and password, you will get hacked and lose your account. I recommend you leave the game immediately.

Free Robux Websites/Generators


Free Robux generators are the exact opposite of Free Robux games. These generating websites would ask you to put in your username, password, and how many robux you want to have. If you put in your information, the generator would give you some Human Verification. The generator would give you surveys and "win free stuff" scams. There were usernames saying that it worked for them, but they could be lying to get other Roblox users to fall for it. Even if you think it will work on the website, it will never work at all. You should always stay away from free robux generators along with free robux sites. There are also generators called, "Roblox Hack", which is another name for a free robux generator. There is a rule on Roblox stating that you should never hack the Roblox website or your account will be banned.

In Roblox servers, some users would take the chance to scam other users by sending free robux sites on the Roblox chat. These so called "users" are called Roblox scam bots. These controversial bots are known to spamming Roblox sites on groups and Roblox chats. Some users would do the same thing by sending free robux sites and scams in a private chat. You should always watch out for scammers because there is a posibility that they will steal your account. Not all scammers will give you links, but there are users who will ask you for your password so they will "give you free robux." Remember not to give them your password and just block them. It happened to me a few years ago and I almost lost my account.

Discord servers

Free Robux scams are all around Discord as well. There would be spam bots on Discord servers talking about free robux. Some users would make free robux scams on YouTube and they would tell users to claim robux in a Discord server (which have I experienced before). As I recall, free robux Discord servers are as bad as free robux games. They would give you a link to a game to verify your Roblox account and they will give you steps to claim your robux. Another dumb thing about these scams is that you had to pay with your own money. Thank God I didn't did that, but the rule was basically stupid. In a one Discord server, a Roblox User (I don't remember his name) admitted to everyone on Discord that his account was banned from Roblox for getting to get robux for free (possibly from hacking Roblox). As soon as I heard this happen, I immediately left the server. If you see a free robux Discord server, please don't go in there.

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Be sure to stay safe ;)

In conclusion of this article, be sure to stay away from free robux scams if you don't wanna lose your account. If you don't wanna get your account hacked, don't give your information away because you won't get anything but a lost account. Don't let any scams get in your way and just stay away from them. If you think you will get free robux, the answer is that you won't get free robux at all. If you want robux, the only way to get robux is if you buy robux with your money. Like I said, it's impossible you get it for free unless you buy robux. Remember to stay safe and don't fall for any robux scams.

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