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Armor Set in Elden Ring

From experience to outright experimentation, I learned pretty quickly that there is nothing saving you from taking a heap of damage.

Armor Sets and their one unwritten rule


The one thing to keep in mind regarding Armor in Elden Ring.

Intro -

Armor sets are very important in Elden Ring as they protect you from being one-shotted and death outright, it can be a chore to maneuver in certain pieces of armor not to mention make a dodging maneuver in one.

There are millions of ways of getting your hands on some armor sets in the game. Normally, when you've destroyed a boss that has it or you find it in a particular place that you're frequenting. Make no mistake, armor sets are technically one size fits all. But, you need to keep in mind the main unwritten rule when it comes to armor sets which I'll discuss now.

The Unwritten Rule -

By now, if you've been playing the game, you've no doubt noticed that when you get an armor set, you're inclined to equip it to at least see the stats. I have to say that it has always been my experience that the armor is good as long as it can absorb a good/great amount of damage especially from the knight enemies.

As far as everything else goes, it all solely depend on stats alone like how much you're investing in your Vigor, Focus, Stamina, Strength, Dexterity, Faith, Intelligence and Arcane.

Ironically, the armor sets and how much damage they absorb doesn't have anything to do with the armor set at all. But, when you're equipping armor sets, there's one thing you should always remember and that is this: Never, ever, mix armor parts.

The underlined reason is because it simply doesn't work. As you can see in the pic above, that was my experiment and it was an epic failure. The amount of damage I took wasn't too conducive with the enemy I was going up against but the makeshift armor set experiment did little to save my skin from getting killed or maimed in the most horrible way.

I will say this, if you do think about mixing armor set parts then exercise caution. I thought I was being clever and then when I went head to head against a Leyndell Paladin, he buried me like a coffin at a funeral.

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I later came to the conclusion that mixing and matching armor sets was not ideal in the slightest. I mean, its good until you can get the rest of the pieces to complete that armor but after you do, change immediately. In all honesty, its never a good idea to put too much faith in armor.

General Logic -

Honestly, it is sort of a numbers game on how much damage you take at the hands of your enemies. I hate to put it like "get them before they get you", but unfortunately, this is where we are.

I used to think that the armor sets would be able to protect you from anything and everything but the truth here is far less designed, they're only there to protect you from a good amount of damage not make you immune to damage.

The sad thing is, the more armor you find and equip, the more you'll come to realize that there are some things more important that just damage reduction. I had to learn the hard way that in order to negate certain amounts of damage, you had to get stronger in the stamina and strength departments.

Again, never mix and match armor pieces because you're going to cause more trouble for yourself than you ever intended to invite. Personally, when you mix and match armor sets, it should be a damage negation ability that makes you immune to damage for a time. Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

Now, if you're looking to wield a good weapon and still have mobility then you're likely trying to prize maneuverability above damage negation. Honestly, the more levels you ascend to, the more likely your damage negation is going to increase but enemies in areas that you left and completed will barely even touch you damage wise.

But again, this is a slippery slope and one that you would do well to not hurry down because and I warn you, you will find out soon enough about what's more important maneuverability or damage negation, you can have both if you're at a good enough level but again, sometimes its more of a numbers game than one dealing with armor. Think about it.

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