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Amusing Gaming Clips of the Day - Episode 2

This is the game featured in all the following clips

This is the game featured in all the following clips

Compilation One

Well, not a compilation as such as there is only two clips. However, they are a little longer and there is a story behind both clips.

Dayz is the sort of game that has a lot of popularity for a lot of reasons. One of the main ones in my mind is that a lot of random things can happen and people can become like characters in the game themselves, that they would not be like in the real world.

  • In the first clip a group of people are casually driving along when a group of boar show up. One of the boar run in front of the vehicle and is hit and killed. Dinner has a way of showing up sometimes I guess. The time to butcher the beast is upon the group. One of the group has a habit of being sick on things.. the rest is here. Not much more to add to what happens. The obvious.
  • In the second clip, someone wondered what might happen if they ate their own body after they had died and then respawned - and returned to their body of course. Well, when the other found out, they were not too happy. Eating human flesh in the game will make you insane slowly but surely. Worried that it might spread and with the permission of the pondering cannibal. The only thing that could/should be done was done. In a humorous way of course.

( Streamer: UndeadClockworksCo )

This is the game featured in all but the first clip video below. The first clip comes from Dead By Daylight.

This is the game featured in all but the first clip video below. The first clip comes from Dead By Daylight.

Compilation Two

The first and only clip in this compilation is from Dead By Daylight. This game pits four survivors against a killer. The survivors are looking to fix generators in order to power a set of doors to open at different parts of the map before the killer kills them.

Phasmophobia is featured in all the other clips after the first one. It's a horror game in which you investigate different buildings and try and deduce what exactly is the problem with the house. Not the plumbing or electrics funnily enough, these building have spirits so find and deal with. Some are lost souls looking for help but most it seems want to do you harm.

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  • In the first clip you can see what can be possible if the killer is "nice" enough and you can have a little fun with them. The main problem for the killer is of course, time is against them and the longer they spend fooling around and "playing games" the other survivors will be working on generators and will be more likely to get away. Funny all the same, the Streamer is the survivor. Nicely played!
  • In the second clip you can see why it is not wise to go into a haunted house on your own. It can be quite scary and the slightest thing can set you off. The games atmosphere sure helps with that too.Like with the successive clips the added funny is that you can here the delay of the streamer's reaction in the other players audio.
  • In clip three, we learn.. be careful where you step.. I will not give anything more away but I will say... maybe turn your audio down for this one!
  • Clip four has more of the same and some colourful language so if that is something that does not suit, cover your ears at the end.

(Streamer: Firewitch74)

Random Compilation

I thought it would be nice to put some random clips in here featuring some different streamers and clips from their streams. As I have said before I have permission from all the streamers to show their clips. So have a little chuckle at what takes place.

  • The first clips shows what can happen if you are occupied with some outside of the game. Things can sneak up on your from in the distance if you are not paying attention. This one takes a while to be realised what is happening but keep an eye on the hill and the thing moving a little. You'll get a closer look soon enough..
  • The second clip is similar to the first but it is different. If you ignore the unfortunate noises being made and the streamer's rendition of Staying Alive - which will later come back to haunt them and make the clip all the more funny - you will see there mistake and remind anyone watching to wait and see rather than assuming something.
  • The third clip is quite a common thing in games. Online only of course. A player thinks that it is a good idea to be annoying and play some very annoying music in the game while they play - this is known as hotmicing, though that's normally by mistake and this is no mistake. Let's just say a few of this player's teammates deal with them..

Again, there is strong language in some of the following clip so, just to let you know.

(Streamers: ColdRizer, Vucklo, and WillyMatGlas)

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