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ArcheAge acorn beehive crafting & gathering guide plus royal jelly


ArcheAge acorn beehive guide

The Acorn beehive from ArcheAge is one of the more complex husbandry items. Players are supposed to queen the behive with a nymphal queen bee using a queen bee taming net to catch it.

There are four stages to collecting acorn beehives. After the first 24 hours the bee hive will be collectible for 200 labor. If players collect at this point they get around 4 honey.

If players instead wait another 24 hours the acorn beehive will be in another stage of development and will be collectible for 200 labor. At this point it should give around 8 or 9 honey for each harvest.

After waiting 24 hours yet again, the acorn bee hive will be at yet another stage of development. This stage still uses 200 labor to harvest and yields 17-18 honey. This third stage is the ideal stage for collecting the maximum amount of honey per labor. Players who want to make the most gold per honey should collect every three days.

The last and final stage of acorn beehive development is the "queened" beehive. This stage instead uses 600 labor and only gives 24 honey. Sometimes a queened beehive will let players collect a queened bee for a hundred or two labor. Honestly this stage is probably not worth collecting, even though it does give a dramatically higher chance for royal jelly.

Royal Jelly item description


ArcheAge Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is used with other parts to create a submarine. This item is a rare drop from harvesting acorn beehives.

Out of the four stages of development, each one has a different percentage chance to drop royal jelly. The longer players wait the more likely they are to get royal jelly. The last stage has the highest chance but has the worst labor conversion if it doesn't create royal jelly.

Royal jelly isn't all that valuable yet because the submarine hasn't been released yet in the North American or European ArcheAge servers. Once it is the price of royal jelly should escalate to a decent figure.

How to craft an ArcheAge acorn beehive

Acorn beehives are pretty easy to craft, but quite expensive. Players should be able to fit quite a few on a 16x16 farm, making the gold add up quite a bit for installation.

Acorn beehives take four ingredients:

  • 1x dawn light lake essence
  • 5x aspen hardwood
  • 20x lumber
  • 3x acorn
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Usually the aspen hardwoods are the most expensive part. Acorn's are cheap, lumber costs a little bit, and the dawn light lake essence is fairly inexpensive.

The aspen hardwoods can be bought in auction, anything under 10 gold is probably at least an average deal, if not a great deal. It can cost 30-100 gold to craft an acorn beehive depending on inflation and price cycles.

If players want to collect all the materials, the dawn light lake essence can be created from 100 ricefish, acquired from fishing. The aspen hardwood is a rare drop from harvesting aspen tree's, which makes collecting 5 manually very time consuming. As for the 20 lumber, it's created from 60 logs, that's pretty easy.

Acorn's are a strange story, they can be found by gathering fruit laden oak tree's. Acorn's can usually be bought in auction for extremely cheap.

ArcheAge acorn beehive video crafting guide


Using the handicraft kiln

Handicraft kilns can be found in various places all over nuia and haranya. These workbenches allow handicrafts to be done, which is surprisingly where acorn beehives can be found.

Once all of the materials have been collected or purchased players can craft the acorn beehive under the "contraptions" section of the handicrafts crafting list.

Crafting an acorn beehive only requires 50 labor, so it's not really too bad for how much gold it costs for all the materials.

Smoke beads for swaming beehives

Sometimes the acorn beehive will swarm. When it does players need to craft a smoke bead from the handicraft kiln. This item can be found under the contraptions section.

Smoke beads require:

  • 2x blue salt knife
  • 1x lumber
  • 1x hay bale

The blue salt knives are basically free, that little lumber can be bought for silver, and same for the hay bale. Really acorn beehives don't cost much time or money to maintain, only to create.

The lumber can of course be crafted from logs, it uses 3 logs to create 1 lumber. The hay bale is a random drop which is generate from harvesting grains. These items should cumulatively cost less than 1 gold each on almost any ArcheAge server.

Do you own and use any acorn beehives?

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