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ArcheAge fishing crane crafting guide for the fish-find longliner boat

Fishing crane item description


ArcheAge fishing crane crafting guide

Crafting an ArcheAge fishing crane for the fish-find longliner boat design is mildly expensive. This ship part is only used in the fishing boat design and nowhere else.

The price of this part can vary some, but generally they should cost between 60 and 110 gold to craft. This figure can be totally wrong on some servers and perfectly accurate on other, the prices can vary that wildly from ArcheAge server to ArcheAge server.

This item has no practical application other than being used in the crafting of the ArcheAge fish-find longliner boat design.

Fishing crane in the folio


Fishing crane materials list

In order to craft a fishing crane ArcheAge players need a carpentry workbench and a few materials:

  • 5x Fine lumber
  • 1x Mechanical spring

As for the mechanical spring, it requires the following materials to craft, and can be crafted under the machining tab at a carpentry workbench.

  • 1x Rough polish
  • 3x Archeum ingot
  • 5x Copper ingot
  • 20x Iron ingot

In order to craft the mechanical spring players need at least 50 labor available. These can be crafted very quickly at any public carpentry workbench, or at a private regal carpentry workbench in a house.

The most expensive materials in this whole process are the rough polish, archeum ingots, and the fine lumber. The rough polish sells for at least 10 gold each, the three archeum ingots should cost 5-10 gold, and the fine lumber usually costs 5-10 gold a piece, often 7-8 gold.

Overall this is an extremely costly part compared to the fish finder, as well as the other parts.

ArcheAge fishing crane video crafting guide

A public carpentry workbench


Carpentry workbenches

Carpentry workbenches are one of the most common workbenches in the game. These can be found all over nuia and haranya. Here players can craft any carpentry material, machining material, or construction material.

The fishing crane and the mechanical springs can be found under the machining tab of the carpentry workbench. Once in the machining section, players must navigate to the "components" section of the folio. This is the section where players can find all the parts to make all the vehicles in the game, from farm carts to boats all the way to speedsters.

Crafting at a regal carpentry workbench is not required, they're purely for the convenience of crafting in one's own home.

To buy or to craft

The big question is whether or not to just buy the fishing crane out right, or to buy the materials and craft it manually. Well really there are a lot of different factors to consider when weighing it out.

Sometimes getting materials isn't so easy. Often times finding exactly 5 copper ingots, or 20 iron ingots can be difficult. Players often have to buy 10-20, or even 100 at a time because that's all that can be found in auction.

Generally with the fishing crane this isn't such a big deal. Copper and iron are the only materials that might be hard to find in smaller quantities, as for the archeum ingots and fine lumber, they can almost always be found in auctions of one.

Something else to note is that it's generally not worth the time to go collect all the materials. Most of the materials required for this component can be bought at fair prices in auction. Running all over the world looking for all the different components simply isn't worth the time.

Also something to note is that these parts are usually overpriced in auction. It's almost always best to manually craft these parts at the carpentry workbench.

When making a fish-find longliner ship