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Autmn Scavenger Hunt

Autumn is quickly coming upon us, and there are bound to be some gatherings. So, if you are needing ideas of something to do while everyone is together, here are some ideas for a scavenger hunt.

  1. Find a red, an orange, and a yellow leaf.
  2. Find three pumpkin patches, and take a picture of each (preferably of the sign).
  3. Find a costume shop that is not Spirit.
  4. Find Thanksgiving decorations (extra points if the Christmas decorations are right next to them). Take a picture.
  5. Find Halloween or Thanksgiving related Peeps.
  6. Find a recipe for apple cider.
  7. Find a pack of instant apple cider.
  8. Find red, orange, or yellow gloves or mittens.
  9. Go to a public place and start singing "This is Halloween" as loud as you can.
  10. Find a recipe for stuffing that doesn't involve some form of bread.
  11. Find five acorns.
  12. Find a red, orange, or yellow football.
  13. Find three scarecrows.
  14. Find five kinds of apples.
  15. Find three corn fields.
  16. Each member of the team has to draw a turkey without using an outline of their hand.
  17. Find a toy rake and a real rake.
  18. find a squirrel.
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