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Lifeafter: Game Review

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Arjay plays online games when he wants to kill some time. He likes reviewing games and sharing his favorites.



What is LifeAfter?

LifeAfter is a game where you will be creating a character in a post apocalyptic world where you need to fight in order for your survival. I stumbled upon this game while looking for a game to play with my friends. I have tried it and played casually with my friends up until now and the game have a lot to offer.

What LifeAfter have to offer?

In my months of experience playing the game I can say that it can be played casually and also competitively. You can enjoy PvP and PvE environments with your friends. Aside from that, you can also start the game alone and meet new people inside the game. Now if you are looking for something more competitive, this game also offers rankings and teritorial occupations which makes things more spicy. Detailed information will be discuss further.


In this game, there is a feature called cohabitation which means that you can share your manor with a friend. Having a cohab gives a lot of perks such as durability recovery per day. You can also share some of your resources by paying some intimacy points which is based on the friendliness between your characters.




There are certificates or jobs which can be chosen in the game, your choice depends on how you want to play the game.


Gather certs are those who harvest raw materials from the wilderness and sell it to other players so that they can craft stuffs to be used in game. As of the moment, we have 4 gather certs in game including miner, logger, hemp and treasure expert.


Craft certs are those who can make exclusive items that are used in making armors, guns and manor stuffs. There are only 3 craft certs available as of the moment which are: gunmaker, armorer and furniture expert. Most likely this are the gather cert's costumer since they need the exclusives of gather certs to make craft cert's exclusives.


These are the certs intended for action. There are currently 4 combat certs available right now in the game. Warrior certs are known due to their tankiness and damage which is OP during PvP. They are also the front lines during PvE events so that their teammates are safe from enemy attacks. Next if you want to dish out some damage, we have Virus, Snipers and Rifle Experts. Virus Experts are known for the good damage of their virus bullets and the good amount of support from their serums. Rifleman are known for their high damage bonus and armor piercing skills. Sniper Certs are the one shot one kill cert which can kill enemies from a far so their durabilities are the safest.

Trade City


Plaver-Driven Trade City

LifeAfter have a trade city where the products are sold by the players also. This is where the players gets most of their Goldbars so that they can buy equipments, gears and others. As we know the certs earlier, there are materials that only specific certs can obtain or craft. Trade city is intended so that other players can also acquire those materials by buying them with Goldbars. Players can also sell their crafted guns in Trade city with their unique stats acquired during formula modification. Some of the stuffs acquired through gacha using real money can also be sold in Trade city.

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Casual Gameplay

If you are not planning on competing and spending tons of money in the game, these are the things you can do:

1. PvE - There are PvE missions which can be done with minimal effort and team cooperations. This can be done with friends or random gamers present. It also offers some rewards which will help you get ahead of the game in terms of damage.

2. Explore the world - LifeAfter is an open world game since season 3 which made the game have a larger map that players can explore. This world exploration also have a good amount of rewards if completed.

3. Work on your manor - In this game, you are given a lot where you can build your manor. There are stuffs that you can only buy with money but if you are creative enough, you can create a wonderful manor without spending a single penny.

4. Durability free PvP - If you cannot manage your in game wealth, the developers also included nancy battle, which is a PvP event where you don't destroy your gears durability. Although rewards in this fight is lesser than the other PvP events, its good since you don't have to spend a lot just to enjoy PvP.

Want to go competitive?

In this game, if you want to be one of the strongest players there is, a ton of money should be involved. Here people can compete in PvE and PvP.

In PvE we have Death High which happens every 2-3 months. This event recognizes and rewards the survivors according to the floors they reach. Every season the developers makes higher floors to make the difficulty match the strength of our survivors. Last season there are 180 floors to be conqueered. The rankings for death high event recognizes top 25 as Royal Knights, next Top 100 as Diamond Knights, following Top 500 as Golden Knights and the Remaining top 1000 as Silver Knights. Those who are able to clear floor 60 but are not included in the rankings belongs to Bronze Knights.

For PvP, there are a lot of places you can go to. First, Farstar City is available which is open daily. This is a large map where anyone in the same combat level can go to. The durabity loss of gears is reduced a bit in this map so players can PvP longer.

Next is Charles town clash or CTC, which is an event that decides which camp will govern over charles town map. Charles town clash involves several rounds of 4 camps clashing with each other. Each round last for two days and the worst part is, there is no reduce in durability lost so expect some broken gears if participating camps are all competitive. CTC involves events like killing an infected boss to get a document and whoevers retrieves the document back to their base gets the points. There are also other things you can do to earn your camp more points such as killing enemies, opening chest inside the map and shipping resources back to your camp.

Recently, there is a new PvP event added to spice things up in LifeAfter which is the Cross-server Clash or Shelterland Showdown for the occupation of shelterlands. This clash involved servers that already reach the max level for players so that they can fight equally. Additional bonus is that the durability loss is same in Farstar City so this event is more friendly than CTC. In Shelterland showdown there are 5 shelterlands namely: Sand, Blaze, Storm, Wilderness and Swamp. For each shelterland 2 camps from each server can apply to compete. After that, it will be a series of 1v1 showdown between the camps to determine who will be the owner of the said shelterland. The goal of this event is to reach 8000 points before the enemy does. Points can be obtained by occupying strongholds, killing enemies, looting dropboxes, killing boss infected and destroying base controllers.


Anymore questions?

If you have some questions about the game, feel free to hit the comments.

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Arjay (author) from Philippines on March 02, 2021:

Right now I am currently a rifleman, but before they give free cert change I was a warrior.

Confuse Gamer on March 02, 2021:

Hi, may I ask what certificate you choose?

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