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Are Video Games Bad for You?

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Are video games really that bad for you?

It all comes down to how you're using the video game, are you using it to hide from the world?, are you using it to decrease your stress levels? You might not realize it yourself, but you could be using video games as a coping mechanism. Now don't get worried because this ain't a bad thing you might not realize it, but video games give the same happy glowing good parts of your brain like how listening to music does, and video games are actually safer than some other ways to cope with your problem You're probably thinking right now how is it better and is that the only reason? And now in fact there's much more it can be used as a coping mechanism for anger, stress, you lose someone close to you and if the last one did happen I'm sorry for you lose. But what really matters at the end of the day is if you're having fun playing video games as long as you're not changing someone's life, don't worry about doing what you love.


Do Video games actually decrease stress levels?

You might be asking yourself this exact question right now, and it boils down to what game you play. A researcher found out that the Mortal Combat group experienced a cardiovascular stress response, while Tetris players did not. The study also found that video games reduced negative emotions, such as frustration, in stressed individuals. The participants reported playing video games for stress relief purposes. As long as you're playing a game that relaxes you, then it doesn't matter what game you're playing, it just has to be relaxing for you. Every human is different, some might get angry easier like a teen going through hormones and if that's the case I recommend a game like Minecraft to be your stress reliever.


Do video games decrease depression levels too?

Yes actually playing video games is the lowest rate out of everything online that will cause you to have depression symptoms while computer use and social media is a whopping 0.69 for just being on your computer and 0.64 just for being on social media while gaming is only 0.15 and TV is actually lower than I thought at .22 while adding up using a computer and being on social media it hits 1.33 but compare to adding video games and watching TV you're looking at a 0.37 there is a 0.96 difference that might not sound a lot but if you look at the numbers as percentages for depression than it'll be a little easier to understand. But are factors such as what is their choice of video games or the type of movie they like to watch or show?there could be all sorts of different factors in seeing if video games decrease depression level, the best way is to see if you feel happier while playing the game then you normally do.


Different factors in video games

As a lot of people know there's different type of categories of video games such as online, MMORPG, shooters, sandbox, survival, and it might not seem like it but depending on the type of video games you play you could have an increase in stress level like playing an online shooter, or even a online survival game the best relaxing games would be games like Minecraft that allow you to do anything and everything you want. Online shooters are big don't play if you're suffering from stress or depression, they're known to cause even more stress which can lead to even higher depression levels.

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How online shooters are actually really bad for your mental health.

This is not a very well-known fact, but online shooters can cause stress levels to rise, which can lead to worst cases of depression than normally. Just in 2018 the sales of shooters and action games was 47.8% of all sales of games or 52.25% out of 100% which is a big percentage you might ask how does this have anything o do with how they're bad for your mental health the more players in a online game the more pros or even expert players there are. A casual or even novice player going against these perfect players might get stressed and frustrated and might even cause depression because you're talking yourself down because you're just not as good as the player or players, or you just haven't played enough o learn the tricks and aim skills these pro players have


Whats the best game for me to play then?

It all depends on you, but make sure you don't play too many stressful games and play more mind relaxing games because being overloaded with stress can affect your physical and mentally.


Why gaming could be the perfect stress reliever

At the end of the day it's always up to you to choose how you want to relieve your stress, just make sure it's a healthy way of relieving stress because you might develop bad habits or even worst in some cases if it's too much of a unhealthy option.

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